Kwiz pakodah utkal univ-mba dept-pre-lims-08


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Kwiz pakodah utkal univ-mba dept-pre-lims-08

  1. 1., 09337222518 PRELIMINARY ROUND-BIZ BUZZ QUIZ MASTER: - Mr. Bay Leaf (* Marked questions carry 2points, others carry 1 point. 0.5 negative for each wrong answer.)1. * This bank was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.Recently,it has come up with a print advertisement in almost all national dailies namely"63 IN ONE DAY”. Identify the bank and in what context, they had released this advertisement?2. Which channel is advertised as “Channel of India”?3. *The company was originally founded in 1895 as Mercury Sports.What is it known as now?It is an African antelope….hooohhhh…clue.4. This Indian brand got its name from Acacia Arabia?5. *What is BOGO in retailing?6. *“I Build, I bond” is the tagline for which website?7. Why did HLL call Dalda, Dalda?8. * Both of them had plans to travel on the Titanic but cancelled their reservations before the voyage and it was a great escape. Who are they? They were popular American businessmen.9. Duracell is a brand of batteries manufactured by ___________________10. Which company’s name come from voice, data, and fone? It was founded as Racal Telecom in 1983?11. We know SEZ.What is SDZ as proposed by the prime ministers office that will focus more on education, health and skills development?12. * Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia eloped in this bike in the movie "Bobby”? Identify the brand name of the bike??13. Who is the only Indian bike manufacturer, which uses sound as an USP in their bikes?14. Whose punch line is The Edge is Efficiency?15. *The Totapuri mango is the only breed of mango to make what popular commercial product?16. *Which courier company uses “We move the world”?17. *A FMCG giant uses kOLs for their project FAL Vani in rural India. Who are KOLs? FAL stands for what in FAL-Vani?18. Which of these car makes, advertised itself as “the ultimate driving machine”.19. *What is the name and gender of the dog we see in HMV’s logo?20. CHAI UNCHAI is a chain of OOH beverage outlets introduced by a company X.The first outlet was recently inaugurated in IIM-Bangalore campus.Identify X and OOH stands for what in advertising/marketing?
  2. 2., 09337222518 PRELIMINARY ROUND Score BIZ BUZZ-08 /30 QUIZ MASTER: - Mr. Bay Leaf Name: 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________ College: __________________________________________________________ Instructions: - (* Marked questions carry 2points, others carry 1 point. 0.5 negative for each wrong answer.) ANSWER SHEET1.*2.3.*4.5.*6.*7.8.**13.14.15.*16.*17.*18.19.*20. (Thank you) All The Best
  3. 3., 09337222518 PRELIMINARY ROUND BIZ BUZZ-08ANSWERS:-1.UNION BANK OF INDIA2. SANSKAR TV3.*REEBOK4. BABOOL5.*BUY ONE GET ONE6.*WWW.IBIBO.COM7.DADA,THE FIRST DISTRIBUTOR ADDED” L” THAT DENOTES LEVER8.* Both J. P. Morgan (American Financier, later on his company JP Morgan & cobecame the famous Morgan Stanley) and Milton S. Hershey (Founder of Hersheychocolates) had plans to travel on the Titanic but cancelled their reservations beforethe voyage.)9.Procter & Gamble,previously it was with Gillette10.VODAFONE11.SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ZONE12.*RAJDOOT GTS(RAJDOOT ALSO ACCEPTED)13.ROYAL ENFIELD14.BSE/BOMBY STOCK EXCHANGE15.*FROOTI16.*DHL17.*Key Opinion Leader,Fair&Lovely18.BMW19.*Male/His,Napier20.TATA Tea,Out Of Home (Thank you) All The Best