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3.3 Billion ...
M         obile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world and it is still growing
                                             MobeeSuite® Enterprise
        USERS            ...
User Interface                                                    Scalability
 MobeeSuite provides an interactive administ...
Key factors of the Mobile trend:
•	 Focus on Value Added Services by Mobile Operators and financial institutions.
•	 Marke...
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MobeeSuite Brochure


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MobeeSuite Brochure

  1. 1. MobeeSuite Enterprise ® Mobee Mobee Mobee Mobee SMS GPRS WAP PORTAL 3.3 Billion Mobile Phones & Counting We give you a perfect Mobile Solution
  2. 2. M obile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world and it is still growing at a rapid pace. This opens up a huge market for financial, healthcare and other institutions interested in offering value added services to their customers. For many years, this phenomenal growth has been attracting many organizations to serve flexible solutions and services to their customers. However, many organizations are succumbed by the pressure of catering . them in their business environment. Few common problems faced by the organizations: . Diverse Delivery Channels and Servers in your business Environment? . . Multiple applications to manage & serve your customers? Security Shortfall is your problem? . Overloading customers with too many Username and Passwords? Is throughput and availability is your concern? Manam Infotech, a global mobile & wireless products industry, addresses all these problems through MobeeSuite® which is a complete package of enterprise messaging solution that help businesses to interact with their customers naturally and provide real time information over various channels like SMS, USSD, GPRS and IVR. MobeeSuite® is an enterprise-ready, easy-to-use, and affordable delivery management solution that help enterprises to deliver their services in channel independent way. MobeeSuite® product avoids having different solutions to cater different delivery channels deployed in different places, and provides a unified solution to expose the business services all-in-one box. MobeeSuite provides an interactive web-based administrative interface to configure & manage services for different . channels and service. It also provides: . Holistic view of all the services and their performance . . Auditing, Graphing and Reporting based on each channel and combined Branding and campaign management . Service exposure to external applications End-to-end Security MobeeSuite supports its mission of redefining delivery channels by having a secure, scalable and flexible architecture. It can receive requests from various channels like SMS, USSD, WAP, IVR, GPRS and many more...
  3. 3. MobeeSuite Architecture MobeeSuite® Enterprise USERS Components Admin External Systems Monitor Security Reports SMS Routing User/Role Mgt. TCP/IP HTTP Transaction Mgt. Service Orchestration HTTPS SMSC WAP/GPRS SMTP Transport Mgt. POP3 SMPP IVR Service Mgt. E GSM Modem Audit S B SOAP Logging UDP USSD BPM FTP LDAP Core Systems Notifications Monitors Fault Tolerance J2ME JMS Clustering PORTAL/ File/FTP E-Mail Database Rich Clients Data Sources Mobee SMS Mobee GPRS Mobee MobeeSMS is a real time enterprise messaging solu- MobeeGPRS is a secure, reliable and user friendly tion that help businesses to leverage the strength of mobile solution developed to leverage the strength of SMS to automate their alerts and provide value added General Packet Radio Services(GPRS) to propagate services to their customers. It can retrieve messages the information over the air using the GPRS enabled from various channels like FTP, POP, Databases & mobile handsets. Mobiles should support java as we JMS etc., and push them to the end customers on real need to install a small java client. Provides rich user time basis. It can seamlessly interact with any type interface as the java client can directly access the mo- of transactional system over HTTP, RMI, SOAP, Se- bile OS features. Support for Access Keys and Click cure Sockets and Direct API calls. It supports multiple to Dial. Data propagated b/w client and server is very SMSC, GSM Modem, HTTP Gateways. secure and abstract. Mobee WAP WAP Mobee PORTAL PORTAL MobeeWAP is an easy to use WAP based interface MobeePortal is a web content transform and extend- for MobeeSuite services which can be accessed using ed portal framework which will help the enterprises a mobile browser. Support for MMS, Ringtones, Au- to deliver the content in a channel independent way. dio, Video etc. MobeeWAP help businesses to provide Different layouts for different mobiles based on screen value added services to the customers. Businesses sizes and other attributes. It has extensive repository can interact with their customers using MobeeWAP of mobiles and their specifications to adapt and op- and provide them the latest & realtime access to their timize the content. Conent presentation is based on services and business offering directly on their mobile W3C Standards and Recommendations. J2EE based handsets. and Database Independent no client software required on mobile.
