School board of palm beach county grant proposal


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School board of palm beach county grant proposal

  1. 1. Instructor: Amanda Hillman April 7, 2013
  2. 2. Grant Type?  The educational technology improvement need which I chose to address in my grant application is for staff and administration to ensure that all teachers in their department and school know how to operate and maintain the technology available in their classrooms.
  3. 3. According to the NEA Foundation, this specific grant is intended to develop “students’ academic achievement by engaging them in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen knowledge of standards-based subject matter”
  4. 4. What type of grant?  This grant is intended to center the focus on student need, with a limited amount allotted for professional development.
  5. 5. Executive Summary Jupiter High School request $2,500 grant to:  Enable professional development which may be centered on student success by the implementation and maintenance of technology in the classroom  Geared toward professional development skills and courses which can directly benefit the school and align with the school district’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence
  6. 6. Jupiter High’s Mission  Jupiter High School’s mission statement states “Jupiter High School is committed to equipping students with the tools they need for academic, personal and social achievement.”
  7. 7. Palm Beach County Mission  Palm Beach County is committed to excellence by maintaining and assimilating digital tools to follow the technology trends of the current generation of students. The technology strives to be outfitted with a variety of digital technology tools.
  8. 8. Needs and Proposed Improvements  Presently, the school has very minimum computer access for student usage. In addition, current teachers within the English department have limited resources available to advance their professional development in regards to classroom technology needs.
  9. 9. Specific Needs  Focal point of the proposed grant is to make certain to provide more accessible means of technology for the students; as well as research, identify and pursue professional development tools which may be easily incorporated to further student achievement within the English department
  10. 10. Professional Development  English department will pursue a professional development course to educate instructors on how to operate and maintain the technology available in their classroom to improve school unity.
  11. 11. Specific Goals and Objectives
  12. 12. English Department Goals  One of the important goals within the English department is to partner with colleagues and encourage the consistent use of the technology available in the classroom currently. A professional development course will help to ensure staff has the knowledge necessary to learn and model the current technology
  13. 13. English Department Objectives  One of the most important objectives within the English department is to encourage the IT staff to explore more feasible software to utilize in eventual school use.  By collaborating with the IT staff, it will help to make the software and hardware goals develop quickly and accurately.
  14. 14. Possibilities…  The department staff in turn will learn and model the technology for other teachers within our department. In addition, possible encouragement of the software and hardware for professional development within other department
  15. 15. Specific Activities for Student Focus  Within one month of receiving funding, the English department will brainstorm and restructure the computers within the hallway. Once an evaluation of available resources has been identified through focus groups, the department will take action on implementing the goal
  16. 16. Specific Activities for Teacher Focus  Within the weekly focus groups, the department will also brainstorm on professional development tools available currently and which may be assimilated after the funding is received. Upon receiving funding within one month, the department will have identified and began implementing the new professional development course
  17. 17. Budget Details for Students Tool Price and Quantity Total 2 Refurbished Intel Core 2 Duo Dell computers and monitors for student access in English department •2- $300.00 per computer tower 2- $75.00 per computer monitor $675.00 total for 2 new computers 2 new software programs installed on new computers 2- $318 for 2 yearly Pro Prezi software for computers •Fee to pay IT department of maintenance and installation of new computers $318 for licensed Pro Prezi software $50 per hour to pay IT staff to install and maintain new computers and software
  18. 18. Budget Details for Teachers Tool Professional Development online tools to facilitate consistent technology and Prezi Tutorial for teacher use Grand Total Budget Price and Quantity Short online course for consistent use of technology $120 for 9 English teachers Total $1,080 for Professional Development Course Free Prezi tutorial with licensed purchase of software Estimated budget $2,200 total
  19. 19. Evaluation Plan
  20. 20. Evaluation of student impact  The impact of student access to software and computer use will be evaluated by anonymous student surveys which will be distributed through the online communication tool
  21. 21. Evaluation of Teacher impact  The impact of the professional development course which the English department will be collaboratively managing and participating in, will be evaluated through weekly guided focus groups and needs assessments to measure technology needs and future goals.
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