Convert Mechanical or Engineering Drawings into Digital Format


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CAD and DWG conversions are vital for almost all industries where designing work is done.These tools enable manual drawings to be converted to digital formats for long term preservation.

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Convert Mechanical or Engineering Drawings into Digital Format

  1. 1. Convert Mechanical or Engineering Drawings into Digital Format CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Drafting. It is an important tool for making digital drawings by engineers, architects and other professionals who are involved in designing work. The term CAD is essentially used for a designing software and at times for a specialized hardware. Virtual products designed using CAD can be tested and hence this tool is used by a number of manufacturers. With its various benefits CAD is undoubtedly the best designing method which is inexpensive, accurate and time-saving too. What are AutoCAD and DWG in CAD? AutoCAD and DWG files are two very important terms associated with CAD. AutoCAD is the most widely used software application pertaining to CAD for 2D and 3D designing. DWG (DraWinG) is the file format that supports AutoCAD. It stores 2D and 3D design data and is the most common format of data designing. IntelliCAD, PowerCAD and other software applications support DWG. Who Can Benefit from CAD Conversion? CAD is vital to 2D drafters, 3D and solid design modelers. It is used in various industries including architecture, automotive, engineering, electrical, construction, aviation, mechanics, shipbuilding and many more. All these industries have the requirement to convert documents accurately into AutoCAD files. Blue prints, topographical maps, architectural drawings, and mechanical drawings are a few examples of paper documents which convert to CAD. CAD conversion is indispensable for various mechanical and engineering industries. What Are the Benefits of CAD Conversion? Conversion of paper to CAD is a term used for conversion of a .PDF file to a CAD file, .PDF file to DWG file and a scanned document to CAD file. CAD has a number of benefits. We list a few of them:
  2. 2.  Using CAD is easy and quick  CAD drawings can be easily edited if required  CAD drawings are accurate  Sharing of CAD drawings via e-mail is easy  It increases efficiency, saves time and is affordable  Ensures security of information and data  CAD can be preserved without any hassles and like paper drawings they are not subject to regular wear and tear. There are a number of companies which use CAD and specialize in AutoCAD conversion & DWG conversion services. These companies provide various document conversion services by using advanced technologies, automated designing processes & expertise of specialized staff and succeed in putting together sketches to provide accurate drawings as per requirement. Apart from providing CAD conversion services, a reputed and experienced service provider will also provide value added service of pointing out errors if any and correcting them if required. Outsourcing CAD related jobs saves time and money and is thus a better option for the overall growth of any business.