Agru purad high purity piping systems pvdf uhp, pp pure, polypure, ectfe, pvdf vent
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  • 1. enPuradHigh Purity piping systemS
  • 2. Worldwide competence in plasticsThe AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a family-owned, highly pro-ductive enterprise headquartered in Austria with worldwide activi-ties in production and sales of high-quality thermoplastic polymerproducts.The PURAD piping system is used for the transport of ultra highpurity media and exhaust duct in the semiconductor, life scienceand food industries. Purity, chemical resistance, and safety are thekey benefits of the AGRU Purad product line.Purad piping systems have been proved worldwide to fulfil eventhe most critical applications and safety requirements.PURAD Piping systemQualityAGRU´s top priority is the satisfaction of its customers. Ongoingdevelopment and improvement of our quality management sys-tem are based on the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The high preci-sion and performance of AGRU products are defined by internati-onal standards which specify properties and requirements. Theseare verified by permanent internal controls and regular externalinspections.State-of-the-art production technologies, the application of high-grade materials and the unique product design guarantee the bestquality for each application. This is proved by company and testcertificates according to EN 10204. USP class 6 and FDA confor-mity are certified for the PVDF and PP material.
  • 3. Solutions for each requirementzzPVDF-UHP Piping system for the transport of ultra high purity media (UPW, HPW, PW, WFI)zzPP-Pure (PP-HP) Piping system for the transport of high purity media (low quality UPW, HPW, PW)zzPolypure (PP natural) Piping system for the transport of high purity media (low quality UPW, HPW, PW, slurries)zzECTFE Piping system for the transport of highly aggressive chemicals and ultra high purity media (UPW, WFI, H2SO4, HCl, HF, NaOH,HNO3 , ...)zzPVDF-Vent Exhaust piping system for the transport of aggressive and contaminated process gasesTHAT IS REAL PurityHigh purity productionPurity is the main principle for the production of the components.State-of-the-art production facilities are applied to manufacturehigh purity products under ISO class 5 cleanroom conditions.AGRU provides a complete range of pipes, fittings, valves, measu-ring and control technology, as well as special custom made com-ponents. These are designed to offer the best solution for UPWsupply systems.Logistics and serviceHigh production capacities, a large stock of products and raw ma-terials, as well as local warehouses in many countries offer fastavailabilities of all products required. Our worldwide distributionnetwork provides competent local service and technical assis-tance.
  • 4. PVDF‑UHP piping system (ultra high purity) PVDF is an extremely pure polymer and contains no stabilizers (e.g. UV), softeners, lubricants or flame-retardant additives in comparison to a lot of other plastics. It is particularly suitable for ultra pure media constructions and distribution systems in the industry. Contamination from the piping system is almost impossible be- cause of the excellent leach-out behaviour of the PVDF material. AGRU PVDF-UHP piping systems have been successfully approved in the semiconductor industry for more than 25 years. The right solution Full notch creep test (FNCT) Advantages of the PURAD PVDF‑UHP system (according to DVS 2203-4) zzBest mechanical and physical properties 1800 zzHigher safety margin 1600 1400 zzExcellent long-term behaviour Time to fail (hours) AGRU PVDF‑UHP 1200 1000 conventional PVDF zzHighest welding joint quality is achievable 800 (IR non contact, beadless and butt welding) 600 400 zzLowest leach-out values at high and low 200 0 temperatures PVDF-material zzExcellent surface quality (small roughness, no Surface quality for PVDF-UHP pipes micropores) ensures low risk of biofilm 0,4 AGRU Spec. values All piping system components are made of the same PVDF basic ma- 0,35 actual measured values terial (suspension grate PVDF, type II according to ASTM D 3222). 0,3 SEMI Specification [0,25 µm] 0,25Ra [µm] 0,2 0,15 0,1 0,05 0 PVDF‑UHP PVDF‑UHP PVDF‑UHP OD 20-110 OD 125-225 OD >250 Pipe dimension range [mm]
