VMware Monitoring - Discover And Monitor Your Virtual Environment


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Gain a holistic view of your VMware infrastructure. Monitor VMware vSphere hosts and virtual machines (VMs). Get graphical views, alarms and thresholds, out-of-the-box reports, comprehensive fault management and maximum ESX server uptime. Site24x7 vCenter servers allow you to take control of your virtual resources and VMware infrastructure.

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VMware Monitoring - Discover And Monitor Your Virtual Environment

  1. 1. Site24x7 VMware vSphere Monitoring Auto Discover Your Entire Virtual Environment
  2. 2. • Highlights-VMware monitoring • How VMware monitoring works • Discover virtual infrastructure through vCenter • Performance metrics • Reporting and Alerting • How licensing works • Benefits Agenda
  3. 3. • Auto-Discover the entire virtual environment through vCenter • Add and Monitor ESX/ESXi hosts independently • Visualize your virtual infrastructure • Status report in a single snapshot • Ensure uptime • Be notified about performance problems • Get out-of-the-box reports and graphical views • SaaS Highlights-VMware Monitoring
  4. 4. Auto-Discover the entire virtual environment through vCenter Entire virtual infrastructure in a single view
  5. 5. Ensure uptime Performance and availability snapshot of vCenter
  6. 6. Be notified about performance problem Set customized thresholds and stay alerted in the event of downtime
  7. 7. Status report in a single snapshot Single console view of critical metrics to keep you up-to-date on performance issues
  8. 8. Get out-of-the-box reports and graphical views Customized reports and in-depth analysis on the performance of your VMware
  9. 9. How VMware Monitoring Works? 1) Download and install the On-Premise Poller in the network that needs to be monitored 2) Point the poller to your vCenter which will collect data about the ESX/ESXi Servers,Virtual Machines and all components of vCenter performance 3) The key metrics including CPU, memory and disk usage will get collected every 5 minutes 4) The data is then pushed and stored in the Site24x7 server 5) Configure thresholds and be alerted via Voice Calls, SMS, Email, Push, Twitter, RSS feeds when set thresholds are exceeded
  10. 10. Discover Virtual Infrastructure Through vCenter Monitor your hosts, VMs, resource pools, clusters and data centers
  11. 11. Auto discovery of your virtual infrastructure
  12. 12. Virtual infrastructure summary in tabular view
  13. 13. Performance Metrics 1. ESX/ESXi Hosts
  14. 14. Detailed report on metrics relating to CPU,Memory,Datastore, Disk and Network
  15. 15. Downtime Report
  16. 16. Drill down to individual metrics
  17. 17. Thresholds for individual metrics like CPU, Memory, DataStore, Network and Disk
  18. 18. 2. Cluster Details View your VMware cluster details in datacenter
  19. 19. Detailed report on various entities under Cluster
  20. 20. 3. Resource Pool
  21. 21. Entities in Nested Resource Pool
  22. 22. 4. Virtual Machines
  23. 23. Detailed report on various entities in Virtual Machines
  24. 24. Reporting Summary Report Exhaustive reporting tools that analyze the performance of your virtual environment
  25. 25. Performance Report
  26. 26. Downtime Report
  27. 27. Outage Report
  28. 28. Busy Hours Report
  29. 29. Availability Trend Report
  30. 30. Alerting Decide who receives alerts in case of downtime. Create an alert group.
  31. 31. Customize your email alert and action incase of downtime
  32. 32. • Monitor, in this context refers to a vCenter, ESX/ESXi servers, website, web application, server, FTP service running on a specific host /port or Web Application Monitor • Site24x7 checks these monitors to make sure your business applications are running well • VM and vCenter monitor are considered as Basic Monitors For more details check How Licensing Works? https://www.site24x7.com/site24x7-pricing.html
  33. 33. • Assure high uptime and peak performance of your VMware ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines • Troubleshoot issues before end users are affected • Analyze the uptime and performance of your servers and applications within your internal network from the cloud • Make decisions about allocating resources to each virtual machine according to the availability Benefits
  34. 34. Sign Up At Site24x7 Now! https://www.site24x7.com/signup.html For More Details https://help.site24x7.com/vmware-monitoring-site24x7.html For Any Query Or Assistance, Contact Support https://www.site24x7.com/contact-support.html E-mail: support@site24x7.com Call Toll Free: +1 408 352 9117