Agru industrial piping systems for industrial application


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Agru industrial piping systems for industrial application

  1. 1. enIndustriALPIPING SYSTEMS for industriAL APPLICATIONS
  2. 2. Worldwide competence in plasticsThe AGRU Kunstofftechnik GmbH is a family-owed, highly produc-tive enterprise headquatered in Austria with worldwide activitiesin production and sales of high-quality thermoplastic polymer pro-ducts.The product group INDUSTRIAL PIPING SYSTEMS offers a widerange of pipes, fittings, valves and special components for thetransport of aggressive media. In order to cover the various ope-rating conditions in industrial applications a range of materialssuch as PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE are offered.Beside the variety of piping materials, a wide range of pipingproducts enables the construction of pipelines in a wide rangeof dimensions and flow rates. Especially for the transport of ag-gressive, acidic media the excellent properties of plastic pipingsystems ensure high durability for many years and offer the user asustainable solution.IndustriAL piping systemsThe installation of INDUSTRIAL PIPING SYSTEMS can be perfor-med by means of established welding technologies such as hea-ting element butt, heating element socket, infrared- and electro-fusion welding.Accessories facilitate the assembling - welding machines comple-te the extensive supply program of AGRU.QualityAGRU operates a quality management system according toISO 9001:2008. AGRU products comply with the requirements ofinternational standards and continuos third party inspections con-firm the high quality standard.
  3. 3. High-grade piping systems made of Supply programme: Available up to MOP 16 barplastic zzPipesPolyethylene and polypropylene are very important materials for OD 10 mm - 2200 mmindustrial piping systems. The high chemical resistance, the large zzFittings, injection mouldedtemperature range and the easy installation are only a few essen- OD 20 mm - 630 mmtial advantages of this system. zzFittings, segmented up to OD 2200 mmApplications zzElectrofusion couplerszzCooling water piping systems OD 20 mm - 1200 mmzzPressure piping in processing plants zzSocket welding fittings OD 20 mm - 110 mmzzPressure piping systems for the transport of zzValves, accessories aggressive media OD 20 mm - 140 mmzzPiping systems for the transport of contaminated zzFlanges & gaskets (DIN / ANSI / JIS) waste water OD 20 mm - 630 mmzzExhaust and waste gas piping systems zzWelding machines &zzPiping systems for apparatus and tank building Assembly tools industryPP‑H PP‑R PE 100 PE 100‑RC PE‑X
  4. 4. Supply programme: Modified material grades - the Available up to MOP 10 barzzPipes OD 20 mm - 1200 mm perfect solution for special demandszzFittings, injection moulded In order to comply with the numerous specific requirements for OD 20 mm - 500 mm chemical piping and apparatus engineering the flame retardant andzzFittings, segmented electro conductive materials PP‑s, PP-s‑el and HDPE‑el are offered. up to OD 1200 mmzzAccessories (flanges) During the operation of thermoplastic piping systems e.g. electro- OD 32 mm - 160 mm static charging can be caused by transport of media and gases. Pi-zzWelding machines & ping systems made of antistatic plastic materials provide a durable Assembly tools and safe solution in such applications. AGRU piping systems and semi-finished products made of electro conductive plastic comply with the ATEX guidelines and can be applied in explosion protected (EX) areas. Flame retardant piping products are offered and used especially for applications in exhaust and ventilation areas. PP‑s PP-s‑el HDPE‑el Applications zzIntake and exhaust pipings for ventilation systems in the industry zzPiping systems for the transport of media with solid content zzPiping systems and tanks in explosion protected areas zzDegassing systems for waste disposals zzLining of containers and tanks zzSlurry and degasing pipings in the mining industry zzProcess piping systems and tank linings in biogas plants
