BPO Services - Can it improve Business Sustenance and Profitability?


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BPO Services have always been a great asset for companies looking to streamline their functioning, cut costs and improve efficiency. A BPO company can function as a long term partner for your organization,offering a range of services to meet customer’s demands.

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BPO Services - Can it improve Business Sustenance and Profitability?

  1. 1. BPO Services - Can it improve Business Sustenance and Profitability? BPO services, or business process outsourcing services, are or have always been a great asset for companies looking to streamline their functioning, cut costs and improve efficiency. The vagaries of the economy and the intense competition at the marketplace make it vital. This means cutting unnecessary costs, ensuring the ultimate focus is on the core tasks, making sure customers are treated well, and ensuring there is greater publicity of your business and products through social networks, Google Maps and other Internet means. All this eventually translates to the fact that non-core responsibilities must be taken out of the way by outsourcing them to the right people. Business process outsourcing basically means a company, business or organization handing over its non-core tasks to experts who will carry them out efficiently while the client business can focus on its core functions. A BPO company can also function as a long term partner for your organization since its services are flexible and can blend with the way your company operates. BPOs’ Range of Services BPO services generally cover a wide range of solutions such as back office outsourcing, search engine optimization, data entry, document conversion, customer care, and other services. These BPO services have benefited companies in various fields such as financial services, healthcare, accounting and finance, hospitality, research, and retail. Their flexibility ensures that organizations of all sizes – small, medium-sized or large – can equally benefit from the services. Data Entry A reliable back office outsourcing company can offer data entry solutions such as book data entry, image data entry, survey data entry, medical claims data entry, image scanning data entry, document indexing and handwritten data entry. Both online as well as offline data entry solutions are provided.
  2. 2. Document Conversion Document conversion services are extensive too. A reliable BPO company can convert documents and accept files in any format be it XGML, XML, PDF, XHTML, etc to be converted to the format you specify. Each document goes through intense quality checks to ensure accuracy of the work. The solutions on offer include e- publication conversion, MS Word conversion, text conversion, Excel conversion, image conversion, and XML conversion. Document Scanning Document scanning is a need faced by all kinds of businesses. Document imaging and scanning services are for all kinds of documents such as medical records, aperture cards, images, etc. An efficient BPO company can offer document imaging, document scanning, document indexing, document hosting, aperture card scanning, microfiche-microfilm scanning, etc. Legal Process Outsourcing Legal process outsourcing services include many useful solutions such as legal transcription, legal data entry, legal research, legal documents processing, legal coding, briefs and summaries, and medical record review. These services take care of the needs of attorneys, law firms, courts and businesses. EBook Conversion EBook conversion is one of the most important services provided by an outsourced solutions provider. Newsletters, travel guides, and magazines of any kind or size can be converted to formats such as ASCII text, HTML, Word document or any other required formats. Files can be optimized so they can be read on Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone or iPad, Pocketbook, and Kobo Reader. Due to the range of BPO services on offer, a partnership with a BPO service provider will prove to be a long-lasting relationship.
  3. 3. Why Should You Store Documents Electronically By Document Scanning If you are an organization with large volumes of information stored in paper documents, microfiche and microfilm, managing all this can be a problem. The solution lies in digitizing or scanning all these valuable records. Document scanning can streamline your business processes in the following ways:  Save space  Integrate your business information systems  Help access and retrieve your data easily  Protect your records When you have a large volume of records to manage, outsourcing to a professional document scanning company is the best solution. How Your Business Operations Benefit with Document Scanning Saving physical storage space: Saving the physical space that is necessary to store hard copies of your records is the primary advantage of document scanning. Office space is expensive and storage shelves and cupboards can take up a lot of room. Scanning your documents and saving them on CDs or a server on your computer can help you free up physical space for more useful things or activities. Merging your business information systems: Many organizations still receive a lot of information in paper format: typewritten material, signed documents or completed forms, and handwritten correspondence. This may be because it is sometimes not practical for the sender to supply this information digitally. These documents can be scanned and integrated into the company’s business information systems. If any of the information needs to be edited or changed, OCR (optical character recognition) processes can be used. This is also useful to ensure better search capability. Ease of data access: Many businesses and government agencies have a lot of data stored in microfilm and microfiche format, which makes it difficult to access. Moreover, such data cannot be shared among users in the company. It may also happen that the equipment
  4. 4. needed to view these microfilm and microfiche documents becomes damaged which would make it impossible to access to the information. Document scanning services are available for microfiche and microfilm, allowing you to share and distribute the stored data among multiple users. By ensuring high retrieval rates and good speed of network interaction, you can ensure easy accessibility by different users. This will help speed up and streamline your business operations. Companies providing professional document scanning services can ensure scanning with great precision and detail and in the required format. They can even provide you with an efficient document management system to enhance your workflow. Secure your data: Rare books, historical archives, maps, drawings, and important documents – all need to be preserved. However, paper deteriorates with time. Paper documents can also be misplaced or destroyed by a natural calamity. Document scanning can save the day. It preserves your documents for long-term use and prevents deterioration that can occur due to frequent handling. If you have only one copy of a particular record, scanning is the only way to preserve it. For instance, a government department that has maps dating back to several years may still need to use it time and time again to verify boundaries. Frequent handling can cause irreparable damage to such maps. The solution lies in getting a high quality scanned image and restricting access to the physical records, which need to be preserved. Another advantage is that scanning documents eliminates the chance of losing them. For instance, Grantham University in Kansas City was badly hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2006 and lost nearly 80 percent of its facilities. The university could save the documents of its currently enrolled students they had just digitized them, but had to seek professional document scanning services to salvage the records of inactive students and digitize them. Professional Document Scanning Solutions for the Best Results Choose a service provider with vast experience in the field and works with the latest technology to provide you with the best results. It is usually not necessary to store incoming paper documents in their original format. However, certain legal and security considerations make it necessary to retain certain information as paper. In such cases, you should confirm whether you can keep the scanned copy for business use, while preserving the original paper document for legal or security reasons.