METRO – Toronto – 04.03.2008


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Versão integral da edição do jornal gratuito “Metro” que se publica em Toronto, Canadá. 04.03.2008.

Para saber mais sobre a arte e as técnicas de titular na imprensa, assim como sobre a “Intertextualidade”, visite (necessita de ter instalado o Java Runtime Environment), e

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METRO – Toronto – 04.03.2008

  1. 1. Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Toronto ➤➤ your money p.13 Saving big with Smart Cookies ➤➤ sports p.12 Sundin has been a rock for Leafs ➤➤ mind & body p.18 Finding the ADRIAN WYLD/THE CANADIAN PRESS right spa for you ➤➤ celeb buzz p.26 Brit dumps paparazzo boyfriend Go directly to jail Conrad Black leaves his Palm Beach, Fla., mansion in a chauffeured SUV yesterday morning for the three- High -1° hour drive to the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex, near Orlando. Black began serving a six-and-a- Low -3° half-year prison sentence yesterday for fraud and obstruction of justice. Story, page 6. WEATHER P. 25 Health alert iors are more likely to have chronic health Report says Canadians problems and need more medications than lacking in health literacy the average adult Canadian, the panel said. Recent immigrants, people with low in- More than half of Canadian adults do not comes and low levels of education, and have the skills necessary to properly make people for whom English or French is not a daily decisions about their health, accord- first language are also most likely to strug- ing to a report released yesterday by the gle with health literacy, said Irving Root- Canadian Public Health Association. man, executive director of the Health and Its expert panel called the low levels of Learning Centre at the University of Victo- health literacy in Canada “critical” and says ria, and co-chair of the expert panel. NOW! a countrywide strategy is needed to solve the problem, especially since our health- Health literacy is defined as the ability to access, understand and use health infor- care system will become increasingly com- mation. Studies have shown low health lit- Tickets: 416.341.1234 or 1.888.OK.GO.JAY,, plex. eracy is linked to poor health. Research has Jays Box Office—Gate 9 at Rogers Centre, or visit select Rogers Video/Plus stores. Only one in eight seniors have adequate shown the prevalence of diabetes — a health literacy skills, which suggests they chronic condition that can be managed may not be able to cope with the health- with lifestyle changes — goes down as IT’S ALWAYS GAME TIME care system on their own, the panel found. health literacy goes up. This is particularly worrying since sen- TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE Free Daily News Group Inc., operating as Metro Toronto 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 703, Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N6. Publisher: Bill McDonald
  2. 2. Metro • Tuesday, March 4, 2008 2
  3. 3. Metro • Tuesday, March 4, 2008 3 toronto Roy McMurtry, left, a former politician, judge and diplo- mat, will take the ceremonial reins as chancellor of York University on May 23. TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE inside workology City fleet Watchdog clears way art of cooking John Cordeaux is director of food and bev- goes green for TTC cameras erage opera- Fleet plan, which will boost tions at The Council backs the number of fuel-efficient Surveillance cameras make Fairmont new eco-friendly city vehicles, reduce their av- TTC riders feel safer and the Royal York. >> 15 initiatives erage size, and explore inno- plan to dramatically expand vative technology. their numbers is OK with entertainment Toronto politicians have “This will allow us to re- Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s unanimously backed meas- main among the cities leading privacy commissioner. AARON HARRIS/TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE her night ures to make the world on Installing 11,000 cameras Sarah Polley the city fleet greening (its) on buses, streetcars, subway wins seven new models more environ- fleet,” Mayor cars and in stations complies Genie >> In the city’s 4,700-vehicle mentally fleet, 283 vehicles are now David Miller with privacy standards, awards for the film friendly and to low-emission. Some 80 ve- said yesterday Cavoukian said yesterday Away From make it easier hicles are to be replaced by during a three- when she released the results Her. for residents “green” models this year, hour council of her investigation. >> 20 and busi- 100 next year, 140 in 2010, discussion on But the TTC must make and 200 in 2011. nesses to use green issues. Det.