  4. 4. MobeeSuite Features All-In-One Box Solution MobeeSuite provides an all-in-one box solution to all the service channels like SMS, GPRS, WAP, IVR, USSD, Portals etc. MobeeSuite can be configured to expose its services to external applications through various protocols (e.g. SMS service can be exposed as a webservice to intranet applications). Business users can just concentrate on services to offer. Introducing a new service is very common and MobeeSuite allows it to do on the fly. Complex services that are involved in multiple channels to complete the user request are made easy as the MobeeSuite offers high interoperability between various channels. Business/Sales team can easily identify the potential of various services based on chan- nels. Easy to use rich interface makes the consumer delighted. Seamless integration with the transaction servers us- ing various protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, UDP, FTP etc. Existing bespoke applications can use the services within no time. Open Architecture makes it more scalable and extendable. MobeeSuite also pro- vides various protocols/components for security and monitoring capabilities. Uses well established methods for payment through mobile. Various mobile devices support and the power of introducing new channels make MobeeSuite the defacto standard for mobile solutions. Following steps describe the flow of the request in MobeeSuite Identification of the source of the requested channel. Authentication/Authorization based on the channel and/or parameters that are received. Filters/Routers route it to the actual service based on the protocol/device. Device/Channel Specific response(Multicasting if required). Mobile Channels - Effective Security MobeeSuite provides security through mSecure custom Results protocol. Keeping the current mobile applications security Current Current mSecure mSecure flaws in mind mSecure protocol is designed to provide an SMS GPRS SMS GPRS End-to-End security communication solution from end-user End-to-End Security (e.g. Mobile Handset) to the transaction server(e.g. Bank Message Integrity server). Mutual Authentication Mobile Operators provide A5 algorithm for SMS Non-Repudiation message encryption which is proven to be vulnerable. Mo- Prevent Replay Attacks bile operator stores the message before it is forwarded to the consumer. So operator’s staff can see the clear text at any point of time which can be of serious issue for mobile business transactions. SMS mSecure protocol provides end-to-end security even for SMS communication. Mobile users need to install a small J2ME application on their mobile. mSecure protocol is a defacto standard for GPRS based communication. GPRS Follwing diagram depicts the way mSecure SMS works. Check UserId Check Encryption Using SequenceNo Enter one time pword Decryption using Perform/Update Details User mSecure GSM one time pword Transaction Identity Message Network Check Message Message Digest Digest Authenticate User Mobile MobeeSuite Backend Device Server User Server
  5. 5. User Interface Scalability MobeeSuite provides an interactive administrator interface MobeeSuite supports multiple protocols & channels and that can be accessed through Http/Https. Administrator can be easily extended to meet other future protocols interface provides User/Role management, Customer Reg- or channel support. It can also be extended to meet the istration, Service Orchestration, Template management, growing needs and requirements of your business. It of- Campaign Management, Scheduling Reports, Health Status fers high Interoperability between various channels that monitoring and Audit trials. simplifies the communication. MobeeClient Graphing & Reporting MobeeClient is a J2ME application which can be installed MobeeSuite provides strong reporting & graphing capa- on any java enabled mobile devices. MobeeClient uses bilities. It can generate complex reports based on complex mSecure protocol to interact with MobeeSuite to secure the business criteria. Some of its features include: messages that are interchanged. It can be installed OTA Grouping of reports. (Over the Air) or through any data transfer mechanism. Scheduling of reports and delivery through email. MobeeClient can interact with MobeeSuite using SMS or Exporting reports into multiple formats like HTML, PDF, GPRS. It can be customized for customer branding and Excel and CSV. user preferences. Graphical reports like Pie Chart, Bar Charts etc. Way Of Reaching Consumers Auditing Implementation MobeeSuite provides a complete auditing feature for the MobeeSuite enterprise product is built on open standards enterprise system. It keeps track of the complete flow of and sophisticated frameworks which reduces the time to the system which includes the tracking of all user actions, market and cost of the implementation. MobeeSuite can outgoing and incoming alerts, messages propagate through be installed on any operating system that supports java various channels in the system. and can work with any jdbc compliant database. Performance Clustering MobeeSuite has been designed and load tested to meet the MobeeSuite supports clustering features by having the performance and scalability requirement of critical transac- multiple instances, if one system fails other system can tional systems. Throughput of the system with SMSC simu- take over. MobeeHSM can be configured to monitor all the lator is approx. 8,000 messages/sec, for a single instance instances of the MobeeSuite in the network. MobeeSuite of MobeeSuite. This can be improved by having multiple uses global spaces mechanism and MQs to make sure instances running in parallel. With actual SMSC it varies that every request is answered even when the system from 500 – 1500 messages/sec. Throughput of the other fails. Administrator will be notified through SMS/Email in gateways depends on the gateway hardware(GSM Modem) case of a failure/disaster. and the band width(HTTP Gateway). The transmission speed of the mobile solution depends on Multiple Gateways numerous factors. It depends on the strength of the signal MobeeSuite supports multiple SMSC gateways at the same received by the user’s mobile phone. Therefore it depends time for receiving/delivering messages. It also supports on the location of the user, the traffic of the network, the GSM Modem for sending messages and HTTP gateway number of base towers in the area around the user s mobile for sending/receiving messages. It can intelligently route and etc. All these factors can influence the speed of trans- messages depending on the cost per message configura- mission, thus no actual experiment can be conducted. tion. Administrator can enable or disable the gateways through admin interface. Scheduling of messages can be done either in the system or using the gateway features.
  6. 6. Key factors of the Mobile trend: • Focus on Value Added Services by Mobile Operators and financial institutions. • Market demand to improve quality of services and further leverage the benefits of self-service channels • Continued growth and adoption of mobile technologies. • Huge growth in the number of mobile phone users, their increasing willingness to use their phones for commerce, and the increased capabilities of the phones that they use. Benefits to the Provider • Providing an always on and connected transacting channel via the mobile network, providing the customer with the convenience of anytime, anyplace access • Increasing the use of existing infrastructure and thereby further benefiting from this investment. • Increased security and lowered risk when compared with other payment mechanisms. • Increasing the number of m-transactions that customers perform by enabling them to do things not possible previously or by providing them with a more convenient way to interact. • Campaigning,Branding and Advertisement Benefits to the Consumer • Convenience • Interactive and easy to use • Real-time/instant access • Access through various channels Contact us: Manam Infotech Pvt. Ltd. #406, OMBR Layout, Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore - 560043, India Tel: +91 80 4115 4583 Fax:+91 80 4206 3188 Email: