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  • 1. Daily Lifehttp://www.rome-in-italy.com/ancient_rome_1EN.html By John Anderson
  • 2. Table of Contents• Roman Gods• Roman Food• Roman Cloths• Roman Recreation• Roman Classes and Military• Roman Kids and Family• Roman Engineering http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Rome• Roman Roads• Other Interesting Facts 1• Other Interesting Facts 2• Sources
  • 3. Roman Gods http://rome.mrdon n.org/ • Roman gods were copied from greek gods • The Romans added to the gods and also gods.html changed most of the gods names • Some examples of the gods and what they were for are Appollo-sun, Cupid-love, Mars- war, Pluto-underworld, and Saturn- agriculture
  • 4. Roman Food • Ancient Romans drank wine and had olive http://www.answers.com/ topic/bread oil on a lot of their food. • Romans ate cheese, fish, sausage, and bread • Wealthy romans had multiple courses
  • 5. Roman Clothes• Romans wore things that wouldn’t make them feel hot since it is very warm in Italy.• Roman men wore a tunic and a long dress like thing to cover their legs called a toga.• Women wore long colorful dresses called a stola rich women wore called a pala.• Womens clothes were in bright colors.
  • 6. Roman Recreation• Romans had strange ways of having fun.• Romans went to the colosseum and circuses to see people and animals fight and to watch chariot races.• Ancient Romans went to the public baths for wrestling, boxing, running, and other interesting things like listening to music.
  • 7. Roman Classes and Military• The army was made up of the legion, the auxiliaries, and the Praetorian Guard.• Rich romans lived in huge mansions.• Poor farmers lived in small brick houses.• Only citizens could be in the legion.
  • 8. Roman Kids and Family• The father was in charge of the family and the house.• Children played with toys, board games, and pets.
  • 9. Ancient Roman Engineering http://www.crystalinks.co m/rome.html • The Romans widely used arches and domes. • They also invented concrete.
  • 10. Roman Roads• Roman roads covered roughly 5,000 miles.• The roads were extremely strait.• They were strait to allow soldiers to travel fast.
  • 11. Other Interesting Facts 1• In rome the holidays were often celebrated with circuses.• The romans carried imports and exports faster by using boats.
  • 12. Other Interesting facts 2• The romans had coins that were silver, copper, bronze, and gold.• Romans imported things from China, India, and Africa.• Romans exported olive oil and wine since they were worth a lot.
  • 13. Sources• Roman Gods: Roman Colosseum, 2008. web. 1/17/12.• Smith Doug. Roman Gods: Doug Smith. ancients. 1999. web. 1/17/12• T Alex “Ancient Rome” World Book Student. World book. January 2012. web 1/17/12• Roman Cuisine Oracle Think Quest web 1/17/12.