-Sgt. Edward Dzingala, right, speaks yesterday as police some changes to ensure the renewable en- Also, a new show off some of the $5 million worth of counterfeit goods network of seeing eyes is celebritybuzz seized during a weekend raid. Lawyer Lorne Lipkus looks on. ergy like solar and wind bylaw passed yesterday will used only for legitimate pur- nip and tuck power. make it easier for homeown- poses and never for American Idol judge Simon Over four years, Toronto ers and businesses to install hopes to cut carbon-dioxide devices on their properties, Police put hooks into voyeurism, as has happened in other cities, she said. Cowell re- veals his “beauty se- emissions by 15,000 tonnes such as solar panels and wind and save $2 million through turbines. ‘big fish’ counterfeiter TTC chair Adam Gi- ambrone endorsed her find- crets.” the second phase of its Green TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE Toronto police believe they’ve seized. Police confiscated ings and said his staff will be >> 27 arrested “one of the big fish” in $804,930 in cash from the Don coming back with a plan for the city’s counterfeit goods Mills Road-Van Horne Avenue implementing them. in tomorrow’s Plant to recycle glass market. Investiga- area home. “I can tell TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE retail value Glass dumped in blue boxes sometimes ends up now. tors raided a you that this »news >> If sold at retail value, in- seizure is the through most of Greater Toronto and Hamilton will be Recycling glass is a losing proposition: Toronto pays North home Thurs- York vestigators believe the merchandise would be largest seizure In Brief processed at a new Brampton $48.75 per tonne to take its day morning, worth between $5 million of counterfeit music notes >> HEALTH A migrant farm plant starting this summer, mixed glass to processors, seizing thou- and $7 million, although jewelry in worker who was stricken by Broken Social Scene gui- saving millions for local mu- which translates into almost sands of most items were likely Canadian his- cancer and fought to remain tarist sold for less than $20. in Ontario’s health-care Jason nicipalities. $1 million per year for the knock-off de- tory, to my system died last month at Collett The new plant, to be built city’s 20,000 tonnes of glass. signer hand- knowledge,” his home in Mexico. Alberto talks by Unical Inc., will turn Because Unical will be bags, wallets and jewelry. said Lorne Lipkus, whose law Garcia, 39, who passed away about Feb. 1, had claimed in 2006 mixed glass into bottles, fi- turning the glass into high- In total, 51,357 fakes, in- firm worked closely with po- that he would not survive if his new breglass insulation and tiles. value products such as new cluding Louis Vuitton lice. he was forced to return to project. his rural village of Cuijingo. That’s a big step up from glass and fibreglass, it will bracelets, Playboy bunny Fu-Ten Huang, 65, faces He lived for about a year using ground glass in charge the municipalities tongue rings, Tiffany earrings various charges. after leaving Canada. roadbeds, which is where it less. TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE and Chanel purses, were TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE Make a change in your life and the lives of people living with diabetes. 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  4. 