An Integrated Approach to Manage IT Network Traffic - An Overview


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  • Over the years, these techniques have evolved. Each one is independent of each other. Barring one or two that are interdependent.
  • Basic stuff
  • A time travel across the different buzzwords over different years
  • The limitations of traditional approaches and the benefits of the new one
  • Capacity Planning – More and more people seek the services of an ISP. The growth never stops. Accurate provisioning of enough bandwidth is the key to efficiently provide the serviceQoS – Prioritizing delay-sensitive applications such as VoIP telephony etc. is very critical for an ISP to continue getting the goodwill of his customers. Deep Packet Inspection – To classify the traffic in the network, right identification of packet parameters is very important. Using a technology such as NBAR allows deep packet inspection and helps in getting much more information from the packets. Whether or not that practice is something that the ISP’s customers like or not is debatable. But, for obvious reasons, ISPs do resort to such techniques and a monitoring tool is in this case inevitable. Billing – ISPs can auto-generate the bills to charge their customers based on their usage in terms of either speed or volume
  • Real time analysis is critical. LIVE data matters the most to fix the issues Protocol analysis has a lot of points on its flip side but despite that it can be used as an effective troubleshooting tool NBA & Network security
  • An Integrated Approach to Manage IT Network Traffic - An Overview

    1. 1. An Integrated Approach to Manage IT Network Traffic - An Overview Click to edit Master title style
    2. 2. Agenda A quick look at ManageEngine Traditional Traffic Analysis Techniques & Tools Changing face of Network Traffic A Fresh Look – Integrate IT all Benefits of a single-point solution Use cases Business Benefits Summary 2
    3. 3. Who Are We? (Formerly Adventnet Inc.)OEM / Telecom IT Managementdivision is also division with SAAS solutionsthe World’s #1 55K + EMS customers 3
    4. 4. Vendor Landscape • Complex Integrations Acquired • Expensive Business Products Model • Lower Price points Independent • No integration Point Products • Vendor viability • Single Vendor • Integrated Value ManageEngine • Affordable Price PointManageEngine Software is used by over 55,000 customers including 3 out ofevery 5 Fortune 500 companies 4
    5. 5. Traditional Approaches & Tools: Network Monitoring Platforms – NMPs Monitoring Tools Integrated with NMP Commercial Monitoring Tools not Integrated with an NMP Public Domain Network Monitoring Tools Web Tools Ancillary Tools enabling monitoring Analysis Tools Report Creation or Simulation 5
    6. 6. Critical Factors to Look for: Web based tool  Availability across the World  Ease & convenience Report Generation  Multiple reports for multiple factors to be measured  Alerts  Troubleshoot reports  Compare reports  Good search options Integration with NMPs  Specific to organization’s IT needs  Necessary but not sufficient 6
    7. 7. TheChanging FaceofNetwork Traffic(As scary as the picture is!)
    8. 8. Trends in IT Network & Traffic Monitoring
    9. 9. Network Traffic Analysis & Monitoring Hardware probes  Bulky and expensive  Limited scope for monitoring  Space & Maintenance constraints Packet Analyzers  Voluminous data  Speed of analysis takes a hit for large volumes  Too much redundant information Flow-based monitoring tools  Web based tools  No additional infrastructure or expenditure is incurred  Integrates the functionality and not the physicality 9
    10. 10. An Example – Cisco NetFlow Patented flow technology from Cisco Versions available are v5(Traditional) and v9(Flexible) Contains a wealth of information about the network Needs a tool that can collect, analyze and report information Needs enabling of flows at the routers and switches No additional hardware installations are required Supported by all major device types used widely in the market Similar flow types include sflow, j-Flow, IPFIX, AppFlow etc. 10
    11. 11. Allied Technologies: Cisco provides a set of different technologies that facilitate complete monitoring for all types of traffic The following are examples of the same:  Cisco IP SLA  Cisco CBQoS  Cisco NBAR  Cisco Medianet  Cisco WAAS  Cisco Mediatrace• Every type of traffic is thus covered• If there is one tool that supports all of these, that is your Integrated Single- Point Solution to Traffic Monitoring 11
    12. 12. Flow-based Analysis Tools – What can you get? Conversations Applications Protocols Talkers QoS reports SLA reports for VoIP, WAN RTT and video WAN Acceleration reports Security reports based on Network Behavior Analysis SINGLE POINT SOLUTION!!! 12
    13. 13. What is expected out of an Integrated tool? Insightful Dashboards Zoomable graphs Accurate & real-time traffic reporting Analysis such as Trend analysis, Capacity Planning etc. Support for multiple flow formats Wide Platform support – Windows, Linux etc. Network Behavior analysis Covers the different aspects seen above like SLAs, QoS and more SINGLE POINT SOLUTION!!! 13
    14. 14. Benefits of a Single Point Solution Saves troubleshooting time Accelerates problem solving Quick disaster recovery Minimized downtime Improved RoI – 1 tool that relieves all your problems Smart(est) alternative to multiple tools from multiple vendors A relief from silos in IT network management Improved service levels 14
    15. 15. Business Case 1: ISPs Capacity Planning  Provisioning sufficient bandwidth  Make infrastructure based investment decisions QoS Monitoring  To ensure prompt delivery of delay sensitive applications and associated data  Essential part in today’s networks Deep Packet Inspection  Identifies applications using dynamic ports  More relevant information about packets traversing the network Billing  To generate bills periodically  Options for speed and volume based billing – Special significance 15
    16. 16. Business Case 2: Datacentre Traffic Monitoring LIVE Traffic information  Top sources and destinations  Volume of traffic at each interface Protocol Analysis  Forensic analysis of network breaches  Troubleshooting problems in the network Network Security Anomaly Detection  To secure the datacentre  Classify and prevent possible zero-day attacks Graphical Representation  Special significance in network spanning geographical boundaries  Easy management and monitoring with insightful reports 16
    17. 17. Business Case 3: Financial Institution Troubleshoot Network Sluggishness  Perform RCA in the shortest time  Identify applications causing sluggishness instantly Minimize Downtime  Quick restoration leads to minimized downtime  Cuts cost due to accelerated troubleshooting Alerts based on Configurable Thresholds  Prevents violation of traffic beyond allowed levels  Classify and prevent possible zero-day attacks Continuous Availability  WAN RTT Monitoring  Ensures business continuity 17
    18. 18. Business Benefits Complete control of your network infrastructure Up to 80% savings in terms of bandwidth optimization Better resource allocation Improved productivity Cost cutting due to quick recovery from sluggishness Assured service levels of the best class Business-critical applications receive highest priority Optimized resource usage Minimum downtime 18
    19. 19. Summary Flow-based Web Tools are the best option  Easy to install  Most tools offer a free trial  Instant download and installation Integrated Approach  The tool supports different flow formats(sflow, jflow, NetFlow, AppFlow, IPFIX etc.)  Wide platform support  Monitors QoS, SLAs, Security aspects, WAN accelerators besides mere traffic statistics  Analytical solution with insightful reports Benefits  Assured availability of network resources to your business-critical apps  Maximizes RoI at no additional cost except the tool’s license fee 19
    20. 20. Everyone creates products. We create value! 20
    21. 21. Questions? 21
    22. 22. Got more questions? Email us at & Do follow our blogs, forums, Facebook page and on twitter(@manageengine)Looking forward to see you soon in our next webinar! THANK YOU! 22