  • 5. PP‑Pure & Polypure piping systemThe PP‑Pure (PP‑HP grey) and Polypure (PP natural) piping systemare made out of especially selected Polypropylene material - PP‑R(polypropylene random copolymer). These products do not containplasticizers and distinguish themselves with a low specific weightand excellent processability.Advantages of the PURAD PP‑Pure and Polypure systemzzHigh mechanical properties, e.g. improved impact strengthzzHigher pressure resistance and higher safety in each application.zzVery low leach-out behaviour, especially at media temperatures of <50 °CzzVery good weldabilityzzCost-effective solution in comparison to other materialsfor your applicationECTFE piping systemECTFE provides excellent chemical resistance and high mechanicalstrength even at high temperatures. These characteristics enable the useof ECTFE as a cost-effective solution for many applications with ultrapure media.Advantages of the ECTFE systemzzBest product surface of all fluoro plasticszzHigh purity material also at high operating temperatureszzExcellent weldability with IR-fusionzzHigher safety marginzzVery good chemical resistance to ultra pure media used in the semiconductor and solar cell production (e.g. H2SO4 98 %, HCl 37 %, HF 90 %, NaOH 50 %, HNO3 65 %, ...)
  • 6. PVDF‑VentHighest requirements are demanded from process ventilationpiping systems. Irregular operation conditions, e.g. different ex-haust concentrations and operating temperatures require a pipingsystem with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.Advantages of the PURAD PVDF-Vent systemzzCorrosion resistancezzSafe and cost-effective joining method by weldingzzFM 4910 specification testedzzExtensive product range designed for this specific application areaSAFE OPERATIONSafe connectionAs well as high product quality, correct joining methods and in-stallation are essential factors for the operation of a piping system. AGRU offers special solutions for welding joints and for the pipesupport:zzInfrared welding technology (SP-Series)zzButt welding technologyzzBeadless welding technology (SP 110‑B)zzMechanical connections (DIN, ANSI, JIS flanges; sanitary joints; unions and adaptors)zzPipe supports
  • 7. PURAD System - applicable in many areaszzMicroelectronic industry Semiconductor factories Display factories (LCD, PDP, TFT, LED) Solar cell production (PV) LED, OLED production Printed circuit board production (PCB)zzLife Science industry Pharmaceutical industry Biotechnology Laboratories and research facilities Hospitals Dialysis laboratories zzFood and beverage industryzzDairieszzUltra pure and pure water systems for power plant construction and for different industries (e.g. petrochemical industry, ...)BEST QUALITy aND availabilityOne Stop ShoppingWe offer our customers tailor-made system solutions.zzPipes up to OD 500 mm and 16 bar pressure resistancezzFittings up to OD 500 mm and 16 bar pressure resistancezzValves up to OD 140 mmzzMeasurement and control technologyzzSpecial components according to application requirementszzePTFE Seal Clean flange gasketzzRental and sales of welding equipmentzzProject assistance and supervisionzzWorldwide distribution network
  • 8. en WELDING technologies for your APPLICATIONS SP-Series SP SERIES INFRARED WELDING TECHNO IR-welding technology at the highest level! LOGY FOR PIPING SYSTEMS zzShortest welding times en zzHighest repeatability of weld joint quality SP-SERIES Welding technology at the  Shortest welding times highest level! zzUniversal  Highest repeatability of zzCompact construction weld joint quality  Universal  Compact construction SP 110-B BEADLESS WELDING TECHNO SP 110-B Unique beadless welding technology! LOGY zzSmooth inner bore and outer surface zzHighest repeatability of weld joint quality zzSmallest area required zzFully automated welding process zz Purad High Purity piping systemsY2150102 1210 2 VSubject to errors of typesetting, misprints and modifications.Illustrations are generic and for reference only. Your distributor: AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH A - 4540 Bad Hall Ing. Pesendorfer-Straße 31 T +43 (0) 7258 790 - 0 F +43 (0) 7258 3863