4. Metro • Tuesday, March 4, 2008 4 toronto The new novel from JODI PICOULT author of MY SISTER’S KEEPER and NINETEEN MINUTES Are tolls an answer? D espite strong opposi- ties such as health and edu- tion among drivers, cation. road tolls are now a What about making tran- serious possibility. The inde- sit riders pay for new lines Could you forgive pendent panel on Toronto’s finances recently recom- through higher fares? One major drawback: Substan- mended user fees for the tial price hikes will drive someone you hate to save city-owned Gardiner Ex- pressway and Don Valley IN TRANSIT “choice” commuters back onto the roads, and that someone you love? Parkway as well as other GTA highways. ED DRASS won’t help traffic condi- tions. t r a ns i t@e d d r as s . co m Although the Ontario Raising taxes for the gen- government rejects tolls on funds on top of that, and eral population may be an- provincially-owned roads, most of the existing rev- other alternative — but if the regional transportation enue streams are accounted you think tolls are politi- agency it created could end for. cally difficult, try getting up supporting such a plan. What’s more, even the elected on a tax-hike pledge. You can be pretty sure the projects already proposed Or perhaps our govern- municipal politicians who for the GTA may not be any- ments should just borrow sit on the Metrolinx board where near enough to make more, but eventually the do not relish the idea of up for past underfunding as principal and interest has to pushing tolls — many mo- well as the massive growth come from taxpayers. Alter- torists are set against paying in traffic expected in the nate financing? Get started more to drive and they will next decade. convincing Bay Street. make things hot for any of- Drivers often point out Those who dislike tolls ficial who proposes it. taxes are already embedded may even push the privati- To argue against “road in the cost of fuel, and this zation of transit as a way of pricing,” you have to believe form of user fee should be removing the tax burden, there are other sources of spent directly on highways. but experience elsewhere money for maintaining and In fact, both the federal gov- has shown that too often expanding our transport ernment and Queen’s Park government subsidy goes network. Infrastructure gob- have boosted their spending up — not down — when bles a lot of cash as subway on roads, bridges and tran- companies run subways and tunnels and highways age sit in recent years. Plus, buses. And once you start and need extensive repair. every dollar that gets talking about the private Brand new rail lines, buses switched to roads means sector buying transport in- or pavement need more less for other societal priori- frastructure, why shouldn’t highways be up for grabs, too? In that case, tolls are • National Sales Director nigh inevitable. Susan Courtney • Retail Sales Director Tracy Day Opposition to road-pric- • Marketing & Research Manager ing schemes may scare Metro Toronto Robyn Payne elected officials into post- 1 Concorde Gate, Suite 703 • Interactive Director poning their arrival, but if Toronto, ON M3C 3N6 Jodi Brown ON SALE main: 416-486-4900 crowding on roads and • Production Director fax: 416-482-8097 trains continues to grow — Gerry Moher TODAY sales: 416-486-4900 ext. 305 • Distribution Manager not to mention overall con- sales: Scott Davis cern about the climate — editorial: Toronto’s #1 read free daily newspaper. website: then popular opinion will Source: NADbank 2006/07 Base: Toronto CMA distribution inquiries: inexorably shift toward charging for the use of pave- • Publisher Bill McDonald ment. Redemption and forgiveness are very • Associate Publisher Irene Patterson • Acting Editor-in-Chief Glen Miller different things…but both begin with a • Associate Managing Editor Tarin Elbert Ed Drass has been covering transporta- tion issues in Toronto since 1998. He Change of Heart • Entertainment and Lifestyle Editor Metro is the world’s largest newspaper, with more has a degree in urban studies from York than 18.5 million daily readers in 100 major cities in University and regularly rides transit in Tina Costanza the GTA and elsewhere. 21 countries. • Art Director Laila Hakim Also available from Jodi Picoult, in paperback: 100% PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL VISIT A DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT WEBSITE AT WWW.OMIHAIR.COM A GOOD FOR YOU!! You're coming to OMI for your hair removal treatment. You are to be congratulated for not wasting B your money with others who overcharge for poor results or undercharge for no result. C OMI's proven they are best since 1979. Improve 80% your life, call OMI now! … of OMI consultations OMI on 98.1 Radio & 103.9 Radio Simon & Schuster Canada were treated by doctors For excerpts, reading guides, video and more visit and others without success. Don't waste your money like they did. Come to OMI first! Factual Details visit website OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
