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Css Axilone

  1. 1. AXILONE PLASTIQUE The Challenge To meet customer demand for unique cap and case shapes with a software solution flexible enough to handle production requirements associated with these complex designs. To face fierce competition from Asian and Eastern European countries, be able to lower development costs but still maintain or increase its high level of quality. Axilone’s objectives were to: Satisfy its customers’ marketing development requirements. For example, to provide 3D models with dynamic color presentations or finished products. Customer Quote Unite its products’ design and technical requirements “thinkdesign...has many features Combine its tools’ design and technical requirements to build curves and especially to Reduce or eliminate inefficiencies caused by disparate systems check their quality, and is idea for surface construction. GSM enables designers to apply very The Solution late-modifications to any kind of Axilone Plastique chose to implement numerous seats of thinkdesign, data whether native or imported, thinkshape and thinkteam. They also added think3 third party software for parametric or not. This saves us mold design and HyperMILL (CAM software developed by OPEN MIND), considerable time when making which is fully integrated with thinkdesign. the modifications requested by our customers.” - Marc Chenel, MCAD Manager The Story Axilone Plastique is a leading European injection molder of cosmetics packaging. It also designs and manufactures highly stylized plastic containers: perfume bottles, bottle stoppers, compact cases and tubes for the world's leading cosmetics companies. Axilone handles injection-molded plastic packaging for such well-recognized brand names as L'Oreal, Givenchy, Dior (LVMH Group), Yves Saint Laurent, Key Results Clarins, Bourjois, Yves Rocher, Chanel, Guerlain in Europe and Mary Kay Saved over 20% in design and Parelux in the United States. time Axilone often submits up to a dozen patterns to clients before receiving final Improved overall approval. Because styling is usually an iterative process, fast turnaround is productivity by 20% imperative. Axilone Plastique formerly designed with Strim 100 (3D CAD), Improved product quality which was satisfactory but was only a quot;partial solutionquot; because it did not by 20% have any CAM features. In addition, Strim was expensive (supported on Industry UNIX) and old (no solid functions). Axilone Plastique wanted to work with Industrial Design Windows-based products that would allow them to use parametric design functions, and provide automatic 2D drawing creation from a 3D model. Location These features were not supported by Strim 100. Headquarters located in Nanterre, France. Factories To maintain its competitive advantage, Axilone Plastique knew it needed in Auray (Brittany) France, lower costs than its competitors, but still had to deliver higher quality. To Guidel (Brittany) Farnce and achieve this goal the company decided to invest in new technology. It Berlin (Connecticut) USA Industrial Design Customer Success Story
  2. 2. AXILONE PLASTIQUE The Payoff decided to consolidate on one CAD/PDM solution to reduce inefficiencies caused by disparate Standardize design, production and mold systems. Axilone chose the think3 product suite production process using an integrated of thinkdesign, thinkshape and thinkteam. The CAD/PLM software solution think3 solution not only provides seamless Track project, from part design to numeric control integration between 2D, 3D and PDM, the Global (NC) programming Shape Modeling (GSM) feature of thinkshape Fully integrated 2D/3D allows users to design as offers advanced shape design capabilities and preferred in 2D or 3D, and move seamlessly unparalleled surface/solid interoperability. between 2D and 3D design modes Axilone's new approach is to generate fillets, Leverage investment in 2D, with the ability to holes, and protrusions from the solid model. reuse and modify legacy 2D drawings Then they explode the solid into a surface to Improve ease-of-use, learning and create complex, lofted and rounded shapes. implementation. Using thinkdesign in the design office and in the tool office for CAM helps the Once modeling is complete, designers create an company quickly modify a model between these inverse solid for the mold design. A built-in library two areas of commonly used plastic parts speeds the work, thinkdesign Smart Objects allow the creation of serving as a reservoir of objects available for standard functions that simplify and shorten the quick drag-and-drop into designs under process of designing tools. For example, frames construction. Last-minute changes are no longer have similar features but are not exactly the a problem, thanks in part to software features same. With Smart Objects, there is a library of that help create even freeform organic shapes. standard frames that can be adapted based on While leveraging the software's capabilities to specific requirements of the tool being designed shorten turnaround time, Axilone can provide customers with more design alternatives, resulting in dramatic improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction. think3 Inc., 312 Walnut St., Suite 2470, Cincinnati, OH 45202, www.think3.com © 2005 think3 Inc. All rights reserved. think3, the think3 logo, thinkdesign and thinkteam are among the registered and unregistered trademarks of think3 Inc. All other trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein may be the property of their respective owners.