Kwiz pakodah 151-200-by mr.bay leaf


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Kwiz pakodah 151-200-by mr.bay leaf

  1. 1. 1. Osama bin Laden ranked one followed by 2.Joaquin Guzman, 3.Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov. This is the list of top 10 most wanted fugitive released by Forbes first time in 2008 recently. Who is ranked fourth in this list? (Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar)2. Connect the Hindi movie “Pushpak”, Telugu “Mayuri” with animated Hindi movie “Ghatothkach”-animated movie? (Legendary Singeetham Srinivas Rao is the director all these movies)3. Connect Dyna soap, Veet hair removing cream, Kodak easy share camera, spice mobile phones, mango drink slice? (Katrina Kaif endorser of all these products)4. Anchor- the electric equipment company entered into the beauty care market with which brand of soap? (Dyna soap)5. “Superstar India” is a book released recently by Amitabh Bacchan. Who is the celebrity author of this book? (Shobha De)6. X is an Indian columnist and novelist often called Indias Jackie Collins. X began a career in journalism in 1970 in the course of which founded and edited three popular magazines - Stardust, Society, and Celebrity. At present, X is a freelance writer and columnist for several newspapers and magazines. Identify X? (shobha de)7. X had written a biography of Dillip Kumar whereas Y had written a book on Sunil Dutt & Nargis Dutt. X and Y are the husband & wife duo. Identify X & Y? (Clue: X is emeritus professor of economics at the London School of Economics) (X-Meghnad Desai, Y-Kishwar Desai, He published a biography of Indian film star Dilip Kumar titled, "Nehrus Hero: Dilip Kumar in the life of India".Kishwar had released her new book “Darlingji” recently.)8. Whose autobiography is “LSD, My Problem Child “? (Albert Hoffmen)9. Connect Sterling hospital, Mrs.Marino, Stopache?(Paras Pharmaceuticals (Sterling Hospital - a multi super-specialty hospital by paras pharma, Mrs. marino is an after-shampoo rinse-off hair softener by paras pharma, Stopache is an analgesic pill that provides relief from headaches by paras)10. In medical terminology, It is called ‘Intertrigo’. Which popular brand came as a solution to it?Identify the brand.It had addressed an issue, which was so common, so personal to everyone, yet so unspoken.( Itch Guard)11. This specialised ayurvedic product contains active ingredients such as oil of Wintergreen, Tarpin oil, Nilgiri oil and Mint flowers to provide a ‘soothing warmth’ in order to relieve pain.It is commercially known as __________ to the consumers(majorly housewives).Fill in the blank.(Moov)12. It translates as "four divisions of the military"-- infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariots, represented respectively by pawn, knight, bishop, and rook.It is
  2. 2. considered to be an older version of chess played in the sixth century.This ancient games name is ________________.(Chaturanga)13. Connect Angoor,Khoon ka khoon,Do dooni Chaar,Omkara. (All are bollywood movies based on Shakespeares creations(Stories,plays etc)14. This game said to have been invented by gurus to teach children about the rewards of doing good and the pitfalls of evil.It was known as Moksha Patamu in ancient India.( Snake & Ladders)15. Ji Xianlin was in news recently. Why?( First Chineese to win padma bhusan)16. ."Growing up in Barnsley, I never dreamed there would be a statue of me in the middle of the town.” He had umpired at four world cup finals and he was awarded an MBE(Member of the order of the British Empire medal)in 1986.He unveiled a statue of himself in his home town recently. Identify him.( Dickie Bird)17. This MD made a two-minute film on how to use shampoo and its benefits to create awareness, because rural people were so ignorant they simply ate up the stuff inside the transparent packets taking it to be jelly”. His father, a school teacher used to say” I want to make products that are affordable to even a rickshaw puller”. Who is the person, identify?( CK Ranganathan,Cavin Care)18. It got the name from that Mascots name, the beloved star of the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi. What is it? Why it is in news recently?( Appu Ghar,it was closed down recently)19. Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia eloped in this bike in the movie "Bobby"?Name the bike? (Rajdoot GTS)20. This teetotaler cricketer also played for Africa XI, World XI, Dolphins and Warwickshire. His wife Lauderdale was a finalist in the beauty pageant in her nation in the early 90s and also worked for MTN, a South African telecom company. Who is this? (Shaun Pollock)
  3. 3. 21. Bajaj contends that CC-VTi tech(Controlled Combustion Variable Intelligent)used in TVS new 125cc motorbike "Flame" infringed on its DTSi patent.Thus Bajaj sued TVS and madras high court restrains TVS-M from selling and manufacturing 125 cc bike?DTSi stands for?( Digital twin spark ignition)22. ."Sachin is a genius. Im a mere mortal".Which famous cricketer said so about tendulkar?(Brian Lara)23. Appu Army is a bunch of supporters of Sri lankan cricket team.Swarmy Army/Swamy Army or Bharat Army from India, Barmy Army is for England, similarly wave the flag/Boonie army is for cheering up which team?(Australia)24. Whose punchline is The Edge is Efficiency?(BSE,Bombay Stock Exchange)25. Connect "By Gods Decree" book,Musco lighting and Iqbal Movie.(Kapil Devs autobiographical work is By Gods Decree came out in 1985 and Kapil Dev established a company Dev Musco Lighting Pvt Limited in partnership with Musco Lightings to install floodlights in major stadiums and sports venues in India and he came out with a cameo appearance in the film Iqbal)26. X and Y were batchmates at NSD.X,as theatre actor-his most known role is that of Willy Loman in Hindi play Salesman Ramlal, an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman.As a dialogue writer X,wrote dialogues for comedy classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (1983).Y started Karolbagh Productions with X in 2007.Uttam Chaudhary is a famous character portrayed by Y recently in a movie for which he got lots of appreciation,co-incidentally it was produced by him only.Identify X and Y?(Satish Kaushik,Anupam Kher)27. KOLs are used by a FMCG giant for their project FAL Vani in rural India.Who are KOLs?FAL stands for what in FAL-Vani?(Key Opinion Leaders,Fair & Lovely Vani is part of Operation Shakti project of HUL.usually the Sarpanchs are used as KOL in this campaign.)28. I want to buy a BURN from the coca-cola stable?What am I referring to?(BURN-The energy drink brand of Coca-cola which is going to be launched shortly in India.)
  4. 4. 29. ."Pak a tinderbox".ISI also accused me of being "Indian agent".-this famous persona written so in a book "Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West”. Who is this?(Benazir Bhutto)30. Both of them had plans to travel on the Titanic but cancelled their reservations before the voyage and it was a great escape.Who are they?They were popular American businessmen.(Both J. P. Morgan(American Financier,later on his company JP Morgan & co became the famous Morgan Stanley) and Milton S. Hershey(Founder of Hershey chocolates) had plans to travel on the Titanic but cancelled their reservations before the voyage.)31. Galla Foods is Situated at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, the mango belt in India,is a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) processing Tropical Fruit Purees, Concentrates and Fresh Fruits.It belongs to which Indian business group?Why it is in news recently.(Amara Raja who is proud owner of AMARON Batteries.They are launching a mango drink in few days.)32. The first Russian bank to enter India is ____________ (VTB Bank)33. We know SEZ.What is SDZ as proposed by the prime ministers office which will focus more on education,health and skills development?(Social Development Zone)34. Started with a share capital of Rs 2,525,000 ($55,000) in the year 1931.It plans to unveil multi brand outlets to house its portfolio of international brands such as GANT and US Polo. (Arvind Mills)35. International Folklore Festival,Mahindra & Mahindra – connect.( Ingenio is home to the International Folklore Festival which is popular and the participation of numerous music groups worldwide including Mexico, Colombia, Romania, Russia, Uganda, etc.M & M is coming up its MUV namely Ingenio.)36. Who is the author of the book-Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance? His first book was “The Audacity of Hope”?(Barack Obama)37. “The sun kisses India first in X.It is our land of rising sun.” Manmohan Singh recently said so during his visit to X.Identify X? (Arunachal Pradesh)38. “Sugar Free” trademark belongs to which Indian pharma giant?(Cadila)39. .“Quality first, cost second” is used by which pen company as a punch line? (Add Gel)40. “Bare necessities” is used by which dress company? (Colorplus)41. Which courier company uses “We move the world”? (DHL)42. Which of these car makes, advertised itself as “the ultimate driving machine”. (BMW)
  5. 5. 43. Name the nationality of the founder of Bridgestone tires? (Japanese, Shojiro Ishibashi, whose name means “stone bridge”)44. What brand of cigarette advertised in 1950 that more doctors smoked this brand than any other? It also advertised itself as “your choice for taste & mildness”. (Camel, there was a print ad that actually stated, “every doctor in private practice was asked. In 1934, Camel ads advised to “smoke as many as you want. They never get on your nerve”.)45. The first ‘celebrity’ share broker, his car collection and private luxuries had been the envy of the town i.e. till the ‘Stock Market’ scam of 1992 broke out. Amounts up to Rs 4,100 Crore were siphoned off. While almost all the accused are behind bars, the lead player has passed away. What was the name of this ‘prolific’ player, who is forever etched in the memory of the Indian investor as the quintessential bad boy? (Harshad Mehta)46. He was the only Goan-born cricketer to play for India?In West Indies, he was popularly known as Sardee-man. During his successful 1970-71 tour there, he was asked at the airport whether he had anything to declare. I have come here with runs, he replied, and Ill go back with more.His son is the CEO of a very famous news channel and a very famous journalist.Identify this legendary cricketer?(Dillip Sardesai)47. OS is the IATA code of ______________? (SpiceJet)48. Band-Aid is a Johnson & Johnson brand. Whose brand is the Back-aid pain relieving cream? (Dabur)49. This pertains to a rumour about the original colour of the Coca-Cola drink. The company in its Web site has this clarification: "This is indeed just a rumour. Although the famous contour bottle is —, Coca-Cola has always been brown in colour, since its start in 1886." Whats the contour bottles colour? (Green)50. ."In an ________ World." Its an incomplete campaign line. What vodka brand name could complete it? (Absolut)