Liver Biopsy


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Liver Biopsy

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Liver Biopsy

  1. 1. biopsy Manaen
  2. 2. What is the biopsy of liver? The doctor may decide to confirm the diagnosis by putting a needle through the skin (biopsy) to take a sample of tissue from the liver.
  3. 3. Ultra sound is used to identify the location for the biopsy.
  4. 4. Why we use the biopsy? • Although liver biopsy is often recommended it is not always necessary. • A liver biopsy may be performed to determine severity of disease. • A treatment must be needed or can be deferred. • Biopsy may be performed if another liver disease.
  5. 5. How to exam the biopsy?
  6. 6. histology foundation Liver lobules: •Central vein •Liver cell •Portal vein •Bile duct •Sinusoids •Hepatic artery
  7. 7. Normal Liver Recall that blood flows into the liver via the hepatic veins (in the portal triad) and out of the liver via the central veins in the lobules.
  8. 8. Alcoholic Cirrhosis Alcohol coming from the gut first makes contact with the hepatocytes nearest the portal triad. These liver cells, therefore, will be affected first by the toxicity of alcohol. The fibrosis (in blue in this trichrome stain) is coming "from the outside in" with respect to the lobule. At this stage, the lobules themselves are spared.
  9. 9. Congestive Cirrhosis As the heart fails, blood is backed up in the venous system. The central veins (arrow), you recall, eventually empty into the inferior vena cava. Since the heart is "backed up," you can see the red blood pooling near the central vein of some lobules. In this process, fibrosis occurs "from the inside out."
  10. 10. Hepatitis The Hepatitis B virus is extremely contagious and causes widespread necrosis of the liver. The destruction encompasses both the lobules and the interstitium making this tissue almost unrecognizable. Fortunately, you received the HBV vaccine when you started medical school. And since 1991, it is recommended that all newborns receive it as well.
  11. 11. liver cirrhosis This is a cross section of a liver of a patient who died of liver cirrhosis. The centrilobular cells were spared, but those closer to the connective tissue septae died. The type of pathology thus determines which model of liver lobules is most applicable.
  12. 12. liver cirrhosis
  13. 13. hepatocellular carcinoma
  14. 14. Fatty liver
  15. 15. Exercise time what is it?
  16. 16. Normal!
  17. 17. Medicine is a new beauty. Thanks Manaen
  18. 18. • med/Hist/svk/week02e.html