greenhouse effect


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This is a combined presentation done by me and my friends namely Nidhi Singh, Priyanka Pokharel,Swostina Ranjit and Rubina Khadka. Hope you will like this effort of ours.
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greenhouse effect

  2. 2. Introduction Greenhouse gases are thoseGreenhouse gases: gases that contributes to the warming of the Earths atmosphere by reflecting radiation from the Earths surface. Greenhouse gases greatly affect the temperature of the Earth; without them, Earths surface would be about 33 °C (59 °F) colder than at present. Greenhouse gases are those that can absorb and emit infrared radiation. In order, the most abundant greenhouse gases in Earths atmosphere are: water vapor (H2O) carbon dioxide (CO2) methane(CH4) nitrous oxide (N2O) ozone (O3)
  3. 3. Natural GreenhouseEarth is much colder than the sun, but it is warmer than the space outsideits atmosphere. Earths atmosphere is made up of gases, and these gasesallow some solar radiation to reach the planet but also absorb some of theheat radiating from the planet, trapping it and radiating it back downwardto the surface. This cycle is called the greenhouse effect, because it issimilar to the warming process inside a glass-walled greenhouse. Earthsatmosphere traps enough heat to keep the entire planet warm; without it,the average temperature of the Earths surface would be much colder thanthe freezing point of water, about 0 degrees Celsius.
  4. 4. What is artificial greenhouse ??A greenhouse is a house made of glass. It has glass walls and a glass roof. People growtomatoes ,flowers and other plants in them. A greenhouse stays warm inside, even duringwinter. Sunlight shines in and warms the plants and air inside. But the heat is trapped by theglass and cant escape. So during the daylight hours, it gets warmer and warmer inside agreenhouse, and stays pretty warm at night too. Due to artificial greenhouse people can growplants in the off season too.
  5. 5. Greenhouse EffectGreenhouse Effect, the capacity of certain gases in theatmosphere to trap heat emitted from Earth’s surface, therebyinsulating and warming the planet. The greenhouse effect haswarmed Earth for over 4 billion years. Now scientists aregrowing increasingly concerned that human activities may bemodifying this natural process, with potentially dangerousconsequences.
  6. 6. Ozone Layer Depletion: A cause of increasing Greenhouse EffectOzone depletion describes two distinct but related phenomenaobserved since the late 1970s: a steady decline of about 4% perdecade in the total volume of ozone in Earths stratosphere (theozone layer), and a much larger springtime decrease in stratosphericozone over Earths polar regions. The latter phenomenon is referredto as the ozone hole.
  7. 7. Causes of Ozone Layer Depletion
  8. 8. Solutions to Ozone Layer Depletion
  9. 9. Heating effect of greenhouse gases makes existence of life is possible in earth.
  10. 10. Protects the plants and gives them new lives and along with maintaining Earth’s averagetemperature it also protects the existing bio-diversity. Yellow tundra flower
  11. 11. BUT………..
  12. 12. Disadvantages of accumulation of greenhouse gasesa) Increase in Earth’s average temperatureb) Rise in sea levelc) Melting of snow, glaciersd) Extinction of various plants and animal speciese) Struggle for existence
  13. 13. Ref:NRC,2006
  14. 14. GLOBAL WARMING….
  15. 15. CAUSES OF GLOBAL WARMING… Unmanaged Increasing garbage Automobiles Deforestation Pollution Industrialization
  16. 16. Effects of Global WarmingGlobal warming has adverse effects on all aspect of environment and ecosystem.
  17. 17. Solutions
  18. 18. Melting of Glaciers
  19. 19. Causes of melting of Glaciers
  21. 21. Solutions
  22. 22. a. Relationship between health and greenhouse effectb. Causes of health degradationc. Effects on health
  23. 23. Depletion of Human health Degradation of environment Increase in green house gasesWhen there’s a change inEnvironment, the health ofPeople gets directly affect due to imbalance invarious natural cycles. When the natural cycles aredisturbed due to accumulation of greenhouse gases,the environment gets polluted. Along with that, thepeople’s health gets directly and inversely affected.
  24. 24. Increase in Earth’s temperatureincreases vaporization which createsshortage of water and the consumptionof the polluted water causes diseasesUse of high amount of chemicalsfertilizers to increase soil fertility harmsthe health of organismsIncreased temperature disruptsnatural cycles and creates difficulty inadaptation. This affects the overall healthof people.
  25. 25. Survival of wildlife, plants becomes difficultand many species dieVarious new diseases infect living beings,plantsHunger and starvation due to less productivityof land causes malnutritionVarious deformities is seen in various speciesDifficult in adaptation due to change intemperature
  26. 26. Future Consequences
  27. 27. NOW..........THEN..............
  28. 28. Solutions to increasing Greenhouse effect• Reduce the use of materials which produce greenhouse gases.• Avoid the burning of fossil fuel and household residue.• Upgrade infrastructures.• Afforestation.• Using alternative sources of energy.• Using eco-friendly materials.• Incineration plant should be established.• Pollution should be controlled……
  29. 29. Solutions to Greenhouse effect
  30. 30. Roles of students in minimizing the effects of increasing Greenhouse effect• Forming local level student union to increase student participation in environment conservation .• Conducting Afforestation programs, especially in urban areas to restore greenery.• Including students from all over the world from different ecological regions so that protection campaigns can be made much more effective.
