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Document Conversion, Legal Transcription data entry company, Tulsa OK. Back office Services, Forms, online offline data entry services: 800 670 2809.

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  • Welcome to Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) MOS provides company Business Process Outsourcing solutions in industries such as, Medical, Legal, Information Technology and Online Media. Our expertise is "solutions", delivered in an outsourced model via our US and international offices.
  • At MOS we believe that true value of outsourcing is more than just saving you money. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is right for your challenge. We are a company which understands your needs and is willing to work with you to achieve the optimum result. We believe in long term relationships and the need for solutions based, productive approach to any challenge. We strive to provide you with a customized solution that will help you gain a competitive advantage in your business and positively impact to your cash flow and bottom line.
  • Medical Division MOS is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), solutions provider offering world-class outsourcing services. MOS was established to provide solutions to the medical community via our managed outsource solutions model. For the medical community, our managed solutions will provide support in day to day functions while increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Our medical division focuses on medical billing and collections outsourcing, medical transcription outsourcing, medical or healthcare call center services, outsourcing of medical accounts receivable collections, medical coding outsourcing, Medical data entry services, data conversion, medical forms processing, medical website designing outsourcing, outsourcing of medical animation in flash, 2D, 3D and more. Our medical division is very knowledgeable and abides by all HIPAA and insurance regulations and how it affects our medical transcription and other businesses. Our Medical billing department is proficient in outsourcing of medical billing and claims processing, all kinds of medical insurance billing, Insurance coding, and outsourced work in A/R or accounts receivable collections, insurance verification and authorization and so on. We can handle part or all out your needs. Medical transcription department has extensive knowledge in all specialties and have been providing our service for several years. We support digital recorders, toll free systems, computer systems and almost all medical transcription devices and file formats. We have several solutions some of which are mentioned below. Our Solutions Medical Transcription Medical Billing Medical coding Medical Insurance collections Medical Website designing 2D/ 3D animations Search Engine Optimization Document Conversion Outsourced health care staffing Data entry outsourcing
  • Back Office Services At MOS we understand that business process outsourcing makes a big difference in managing expenses, increasing productivity and improving your bottom line, after all that is how we do our business. Our goal is to be able to help any business owner to concentrate on what they are good at; running the business. Our motto: Do what you do best, We'll do the rest. When we talked a few years back about being able to do this we felt it was a distant dream. With the help of our great business alliances is reality now. Back Office Services, can mean or include several things and as such, we expect to incrementally implement this array of services. Our services at present are: Transcription (Medical, Legal, Business, Media and General) Backoffice Services Medical billing and collections Collections on medical accounts receivable management Software development Website designing Search engine optimization Branding (logo designs, brochures, internet branding) Document conversion (data conversion to feed in to other formats like XML, HTML and so on) Accounting Legal Coding Legal research Animation (Medical, legal and other) Document conversion Forms Processing Data Entry Web based EMR Teleradiology We believe in providing the right solution to your requirement and are very conscious of your needs. We strive hard to provide you with the customer service required to make sure that your needs are met accordingly. Please click on any of the services above to get to the right product to learn more. We look forward to speaking to you soon. If you would like to get in touch with us go to the contact page.
  • Legal Division Legal Process Outsourcing is a new developed version of Business Process Outsourcing. Our legal department handles legal transcription outsourcing, scoping outsourcing, court reporting and outsourcing of legal research. Our legal coding outsourcing division provides coding services for law firms across the country. We are capable of handling work that involves outsourcing legal documents processing, immigration paperwork outsourcing, legal research outsourcing, intellectual property related research, document management, litigation support, due diligence and legal animation in 2D and 3D. Our legal transcription department is knowledgeable in privacy issues and proper documentation. We have lawyers with specific experience who will manage your requirements. MOS is a Legal Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), solutions provider offering legal or law firm back office services. MOS was established to provide solutions in the business process outsourcing area to the legal community via our managed outsource solutions model. For the legal community, our managed solutions will provide support in day to day functions while increasing productivity and decreasing costs. Our legal coding department is proficient in outsourcing of legal coding and document indexing for your database. Legal transcription department has extensive knowledge in all specialties and have been providing our service for several years. We support digital recorders, toll free systems, computer systems and almost all medical transcription devices and file formats. We have several solutions some of which are mentioned below. Our Solutions Legal transcription outsourcing Legal scoping outsourcing Legal website designing Document conversion Outsourced legal position staffing Legal data entry outsourcing Legal research outsourcing Litigation support outsourcing Legal coding
  • Data Entry High Quality Data Entry Even For High Volume Projects If you need assistance in converting paper into an electronic information enriched database, data entry from Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), a US based data entry company is an ideal solution for your requirements. We have all that is required to deliver even high volume data entry projects, ensuring superior data quality, confidentiality and accuracy throughout. We are particularly experts in meeting extensive data entry requirements like database updation and forms processing. The security of all data that we receive is doubly better as our computing environment is tightly controlled. Profitable Data Entry Outsourcing The information boom has resulted in the rapid growth of the data entry outsourcing business. You can take advantage of our data entry outsourcing solutions for technological purposes like increased bandwidth, more standardization for data transfer, faster scanners and data processors, round-the-clock business hours and compressed cycle time. To those business firms or companies who like to concentrate on their core processes, outsourcing data entry work through MOS is a wise and profitable option. Wide Range of Data Entry Solutions Some of the data entry services that we at MOS offer are given below: Data EntryText entry, numeric entry and alphanumeric entry Online/ offline data entry Data capture/conversion Document/ image processing Image editing/ manipulation/ enhancement Book entry Documents/ online forms entry Remote/key data entry Translation Data mining/KDD Common examples that we incorporate in our data entry operations include encyclopedias, dictionaries, questionnaires, index cards, guest comment cards, payroll services, book keeping, and company reports.
