Indian culture


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about India's some of the most outstanding features

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Indian culture

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  2. 2. India will amaze you. This has been said too often but not without a reason. Not only the geography and the demography but the varied culture of India is that amazes you. A virtual melting pot of the all the religions and their rituals, India is the kaleidoscope of the whole world when it comes to religion. The Indian calendar is full of festivals starting from the birthdays of Deities, saints and prophets to celebration of various seasons and mythological stories. Some of the festivals are celebrated as national days. It is said that every third day in India is celebrated in some place or the other. The huge subcontinent has ancient civilization and is an inheritor to a rich and diverse cultural tradition Some festivals are of religious nature, others are linked with the lives of the people, change of seasons and harvesting. Each festival is unique in style and is characterized by colour, gaiety, enthusiasm, feasts and heterogeneity of prayers and rituals. And although each religion celebrates their own festivals, they also participate in the other festivals with equal enthusiasm and fervour making the festivals typically Indian.
  3. 3. Continued …… from Slide 4. Though the festivals carry a legend, a story, a reason behind them, it has come to light that most of these festivals also have some scientific reason attached to it. The night of Diwali is the new moon night and supposed to be the darkest nights of the year, this gives a reason to light innumerous lamps all around. The food that is supposed to be taken on the day of the festivity, is specifically suited for the time of the year. India is a vast country with different demography hence every region and state have their own ways of celebrating their festivals. Some of them are celebrated in a common way while some are very regional festivals.
  4. 4. HERITAGE The long span of Indian history covering more than 3000 years and enumerating several civilizations has been a constant reminder of the country’s rich multicultural extravaganza and world-renowned heritage. The people and their lifestyles, their dance forms and musical styles, art & handicrafts, and such other elements go on to reflect the varied tones of Indian culture and heritage, which truly symbolizes the nationality of the country India has been a center a attraction due to its amazing architectural monuments, palaces, tombs for many years. It also have one of the wonders on the Earth- which symbolizes the memory of love. Taj Mahal. Other than this, places like Ajanta & Ellora Caves , Kerala Backwater , Khajuraho Temples , Vaishno Devi , Valley of Flowers , Goa Beaches, Mussoorie, Nanital, Jammu Kashmir have bulk of tourism from foreign countries and from India whole year. Also because of these world known heritages India has gained a successful place among the world tourists.
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