  5. 5. Metro • Tuesday, March 4, 2008 5 TELUS STORES & AUTHORIZED DEALERS TORONTO Bayview Village Shopping Centre Bloor Street Flagship Bloor West Village Dufferin Mall East Mall Eglinton Square Shopping Centre Fairview Mall Gerrard Square Royal Bank Plaza How do you tell your husband Toronto Eaton Centre Woodbine Centre Yorkdale Mall York Lanes (York University) 2187 Queen St. E (The Beach) you’re having twins? 2501 Yonge St. (at Castlefield) 155 - 720 King St. W 464 Danforth Ave. 199 Bay St. (Commerce Court) 130 King St. 363 Front St. 727 Bloor St. W 5015 Yonge St. 500 Church St. 1689 Bayview Ave. Text Burlington Mall WEST Mapleview Mall Milton Crossroads Centre Shoppers World Email Westwood Mall Brampton Bramalea City Centre Brampton North (inside Home Depot) Hwy 7 - Airport Rd. Call Georgetown 34 - 280 Guelph St. Mississauga Central Parkway Mall Dixie Outlet Mall Erin Mills Town Centre Heartland Town Centre Messenger Square One Winston Churchill & 401 Woodchester Plaza 6535B Mississauga Rd. G16 - 3024 Hurontario St. 1A - 1370 Dundas St. E 2458 Dundas St. W 1250 South Service Rd. 9 - 34 Bristol Rd. E 2 - 4920 Tomken Rd. 2 - 6645 Tomken Rd. Oakville Oakville Place RioCan Burloak 18 - 2501 3rd Line TELUS smartphones. The ultimate say-it-alls. D3 - 2335 Trafalgar Rd. 760 Pacific Rd. A31 - 481 North Service Rd. W NORTH First Markham Place Georgian Mall Market Village Mall Markville Shopping Centre Pacific Mall ADD UNLIMITED Upper Canada Mall Maple personal email and 3 - 10019 Keele St. Richmond Hill instant messaging Hillcrest Shopping Centre 4 - 11005 Yonge St. for only $15/month.† 6 - 25 West Beaver Creek Rd. 9301 Bathurst St. Next Generation BlackBerry® 8830 HTC S720 BlackBerry® PearlTM World Edition Thornhill Promenade Mall * * * $0 $ 99.99 $ 299.99 Shops on Steeles and 404 Mall 7171 Yonge St. (3 year term ) (3 year term ) (3 year term ) 8117 Yonge St. Vaughan Vaughan Mills Outlet Mall 3 - 4000 Hwy. 7 111 Zenway Blvd., Unit 1, Suite 102 Woodbridge 6 - 3883 Rutherford Rd. A7 - 4220 Steeles Ave. W EAST Ajax RioCan Durham 6 - 65 Kingston Rd. E Oshawa ® Harmony Plaza Oshawa Centre 381 Taunton Rd. E 27 - 1414 King St. E Whitby Taunton Power Centre 15 Thickson Rd. N For more details on these great offers, visit your TELUS store, authorized dealer or retailer, visit or call 1-866-264-2966. Phone availability and prices may vary. *Effective net price after in-store discount at time of activation. Available for clients (new and renewal) who activate voice and data service with a combination of a voice rate plan and a data add-on totalling $45 or more. TELUS reserves the right to modify eligible rate plans with this offer at any time without advance notice. †Offer available until March 31, 2008. Available as an add-on to voice rate plans with a plan rate of $30 or greater. Unlimited personal email and instant messaging only available with BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry smartphones, respectively. Unlimited personal email and instant messaging only available with TELUS mobile email and Windows Live Messenger on all other PDA smartphones, respectively. Cannot be combined with any other data plan. Facebook for BlackBerry is available on all BlackBerry devices. TELUS, the TELUS logo and the future is friendly are trademarks of TELUS Corporation. The BlackBerry smartphone and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties of and trademarks of or registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited – used by permission. FACEBOOK is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. All other trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. © 2008 TELUS.