  • Document Conversion Document Conversion Outsourcing to Help Improve Business Productivity If you are looking for a company that can ensure you of highly accurate, secure and cost-effective document conversion solutions, you need to contact Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS). Headquartered in Oklahoma, USA, MOS is a highly reputable outsourcing solution provider, proffering its superior services to both domestic and international clients. By outsourcing your document conversion services to us, you no longer have to worry about files getting lost, damaged or misfiled. You would also be able to successfully open up the right value of data contained in your files, and better achieve your business goals. Exceptional Experience and Exceptional Solutions Here at MOS, we have exceptional experience and skill in scanning a wide variety of documents ranging from different sizes of paper to engineering drawings, microfilms and uncommon documents. Our various document conversion solutions include DWG to JPG, PDF to DOC, DOC to TIFF, Excel to HTML, PSD to XHTML, GIF to TGA, and PSP to PDF. Our services are available to any organization or business looking for data entry, document scanning, and database management services. Some of the features of our document conversion solutions are: Document conversion from one format to any other format Customized data conversion process Support for all languages Content tagging Meta tagging Document harmonization We accept CDs, DVDs, paper documents, FTP, and other suitable formats and first evaluate your documents, identify your needs, and then confirm your requirements. Our services remove redundant editing, control access to documents, and generate accountability for edits. Additionally, we have the expertise in handling data analysis, processing, and consolidation of various content.
  • MOS Legal Transcription Outsourcing Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is the global outsourcing partner who can efficiently handle all your legal transcription work. Serving as your BPO company, we strive to provide outsourcing solutions for the legal community. Legal Transcription on a Global Level With its headquarters in Oklahoma and offshore solution centers in India and the Philippines, we offer cost-effective and high quality legal transcription services on a global level, maintaining internationally accepted quality standards. With a professional approach and integrity, we aim to provide our clients with highly confidential legal transcription outsourcing services within the stipulated time period. Professional, Reliable and Accurate Legal Transcription Solutions Whether you require court proceedings transcription or general correspondence transcription, we can provide professional transcription solutions for all your needs. Our legal transcription units have expertise in legal areas, including court proceeding transcription, wire tap transcription, legal letter transcription, law office recordings, regular recordings, trial transcription, verbatim transcription, general correspondence transcription, scoping services, proofreading services, legal pleadings, reports, briefs, court transcripts, client letters and so on. To suit the needs of the clients, we also provide this service for all kinds of law including but not limited to real estate, criminal, family, personal injury, business, corporate, patents, and trial law. To handle all your legal transcription work effectively and efficiently, we have an excellent and dedicated team of legal transcription specialists and business related professionals in each and every area. MOS Legal Transcription Outsourcing Advantage 99% accuracy with good audio 3 levels of quality control Document flow management system Methods of dictation: Digital recorders and toll free numbers Browser based transfer of files. Also available, FTP or e mail systems EMR interface, transcription server interface Full work flow modules available Local representative in most areas 24/7 customer service Outsourcing your legal transcription requirements to MOS will definitely help you save both time and money. We assure a prompt, accurate, and reliable solution. For more details regardin
  • Web Site Development and SEO Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a leading provider primarily focused on providing a full spectrum of business process outsourcing solutions. We are an Oklahoma based firm with proven expertise in WEB/SEO, which includes website design or redesign, web development, ecommerce and database development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Web SEO Services - Make your Website Popular Websites and SEO go hand in hand. You want people who get to your website be confident enough to call you which is where you need a great looking website. What if you have a great looking website which no one gets to? That's why search engine optimization is so important for any website's success. By providing a range of web SEO related services and solutions, we help to make your website popular, and gain more targeted traffic, which would bring in increased sales and revenue. As specialists in the field, we provide all that's required to secure a strong web presence - our dedicated professionals offer a range of services, from creating a visually appealing web design, create custom databases, writing SEO content to link popularity building, and more. Whatever may be your needs and targets; we will talk with you, analyze your website objectives, and create a customized SEO plan that is just right for your business. Our Expertise Covers Web design and development Custom database development Content Management Systems Ecommerce Platforms Ghost Writing and Blog Management SEO copywriting Website optimization Social Media Marketing ( Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and so on) Website maintenance Search engine marketing ( PPC and ad campaigns) Link building
  • With our proven expertise and broad service portfolio, we can help add value to organizations by improving process efficiency, enhancing workforce productivity, and managing operating costs - all ensuring customer satisfaction. We offer cutting edge technological solutions; and utilize state-of-the-art resources that ensure the best service for our valued clients. Call us: (800) 670 2809                          - or - E-mail:   [email_address]   Other Contact Information United States Main Office 4608, S Garnett, Suite 400 Tulsa, OK, 74146 Main: (800) 670 2809 Fax: (877) 835-5442 E-mail: [email_address]
  • Website: http://
  • Legal Transcription Document Conversion Data Entry And Processing Service Company

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