  31. 31. A real activist is not the one who says that the river is dirty but the onewho cleans the river.
  32. 32. Qn.1)What is greenhouse effect? What wouldhappen if there were no greenhouse gases at allin the atmosphere?Ans: The phenomenon of increasing the temperature of the earthsurface due to the radiations trapped by the greenhouse gases iscalled the greenhouse effect. If there were no greenhouse gases at all, the averagetemperature of the earth would have been 39 °C less than today’stemperature. Due to this, ice would cover the earth surface whichwould make survival of living organisms impossible.
  33. 33. Qn. 2) What is greenhouse gases? Write twoadvantages of greenhouse effect.Ans: The gases which are responsible fortrapping the radiations emitted by the sun to causegreenhouse effect are known as greenhouse gases.For e.g. CFC, H2O,CO2,CH4 etc.Any two advantages of greenhouse effect are: a) Sustains life on earth b) Maintains the average temperature of earth
  34. 34. 1.Nitrous oxide (N2O), Laughing gasAns: The sources of this gas are: -Artificial Soil Fertilization -Mobile/Stationary Sources of Fossil Fuel -Combustion -Livestock Manure2.Chlorofluoro carbons (CFCs)Ans: The sources of this gas are: -From air conditioners -From refrigerators -From aerosols
  35. 35. 3) Carbon dioxide Ans: The main sources of CO2 are: 1)Burning of organic matter 2)Power generation 3)Transportation 4)Burning of fossil fuels 5) Deforestation4)MethaneAns: The main sources of Methane are: 1)Organic matter when decomposes in the absence of Oxygen 2)Wetlands 3)Rice-plantations 5)During extraction and transport of natural gas
  36. 36. Qn. 4) What is artificial greenhouse? Write its two advantages.Ans: The house which is made from glasses in botanical garden toincrease the inside temperature is called artificial greenhouse. Any two advantages of artificial greenhouse are:a)We can grow off seasonal crops.b) Tropical plants can be grown in other higher regions.
  37. 37. Qn.5 )In artificial greenhouses, summervegetables can be grown even in winter. How?Ans: In an artificial greenhouse, the radiations coming from the suncan pass inside through the transparent glass but these radiationscannot escape out. As a result, the temperature inside a greenhouse is alot more warm than the external surrounding temperature. So, thistemperature is suitable growing the summer vegetables even in winter.
  38. 38. Qn. 6)Write three main causes of greenhouseeffect.Ans: Three main causes ofgreenhouse effect are: a) Cloud formation b) Ozone layer depletion c)Production of greenhouse gases
  39. 39. Qn. 7) Statistical data shows that the average temperature inNepal is increased by 0.06 °C every year. Write one main causeand one effect of it in Nepal. Ans: The main cause of increase in the average temperature is: a) Deforestation and unmanaged urbanization The main effect of this in context of Nepal is: b) Melting of large amount of ice in the upper Himalayan region
  40. 40. Qn.8)Write any two effects of increase in quantityof greenhouse gases in atmosphere.Ans: Any two effects of increase in quantity of greenhouse gases inatmosphere are:a)Melting of glaciersb)Alter in habitation and ecosystem
  41. 41. Qn. 9)Do acid rain and natural disasters occurdue to accumulation of greenhouse gasesproduced by industries? Ans: Yes, acid rain and natural disasters like flood occur due to accumulation of greenhouse gases produced by industries. When there’s a change in the climatic condition, rainfall pattern and evaporation rate increases. This is likely to lead to intense rainfall . Hurricanes will be more frequent and strong which may ? cause flooding as well.
  42. 42. Qn. 10)How do greenhouse gases cause globalwarming?Ans: The accumulation of greenhousegases prevent the return of solar radiationsfrom the earth which causes the rise oftemperature of the earth surface which leadsto global warming.
  43. 43. Qn. 11 ) Write three ways to reduce greenhouseeffect.Ans: Any three ways to reduce the accumulation ofgreenhouse gases in atmosphere are: a) Afforestation b) Decrease in use of fossil fuels c) Use of eco-friendly products
  44. 44. Qn. 12)Differentiate between natural greenhouseand artificial greenhouse. Natural greenhouse Artificial greenhouse a a ) It is created naturally. ) It is created by humans. b) The greenhouse gases in the b) The transparent glass allows atmosphere trap the solar the radiations to pass through radiations to warm the and traps the radiations by earth. not letting them escape. c) It occupies a large area. c) It occupies a relatively small area. d) It creates the heating d) It creates the heating effect effect in the whole earth. only in a certain specified area.
  45. 45. Human, Oh, humanPlease do something.A little effort, a little carePut on a little effort and there willnot be heat everywhere.There are not many forests,There are not many trees, Greenhouse effect, Oh stop it please!!!!Stop littering, stop pollutingStop throwing rubbish into thesea;The oceans are dying,The earth is crying!!!!Save the planet,Save it please
  46. 46. We would like to heartily thank the Sciencedepartment especially Mr. Chintamani Panthee for assigningsuch a informative project work. While doing this, we realizedthat we ,humans are the main cause of accumulation ofgreenhouse gases. Yet instead of realizing our mistakes we’rebusy putting the blame on others. We have made a promisethat we will do whatever we can and also motivate others towork on this field. What about you…………………? So once again Thank you…