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Evaluating a website using the craap test by Amanda and Morgan
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Evaluating a website using the craap test by Amanda and Morgan


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This is a power point on evaluating websites using the CRAAP test.

This is a power point on evaluating websites using the CRAAP test.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Evaluating a Website Using the CRAAP Test By: Amanda Wakeman and Morgan Koehler
  • 2. Criteria For Evaluating a Website 1. C- Currency: The timeliness of the information. When was the information on the website published? Is the information up to date? 2. R- Relevance: The importance of the information for your needs. Does the information relate to your topic? Is the information appropriate for your topic? 3. A- Authority: The source of the information. Who is the author of the publication? What is the author’s credentials? Is the author qualified to comment on that area?
  • 3. Continued… 4. A- Accuracy: The reliability, truthfulness and correctness of the content. Where does the information come from? Is the information supported? 5. P- Purpose: The reason the information exists. What is the purpose of the information? Is the information factual, or is it an opinion? The source of the CRAAP test information
  • 4. Currency • Website information for is not up to date. The website uses information from news papers dating back to the 1960’s. The website shows no indications that it is updated regularly.
  • 5. Relevance • Not really relevant to the topic of Civil Rights. Basically just talks about the history of Martin Luther King. There are a few things about civil rights, but it’s not the main topic of the website. There is extraneous information on things such as Kwanzaa, rap lyrics and the King holiday.
  • 6. Authority • There is no information on the author of the website. The author does not introduce him or herself. There is no way to contact the author. It does not show any information on whether the author is qualified to talk about this topic. On the bottom of the page where the author’s information should be stated, there is a discussion forum instead.
  • 7. Accuracy • The information seems pretty accurate because of the fact that the author cites his/her information correctly and uses actual information from newspapers on the topic.
  • 8. Purpose • Purpose is the inform people on Martin Luther King. The information is factual. The website shows some personal bias due to the fact of the rap lyrics on the page.