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  1. 1. FASHION AND TRENDS~A spirit, an extension of ones self ~
  2. 2. WHAT IS FASHION? A state of mind. A synonym for glamour, beauty andstyle. Fashion talks Its about translating self-esteeminto a personal style.
  3. 3. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Fashion accommodates the chameleon in all of us. Its a way of celebrating the diversity and variety of the world in which we live. Fashion is about change, which is necessary to keep life interesting. Fashion is about starting new trends. Fashion is a mirror – a way of measuring a mood that can be useful in manyaspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. Fashion – serious? No way
  4. 4. CULTURES! Represents cultures and beliefs. Factors - region, beliefs, climate, and gender. Time also serves as a constant in which the fashion of clothing evolves. Fashion is a symbol for certain time periods and regions. A billowing white toga is usually associated with the Roman Empire. A brilliantly colored, ornate kimono is most often associated with Japan. As Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is inthe sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
  5. 5. FASHION INDUSTRYFashion is big business. More people are involved inbuying, selling and production of clothing than anyother business in the world. Everyday, millions ofworkers design, sew, glue, dye, and transportclothing to stores. Ads on buses, billboards andmagazines give us ideas about what towear, consciously, or subconsciously. Current globalfashion centers are London, Milan, Paris and NewYork, but other cities like Rome and Tokyo are also becomingwell known.
  6. 6. EVOLUTION…Fashion has indeed evolved throughout theyears. Fashion is like a big circle, styles comeback, and then they go out of style once again.E.g.: Skinny jeans were a big hit in the70s, today theyre an even bigger hit! Fashionhas changed in the sense of "the moreupdated look", but they still take the sameconcepts from back then to inspire new styles.
  7. 7. INTERESTING TRIVIA Why are buttons sewed on sleeves of jackets? (blame the soldiers) Did you think kids’ fashion has become famous only now? Lets look back! Up to the 19th century there were no models, and designers had to use little dolls todemonstrate their creations to customers. If you are in Napoleon’s Russia shave like an European! Up to 1850 70% of people used to make clothing for themselves. You think only women can’t live without jewelry – Who said so? Some time ago only unfaithful wives used to wear short hair. (I dare you cut it short now)
  8. 8. Thank You9th AManasvee Saraf
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