  6. 6. Metro • Tuesday, March 4, 2008 6 canada The once-vast reserves of Quebec’s maple syrup producers have run dry. La Presse reports that after two poor harvests, the province’s pro- ducers fear the shortfall may drive up prices. THE CANADIAN PRESS Black begins life behind bars Canadian faces public Disgraced media full day of a 61⁄2-year sentence for fraud and obstruction of routines at Coleman mate in a process that took about three hours. beheading mogul arrives justice. His driver piloted the Es- Friends of a Canadian jailed >> Breakfast is only available between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., in luxury SUV He arrived about noon yes- while dinner is offered after the 4 p.m. head count. Prohib- calade about 300 metres up in Saudi Arabia on murder terday in the back seat of a ited acts at Coleman include “unauthorized physical con- the entrance roadway to a charges lashed out at Ottawa Call him 18330-424, Lord shiny, teal-coloured Cadillac tact (e.g. kissing, embracing)” and “operating a business.” small brick gatehouse, where and Saudi justice as news Black of America’s largest Escalade. a guard checked the vehicle spread yesterday that he was federal prison. The 63-year-old Black and three hours after departing a DNA sample was taken. He and allowed it to enter the sentenced to a public be- Disgraced media baron wife Barbara Amiel sat side- their Palm Beach mansion . was settled into his double- rambling property. heading. Conrad Black wakes up today by-side behind tinted win- After driving through dou- bunk dormitory cubicle, out- Amiel and her driver were Mahmoud Al-Ken, a re- behind the gates of a mau- dows in the back of the ble rows of wire fence, he fitted with socks and seen leaving the facility porter for a Montreal Arabic soleum-like facility in Cole- luxury vehicle as they glided was fingerprinted, pho- underwear and other prison about 25 minutes later. radio station, says the family man, Fla., to serve his first past a horde of media about tographed, strip-searched and wear, and assigned a room- TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE of Mohamed Kohail told him yesterday that Kohail was found guilty of murder. Harper innocent, Troops Talking about soldier’s death He says Kohail, 22, is to be beheaded in public but has 80 days to appeal the ruling. Cadman’s wife says A Foreign Affairs official said he could not confirm the Chuck Cadman’s widow says without Harper’s knowl- conviction and sentence yes- Stephen Harper convinced edge. terday evening. her years ago he knew noth- In a statement, Dona Cad- Kohail allegedly was in- ing about an alleged life-in- man said she asked then-Op- volved in a schoolyard brawl, surance offer to her position leader Harper in defence of his younger dying husband — but more than two years brother, that left a Syrian she maintains that a ago if he knew about youth dead. He was arrested pair of Tories dangled the alleged life-insur- with his brother Sultan last a lucrative policy be- ance offer to her hus- spring and imprisoned in Jed- JORDAN VERLAGE/THE CANADIAN PRESS fore the cancer- band in exchange for dah. The younger brother’s Cadman stricken MP. his support in a cru- fate remains unclear. As the prime minister cial confidence vote. The brothers were in a served notice of intent to sue “He looked me straight in fight that broke out after a top Liberals over their com- the eyes and told me he had girl’s male cousin accused ments about the purported no knowledge of an insur- Sultan of insulting her. incident, questions lingered ance policy offer,” Dona Cad- THE CANADIAN PRESS yesterday about whether man said in the statement. Conservative operatives of- “I knew he was telling me Alberta fered a $1-million life-insur- the truth; I could see it in his Col. Jon Vance, Commander of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, and Lt.-Col. Pascal Demers, Commanding Officer of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, discuss the death of Trooper ance policy to Cadman eyes.” THE CANADIAN PRESS Michael Yuki Hayakaze, pictured foreground, during a news conference in Edmonton yesterday. Tories eye another government term »news In Brief Date set for vote on Afghan mission ELECTION Premier Ed Stel- mach’s Conservatives were The Conservative govern- “I think we’ve been pretty The government’s motion aiming for an 11th straight >> FEUD Finance Minister Jim budget. Flaherty’s comments Flaherty retaliated yesterday came on the heels of a ment has scheduled a vote on up front on a number of occa- — a compromise with the op- majority government in in his feud with Ontario over scathing letter by McGuinty the fate of Canada’s Afghan sions, both in responding to position Liberals — calls for provincial voting yesterday as its economic plan by slamming the former stepping up his attack on provincial finance minister mission for March 13, saying questions in the house, in Canadian troops to remain in Elections Alberta was looking Premier Dalton McGuinty for labelling Ontario the “last the Liberals have all the an- speeches and in briefings,” Afghanistan until July 2011 to see a reversal in a trend of and directing the province to place” to start a business. swers they need to support Defence Minister Peter and withdraw by the end of slumping voter interest. slash taxes in its upcoming THE CANADIAN PRESS extending the deployment. MacKay said yesterday. that year. THE CANADIAN PRESS METRO NEWS SERVICES Heading south? Save up to 35% on travel insurance. Get AIG travel Guard from your travel agent, at or by calling 1-877-653-6131
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