The Finals


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These are the finals of the Lonewolf conducted by me at IITG.

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The Finals

  1. 1. Respect The Quizmaster’s AUTHORITAH!!
  2. 2. Round 1•All questions on Infinite Pounce.• +15/-10 on Infinite Pounce and +10/0 on direct.• Please pounce only if you know the complete answer.Therewon’t be any part marking on the pounce and incompleteanswers will fetch you negative marks.• Remember, The Quizmaster’s decision is finaland binding.
  3. 3. This man took one of the most popular photographsever. Almost everyone who has used a computer hasseen it. Who is he? What is blocked out?
  4. 4. Charles O’Rear.
  5. 5. If you are to believe the NYT, this “art form” is in a“museum” which has been visited by only 2 humans.Ever. Where is this museum? The art piece is actually small. About this small. For a reason.
  6. 6. Moon Museum is a small ceramic wafer three-quarters of an inchby half an inch in size, containing artworks by six prominentartists from the late 1960s. The artists with works in the"museum" are Robert Rauschenberg, David Novros, JohnChamberlain, Claes Oldenburg, Forrest Myers, and Andy Warhol.This wafer was supposedly covertly attached to a leg of theIntrepid landing module, and subsequently left on the moonduring Apollo 12. The moon museum is considered the first SpaceArt object.
  7. 7. Daniel Lyons worked as a senior editor atForbes magazine and is now awriter at Newsweek. We, however, knowhim better as somebody else whowrites a popular blog. Who am I referringto?
  8. 8. Fake Steve Jobs….(
  9. 9. What does TMZ in the gossip stand for?
  10. 10. Thirty Mile Zone
  11. 11. Something is common to the way all these photos have beenshot. All these were posted online on a Google+ pagebetween April to June 2012. So whats special to the waytheyve been taken?
  12. 12. These were all taken using Googles new set of head-mounted devices that embed computing withinspectacles (the projects called Project Glass). Theseglasses will let wearers take photos, overlay maps onthe field of vision etc.
  13. 13. Where can you find this camera? People are surprisedthat this is just a 2MP camera.
  14. 14. Curiosity
  15. 15. _________: The program with apersonalityIt will get on all your disksIt will infiltrate your chipsYes, its _______!It will stick to you like glueIt will modify RAM tooSend in the _______!Fill in the blanks and name the authorof this poem.
  16. 16. Elk Cloner, the first evervirus. The author, ofcourse, is the creator of thevirus Richard Skrenta
  17. 17. Ad for what company’sproduct?
  18. 18. Nikon S60 (advertising itsface detection softwarewhich can apparently detectup to 12 faces)
  19. 19. In Jan/Feb 2012, Google hosted a conference towhich were invited several leading technologists,scientists, and other innovators & entrepreneursto discuss some of the worlds most interesting &difficult problems. They called this an exercise in"moonshot thinking" i.e. solutions that are justbeyond what is currently feasible but just enoughwithin reality. Given the nature of the gathering(and that many videos were posted), the gatheringdrew comparisons with TED.The name chosen for this (and more are planned)is something that would often be the last line in analgebra problem.What?
  20. 20. "Solve for X".
  21. 21. What’s so special about E-mart’s Sunny Sale which takesplace during lunchtime i.e from 12 to 1 PM.
  22. 22. Captain: What happen ?Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb.Operator: We get signal.Captain: What !Operator: Main screen turn on.Captain: It’s you !!CATS: How are you gentlemen !!CATS: ______________________CATS: You are on the way to destruction.The quote is from the introduction sequence of agame in which the player’s enemy, the leader ofCATS, appears.Give me the game or fill up the blank in the quote.
  23. 23. “All Your Base Belong To Us” Zero Wing
  24. 24. 2.1. ? 4. 3.
  25. 25. Biographies written by WalterIssacson.
  26. 26. Name the company – or at least what field thecompany was in – started by the person in themiddle.
  27. 27. PropertyFinder LLC, ainternational real‐estatewebsite. (The person isAnna Chapman, theRussian spy involved inthe FBI‐busted IllegalsProgram.)
  28. 28. This photo ofSwedish modelLena Söderbergwas shot for theNovember 1972centrefold ofPlayboy. She hasbeen dubbed“The First Lady ofthe Internet”. Thiscropped versionof her photo hasan extremelyimportantsignificance in afield of computerscience. Why?
  29. 29. ‘Lena’ / ‘Lenna’ is thestandard test image fortesting any image processingalgorithm. It was chosen atthe spur‐of‐the‐momentduring an experiment whenthe researchers needed aglossy image to test dynamicoutput range and wanted ahuman face. Since then, theconvention has stuck.
  30. 30. Who tweeted this while she wasdelivering her baby?
  31. 31. Sara Williams (@sara), wife ofTwitter co‐founder EvanWilliams
  32. 32. Named by Dan Bornsteinafter a small fishing village inin Eyjafjörður (Iceland), thissoftware is in the eye of acontroversy. What is it?
  33. 33. Android operating systemsDalvik virtual machine, forwhich Oracle is suing Googlefor infringing on itsintellectual property.
  34. 34. Connect….
  35. 35. Apples Siri has a desicounterpart - MicromaxAISHAMicromax has launched itsA50 Superfone Ninjahandset, which comes with avoice assistant - AISHA(Artificial Intelligence SpeechHandset Assistant).
  36. 36. Google Doodle for???
  37. 37. 9 April 2012 - Eadweard J.Muybridge was an Englishphotographer best known forhis breakthrough work inusing multiple cameras tocapture animal movement
