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  • NFC technologies are being built into many upcoming mobile phones, and several research companies as well as chip makers have taken it upon themselves to determine how prolific NFC will become in the mobile phone market.NFC in Mobile: 3 Ways It's Implemented on PhonesIn mobile phones, there are three different ways that NFC can be implemented:Fully Integrated into the handset: NFC, especially in newer devices, can be fully integrated into the handset. That means that the NFC controller (the piece that does the actual communication) and the secure element (the secure storage area connected to the NFC controller) are both integrated into the handset itself. One example of a fully integrated NFC handset is the Google Nexus S, Google's latest flagship phone built in partnership with Samsung.On a SIM card: Alternately, NFC can be integrated into a SIM card - the card that identifies a mobile subscriber on an operator's cellular network.On a microSD card: NFC technology can also be integrated on a microSD card, which is a removable storage card that uses flash memory. Many mobile phone owners use microSD cards to store photos, videos, apps and other files in order to save storage space on the phone itself. For phones that don't have a microSD card slot, accessories like cases or "sleeves" can be used instead. For example, Visa introduced a case for the iPhone which contains a microSD card manufactured by Device Fidelity to bring NFC technology to iPhone users.
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    1. 1. NextGenStartupsFounder DirectorsManak Gulati | Vinod Gulati | Ashok Mehra
    2. 2. About Us• Who are we? NextGenStartups is a Technology Startup Venture specialized in mobile applications in the day-to-day life. Our domain of specialization is the application of Near Field Communication(NFC)Technology.• What is Our Vision? Our vision is to introduce use of next generation technologies in the country for the benefit of consumers and business.• Where are we located? At present NextGenStartups operates from :- 127 Munirka Enclave, Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi-110067. Ph: 91-11-26105531, Mob:+91-9811244429 We will be shifting soon to a commercial location in Naraina Industrial Area. Copyright NextGenStartups
    3. 3. PartnersManak Gulati: Founder Director & CEOHolds a Masters Degree in eBusiness Technology from Carnegie MellonUniversity, USA. Worked in the Software Industry, as a Developer and aConsultant. Worked with Pittsburgh National Bank (PNC Bank), USA, on a projectrelated to Mobile Application using NFC Technology.Developed a mobile wallet application for PNC Bank using NFC Technology.Implemented Point-of-Sales (POS)Transaction, Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Interaction, andmanagement of financial account of PNC Bank users through the mobile app.Ashok Mehra: Founder & DirectorChartered Accountant worked with Eicher Group for 20 years and thereafter lastassignments were as a MD of Bosch & Lomb, and joint MD Montari Industries Ltd.Has a vast experience in the Corporate sector.Vinod Gulati: Founder & DirectorGraduate Engineer with a PG in Management. Worked with the industry for morethan 30 years. Had been heading a consultancy organization for the last 10 years.Handling projects from concept to commissioning. Copyright NextGenStartups
    4. 4. NFC is a standards-based, What It Does:short-range (<10 cm) 1. Card Emulationwireless connectivity 2. Peer-to-Peertechnology that enables 3. Reader/Writer Modesimple and safe two-wayinteractions amongelectronic devices.
    5. 5. NFC requires an initiatorand a target. NFC chip The initiator generates a radio frequency (RF). The target picks up the RF field and receives the data it contains.
    6. 6. Daily Uses of NFC Technology NFC can make transactions, ticketing, identification, authentication, and information exchange rapid, secure, and intuitive to the user. Copyright NextGenStartups
    7. 7. Near Field Communication(NFC) Mobile App
    8. 8. NFC Technology Vision The vision of NFC technology is to enable users to access content and services in an intuitive and user-friendly way. NFC Deployment will be Technology & Service driven. Payment, access and ticketing via NFC phones are the first applications. Copyright NextGenStartups
    9. 9. OUR AIMRather than bringing people to the Ticket Window, Lets take the Ticket Window to their MobileAttract New Customers Retain Customers Copyright NextGenStartups
    10. 10. Business Strategy Retain Attract Engage CustomersCustomer Data Subsidized Rewards Copyright NextGenStartups
    11. 11. Cinema Halls ANDUsing Smart Posters present Using our Mobile App, a lot more featuresanywhere within the city, will be added , thus making an advancedusers can obtain Cinema Tickets . Movie ticketing app. Users could do a lot MORE than just BUYING A TICKET. Copyright NextGenStartups
    12. 12. Mobile PaymentP2P Ticket Transfer Reward Program Smart Analysis E-Receipt Mobile Coupons mBadge Collection Membership Cards
    13. 13. E-Ticket NOTE: 1. This is a sample(dummy) Ticket. 2. A real time ticket will be generated as soon as the user purchases the Movie Ticket. 3. The Money and the Details of this ticket will be transferred to DT Movie Database at the same time (real time) when the ticket is purchased. Copyright NextGenStartups
    14. 14. Potential Applications Transportation Coffee Shops Parking/Toll Payment/ Tickets Petrol Pumps ….and many more Copyright NextGenStartups
    15. 15. Market Trends & Growth • Contactless payments benefit merchants by: - Cutting the average transaction time in half - Reducing the transaction time relative to a cash transaction - Five times faster than card payments requiring a signature Copyright NextGenStartups
    16. 16. Security Management Copyright NextGenStartups
    17. 17. Supported PlatformsiPhone Android Windows BlackBerry Symbian (Any phone with a camera & network connection) Copyright NextGenStartups
    18. 18. Benefits for Users High Secured SSL encrypted connections between phone and website servers All app data is stored on server. No problem if user loses phone. Ubiquitous online and offline presence Copyright NextGenStartups
    19. 19. Benefits for Users contd… User-friendly, secure & elegant alternative to current methods Faster and Simpler monitoring of finances The convenience of having relevant information at their fingertips. Copyright NextGenStartups
    20. 20. Service Architecture Point of Sales Mobile Client Mobile App Web Service Mobile App ServerNFC POS Terminal Contactless 3G, WiFi NFC Tags Copyright NextGenStartups