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Adv 492 final
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Adv 492 final


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  • 1.  
  • 2. About Walmart
    • WalMart serves customers 200 million times per week
    • 8,416 retail units in 15 countries
    • Fiscal year 2010 sales of $405 billion
    • Employees 2.1 million associates
  • 3. Goals
    • To drive down health care by using strengths of their business
    • Working closely with other business leaders to enhance health information technology
    • Save people money to help them live better was the goal of Sam Walton (creator)
  • 4. Challenges
    • Has 50% turnover rate with employees (minus salaried staff)
    • Company has to find 850,000 new employees each year
    • Opponents of “big box” stores
  • 5. Pitch
    • Develop a Twitter and Facebook account for each local Walmart store
    • People who live in each city will be able to view “status” of the nearest store
    • “Tweet” about all sales and promotions that are going on
    • Read about all the pros of Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Social Media
    • We will develop Facebook site for each Walmart store in different cities
    • Exp: “Walmart Macomb Township”
    • Make status updates with new promotions and sales that are going on
    • Get as many “fans” as possible
    • On all receipts we can put “Become a fan on Facebook!
  • 7. Social Media Cont.
    • Another Social Media site we can develop is a Twitter account
    • “Tweet” about all new promotions and sales that are happening at local stores
    • Get as many followers as possible
    • On all receipts we can put “Follow us on Twitter!”
  • 8. Blogging
    • Another idea is to create a Blog for each individual Walmart
    • It will have not only sales and promotions but will also contain
      • Health/Exercise tips
      • Games for kids
      • Recipes etc.
  • 9. Evaluation
    • We can evaluate the success of these social media techniques by recording number of sales in first 6 months then seeing how it progresses within 18 months
    • We can also record how many “fans” we get on Facebook and how many “followers” we get on Twitter
  • 10. Budget/Timeline
    • This is completely free to do
    • We will assign people to be your certified Bloggers and Social Media advertisers
    • These new tactics will increase sales and traffic to all Walmart stores and Supercenters
    • Holidays and weekends are when we will heavily promote
    • Monday-Thursday will be the low marketed timeframe