  5. 5. Fluorpolymers - for highest demands Supply programme: Available up to MOP 16 barTo meet the high demands for pipeline constructions in process zzPipes plants, AGRU offers a complete range of pressure piping compo- OD 20 mm - 400 mmnents made of high-grade fluorinated thermoplastics. PVDF (Po- zzFittings, injection mouldedlyvinylidene fluoride) is a thermoplastic material which distingu- OD 20 mm - 315 mmishes itself from other fluor plastics due to its wide temperaturerange, pressure resistance and cleanness. ECTFE (Ethylene chloro- zzSocket welding fittings OD 20 mm - 110 mmtrifluoroethylene) provides excellent high chemical resistance incombination with high temperature stability. zzValves, accessories OD 20 mm - 140 mmThe excellent properties of both product types PVDF and ECTFE zzAccessories (flanges) are achieved without adding any additives such as stabilizers or OD 20 mm up to 400 mmcolorants. zzWelding machines & Assembly toolsPVDF ECTFEApplicationszzProcess lines in the chemical and petrochemical industryzzWashing towers, reactors, agitators and centrifugeszzLining of tanks and pipes for durable corrosion protectionzzPiping systems for ultra-pure water transportation in the semiconductor industryzzProcess piping in the food and life science industryzzHeat exchanger
  6. 6. Supply programme:Available up to MOP 16 bar Piping system with double safetyzzPipes The AGRU double containment pipes have been used very suc-zzTees, bends, reducers, end caps cessfully in a wide range of applications for many years. They fulfilzzDog bones today’s high requirements in the field of chemical process engi-zzSupport discs, spider clips neering.zzValveszzAccessories (flanges, pipe clips...) For leak detection in the double containment piping different leak detection methodes are offered and they are installed in the spacezzWelding technology, welding machines & assembly tools between inner and outer pipe.zzPolyFlo system The heating element butt welding method (simultanous welding) is the most used connection type for piping components and ensures an easy and cost effective installation. Beside this most applied installation solution also other connection methodes are available in the supply range from AGRU. double containment piping PE PP PVDF ECTFE Product features zzVarious material combinations of media pipe and cover pipe are available zzHigh corrosion resistant materials such as HDPE, PP, PVDF, and ECTFE are available zzDetailed localisation of possible leakages through electronic detection system - ensure low repair and maintenance costs zzPrevention of secondary damage (e.g. environmen- tal pollution, ground water contamination, human protection) zzThe system can be divided into different safety sections - providing higher operation flexibility zzEasy installation and handling zzSystem complies with the requirements of DIBt (German Institute for Building technology)
  7. 7. AGRU double containment piping systems ensure a system which Double containment is perfectly designed and adapted for the application (high pres- prefabricated:sure resistance of the media pipe, materials which are resistant to Factory fabricated double containmentthe transported media). Furthermore, space saving options with pipping components are availablereduced space for the leak detection are available. in the standard supply range from: OD 90/32 - OD 355/250 mm. Special combinations are designed and produced project based. For the installation with simultaneous welding PE/PE - PP/PP OD 90/32 - OD 355/250 mm For the installation with cascade wel- ding PE/PP - PE/PVDF - PP/PVDF OD 90/32 - OD 280/160 mmfor A safe MediatransportApplications PolyFlo double containment:Today, double containment piping systems are not only used in The PoyFlo double containment pipesthe chemical industry, but also required and applied in a lot of are extruded seamless in one produc-other areas due to the increased demands concerning environ- tion step. The PolyFlo double contain-mental, ground water and human protection. ment fittings are produced by injection moulding.zzTransport systems in the nuclear, natural gas, oil and This new double containment system is chemical industry a cost-effective alternative to the stan-zzWaste water transport systems in the semiconductor, dard fabricated double containment pharma and biotech industry piping system.zzTransport lines of hazardous and corrosive media in PolyFlo - PE/PE - PP/PP ground water protected areas 2“/1“ - 3“/2“ - 6“/4“zzTransport of aggressive media inside buildings for the protection of equipment, building and peoplezzUnderground piping in hardly accessible areas (e.g.: airports)
  8. 8. en Sheets, round bars, welding rods Semi-finished products For the tank and apparatus construction... TS SEMROUND BARS, WELDING RODS DUC I FINISHED PRO SHEETS, zzLight and resistant zzOutstanding weldability zzExcellent abrasion resistance zzLow friction coefficient More information in the correspondent brochure from AGRU! � INDUSTRIAL PIPING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONSY21001021210 2 VSubject to errors of typesetting, misprints and modifications.Pictures are partly reference photos.Your distributor: AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH A - 4540 Bad Hall Ing. Pesendorfer-Straße 31 T +43 (0) 7258 790 - 0 F +43 (0) 7258 3863