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Symmetry Symmetry Presentation Transcript

  • Symmet ry Lines of symmetry 2 1 Order of Rotation 2 4
  • Common Errors • There are some examples of shapes that are tricky when considering symmetry. A typical parallelogram actually cannot be folded in half even though it appears to have two 'equal halves'. • We can see both kinds of symmetry around us; rotational as well as line symmetry.
  • Letters and Line Symmetry. A B C D E H I M O T U V W X Y There are some letters which do not have any line of symmetry. FGJKLNPQSZ
  • N Letters and Rotational Symmetry. X rotation al symmetry at order 1 H rotational symmetry at order 2 I O rotational symmetry at order 2 rotational symmetry at order 2 rotational symmetry at order 2 Z S rotational symmetry at order 1 rotation al symmetry at order
  • • This flower has 1 line of symmetry and a rotational symmetry of Order 5 as it matches itself 5 times. Nature & Line Symmetry.
  • Road Signs & Symmetry. Order 3+0 lines of symmetry. Order 2+1 line of symmetry. Order 3+0 line of symmetry. Order 4+4 lines of symmetry Order 2+0 line of symmetry. Order 1+1 line of symmetry.
  • Monuments & Symmetry. Symmetry exists in architecture all around the world. One of the best known examples of this is the Taj Mahal. If an object is reflected in water many people believe the image has line symmetry. But is it really a 'mirror image'? Is it really symmetrical? What are your thoughts? The image can be rotational symmetry.
  • Flags & Line Symmetry. Japan Micronesia Finland Indonesia United Nations Aboriginal Flag of Australia Canada British
  • Rotational symmetryyes(2) Rotational symmetryyes(2) Rotational symmetryyes(1) Flags and Rotational Symmetry. Rotational symmetryyes(1) Rotational symmetryyes(1) Rotational symmetryyes(1) Rotational symmetryyes(1) Rotational symmetryyes(2)
  • Math symbols & Symmetry.
  • Masks,tatt oos & Symmetry.
  • Religious Symbols & Symmetry. L.S-1 R.S-0 L.S-1 R.S-0 The Memorah is used during the Jewish feast of Chanukah. L.S-4 R.S-8 Muslim buildings often have symmetry. The Dharma Wheel is a Buddhist symbol. L.S-6 R.S-6 The Jewish Star of David. L.S-1 R.S-0 L.S-Line of Symmetry R.S-Rotational Symmetry The Christian Cross
  • Words & rotational symmetry.
  • Objects & Rotational Symmetry. • Order 5 Often the picture cards in a playing deck have rotational symmetry. Order 7 • Order 2 Since all the toppings are placed so evenly, this pizza has rotational symmetry of Order 6.
  •  Click on the shapes to see how many lines of symmetry they have.