  38. 38. What is being ‘íntroduced’/’described’here???
  39. 39. LinkedIn describing the acquisition ofSlideShare in a small SlideSharepresentation.
  40. 40. Round 2• All questions on infinite pounce.• Progressive clues round. +15/-10 if you answer on the first clue +10/-5 if you answer on the second one +5/0 if you answer on the third one.• On the pounce: +20/-10 on the first clue. +15/-10 on the second one. +10/-10 on the third one.• Only one pounce allowed per question.
  41. 41. Spam….Hormel Foods logo (They own thetrademark for the term Spam - its aproduct by their company)Monty Python figures (The usage of spamdo denote junk mail was inspired by aMonty Python sketch)US coverage map
  42. 42. LGLucky Goldstar (Thats what LGstands for) Chocolate (LG has a cellphone named Chocolate)
  43. 43. MotorolaGalvin brothers (Founders of Motorola)DynaTAC8000X (First cellphone)Abhishek Bachchan (Brandembassador for Motorola in India)
  44. 44. Sporexkcd comic on sporeSpores Sims (The people who made Sims made Spore)
  45. 45. Round 3•All questions on Infinite Pounce.• +15/-10 on Infinite Pounce and +10/0 on direct.• Please pounce only if you know the complete answer.Therewon’t be any part marking on the pounce and incompleteanswers will fetch you negative marks.• Remember, The Quizmaster’s decision is finaland binding.
  46. 46. This professor accidentally (re)named a companyafter getting their spelling wrong. Who is he, whichcompany and where did he get the spelling wrong.
  47. 47. David Cheriton, who wrote a$100,000 check for “Google”instead of “Googol”
  48. 48. Who is she??
  49. 49. Alison Carroll, the officialLara Croft model as of2008 for the latestgame Tomb Raider:Underworld.
  50. 50. Identify the ad campaign and thecompany.
  51. 51. The Future Is Open / TheOpen Child (accept both) byIBM
  52. 52. The funding for this particular projectwas done through,which billed itself as the best babesearch engine on the Web. Whichproject?
  53. 53. Wikipedia
  54. 54. “X” is an acronym for the phrase “Y”, which is often used as a hashtag onTwitter to bring attention to exciting events or excuse irresponsiblebehaviors. The acronym was popularized in 2011 after being featured inthe hip hop single “The Motto” by Drake.UrbanDictionary defines X as:“The dumbasss excuse for something stupid that they didAlso one of the most annoying abbreviations ever....”Guy 1: "Hey i heard that you broke ur leg falling off the balcony at thatparty"Dumbass 1: "Ya but hey X“Identify X and Y.Hint-X as a meme is all over Facebook these days.
  55. 55. On January 20, 2012, the NewZealand Police placed this person incustody under the charges of criminalcopyright infringement in relation tohis Megaupload Web site.Who am I talking about???
  56. 56. Kim Dotcom
  57. 57. This is a photo of Liu Yang with her husband intranquil, domestic settings. With which divinevessel (nothing to do with her kitchen) was sheassociated with for thirteen days in June 2012?
  58. 58. She was Chinas first female taikonaut(or astronaut) and was part of theShenzhou 9 space docking mission."Shenzhou" can be translated intodivine vessel
  59. 59. The following is an excerpt from a companys "About Us"webpage. Just fill in the two blanks OR give me thecompany’s name. When we were kids we loved playing aroundwith cameras – we loved how all the old Polaroid camerasmarketed themselves as _____ (somethingwe take for granted today). We also felt that the snapshots people weretaking were kind of like _____ in that they gotsent over the wire to others – so we figuredwhy not combine the two?
  60. 60. The missing words are"instant" and "telegrams"respectively. This is fromInstagrams website, andexplains how the populariPhone app (acquired for abillion dollars by Facebook inApril 2012) gets its name.
  61. 61. One from the world of google:Just give me the first three search queries(Partial marking only if uget 2 out of 3 correct)
  62. 62. The name of this website is aplay on the word ‘video’ and isalso an anagram of the word‘movie’.Which website???
  63. 63. “Being generally of a cheerfulnature, I thought we’d avoid thePredatory Panther and Primeval Possum. Neither sounds likegreat company for a seven year journey, really. Same goes for thePeccable Peccary, Pawky Python and Perfidious Puku. So manybullets to dodge round here!”“Balancing all of those options, I think we have just the right mixin our designated mascot for ____ LTS. Ladies and gentlemen, Igive you the_____________.” Complete both the blanks…..
  64. 64. What happens when you type"make love" in some UNIXoperating systems?
  65. 65. ‘not war’.NOTE: On some other systems,this returns ‘Don’t know how tomake love’.
  66. 66. Who is she and what is her claim tofame???
  67. 67. Jade Raymond,The producer ofAssassin’s Creed
  68. 68. What does this map represent?(Hint: The Economist : Big Mac Index :: CommonwealthSecurities : ___________ )
  69. 69. Connect/what’sthe fourth in thelist?
  70. 70. Old Wikipedia Logos.
  71. 71. The Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada recentlygranted a license to a Toyota Prius car. Ordinarily, this wouldhave been a routine affair, but not in this case. This car wasgiven the license plate number of "001". The license platewill be in red and sport the lemniscate symbol used toindicate "infinity".If you see this car whizzing past you, who would be drivingit?
  72. 72. No one. This is the first ever driver-less car granted alicense. Built by Google, this is an experimental car with amounted camera and lots of artificial intelligencesoftware.