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Starting A Blog
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Starting A Blog


We created this presentation for teachers to use when getting started with Blogger.

We created this presentation for teachers to use when getting started with Blogger.

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Becoming a with Dorothy Burt
  • 2. Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • 3. IS as easy as 1, 2, 3 Getting started But We suggest you stop and think through a few things BEFORE you go through the easy process...
  • 4. IS as easy as 1, 2, 3 Getting started 1. Who is going to own this blog - both now and in the future? You? Your school? Your students? this determines the email address you use rd swo nce s s pa y cha ou reci e is an out! p e a ther ve it us n’t case to gi do in d ere ou nee hy
  • 5. IS as easy as 1, 2, 3 Getting started 2. What do you want people to see as the title of this blog? Think of it like the name of a book or a movie! Use this as your Display name AND your Blog Title
  • 6. IS as easy as 1, 2, 3 Getting started 3. Create your blog URL You can make this easy for people to remember! You can make this impossible for people to remember! http:// check if your school has an T established protocol
  • 7. IS as easy as 1, 2, 3 Getting started So If you have decided those three things then you can create your blog in under 5 minutes!
  • 8. You are now a with
  • 9. Your blog is now official But We suggest you stop and make it function a whole lot better before you let kids loose on it
  • 10. Customize your Settings In the top right corner of your blog screen you will see this... or this Click Customize OR Dashboard
  • 11. Customize OR Dashboard will both get you to settings so you can start to Customize your Settings
  • 12. Customize your Settings These settings are often ignored in the excitement of setting up a blog and going ‘LIVE’ Following are some of the things we have learned by trial and error...
  • 13. Customize your Settings Worth stopping and writing a description to help potential subscribers know what you are about... og! bl r you et k ar M BEWARE! This is also the tab where a person with your password can delete your blog
  • 14. Customize your Settings Most of the default formatting settings are fine BUT you need to scroll half way down the page to a very important setting for kiwis - you MUST change this…. The default says Pacific and is deceptive for Kiwis. That is the pacific coast of USA - so all your posting times will be wrong if you leave it set on American time zones...
  • 15. Customize your Settings The comments settings are at the heart of why we are blogging in our Manaiakalani schools so we will go through them carefully. By not making it easy for people to comment we erect barriers ourselves - and we have to ask what it the point then? The safety net is daily checking of comments made….
  • 16. Customize your Settings Comment moderation is a tricky one…. We suggest that if you turn comments moderation on you are erecting a barrier to our students participating. In this Web 2 / social networking age they exist in they expect to see instant publishing or they are turned off. So where does that leave us as educators responsible for our students online safety at school? Next slide please….
  • 17. Customize your Settings Comment moderation made easy... The teacher ‘owning’ this blog MUST commit to checking their email at least once a day and can skim through comments very quickly. Inappropriate comments are easy to delete. And DO include email addresses of others with a valid interest in this blog eg the class email address or parents if students have individual blogs. If the teacher can’t commit to checking their own email then they do need to turn comments moderation on, sadly... Next slide please….
  • 18. Customize your Settings Comment moderation made easy... We also have a responsibility for the ongoing education of our students about online behaviour in terms of: their own safety how they interact with others appropriate language (formal v informal etc) how ‘real world’ values operate in the virtual world A computer setting should not be replacing us as educators or we are enabling our own extinction!
  • 19. Customize your Settings The final comments setting to mention This erects a barrier in two ways: the young and the old get frustrated and give up you lose the ability to schedule posts to appear at a time that suits you Why make it the default? If you have issues with spam go ahead and activate it. If not, choose NO
  • 20. Customize your Settings This is well worth taking a look at. You can own the blog but give up to 100 authors the right to post. They can’t change any settings, just upload posts. This is the way to include students in a class blog. Don’t sign them in under your email. Add their class email as an author...
  • 21. Customize your Settings is complete! It is worth taking the time to do this as you only ever revisit to tweak something like adding an email address...
  • 22. Customize your Layout The fun stuff This is where you change how your blog looks and add all the little ‘widgets’ you see on other people’s blogs. Personalise it…. Get ready to Bling your Blog
  • 23. Customize your Layout Use Firefox as your browser Important warning! Internet Explorer and Safari do not allow all the layout options and you will be frustrated
  • 24. Customize your Layout Making it reflect me and my class V Attracting audience V Informing audience
  • 25. Customize your Layout Templates, fonts and colours While this is personal taste, do remember the basic idea of a blog is so that people can READ stuff!
  • 26. Customize your Layout Page Elements - our favourite place to visit Main thing to remember is to click SAVE when finished!
  • 27. Customize your Layout Header (Blog Title) V Easy to add your own instead of the default template one... But don’t make it too big or people won’t scroll down to read your posts. You need to have a VERY popular blog to get away with this! 600 pixels X 150 pixels works
  • 28. Customize your Layout Side Bar In my opinion what you put at the top of your side bar has the next biggest influence on whether strangers stick around and read your blog. Have a quick look at a few blogs and see if you agree.
  • 29. Customize your Layout Side Bar - all those widgets! They are lots of fun as well as providing information Most are easily ‘borrowed’ from other blogs They do slow down the speed at which your blog opens They are likely to be blocked by lots of schools’ firewalls
  • 30. You should now be a with with a funky and functional blog!
  • 31. If you want to know more about how to attract an audience to your blog... Click here to see a presentation or visit Dorothy Burt