Cp overview for ba version july 1st 2011
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Cp overview for ba version july 1st 2011






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    Cp overview for ba version july 1st 2011 Cp overview for ba version july 1st 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • S&T TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS – CP (Eikon) Overview Mamun Rashid June 2011
    • Eikon Software’s Place in the Universe
    • Why is Eikon Important?
    • What is CP?
      • CP Stands for Common Platform
      • It used to be that Thomson Reuters Development was all over the place because we have so many products!
      • With “Common Platform”, we wanted to bring in all those products and their development and support under one platform.
    • What is Techops?
      • Techops is basically “Operations” side of the company.
      • Since most of our products are IT-based, we call it Techops
    • What is CP Techops?
      • Techops supports more than just CP or Eikon!
      • So, part of the Techops that DOES support CP, is called “CP Techops”
      • That’s what we are
    • Where do we fit in the big company ?
      • The big umbrella company is Thomson Reuters, which of course came to life when Thomson and Reuters merged just 2+ years.
      • Within Thomson Reuters, there are a few companies. One of them is Thomson Reuters Markets.
      • Within Thomson Reuters Markets, there are a few SBUs (Business Units) like Sales and Trading (S&T), Investment and Advisory (I&A) etc.
      • We are part of S&T
    • Our Universe CP 2 nd Level Support CP 1 st Level Support TRCS Eikon Customers 3 rd Level Support Development Vendors ISM Community Senior Management QA Teams Project Managers CP Implementation Team
    • Org Structure
    • 7 Pillars of CP
      • Every Pillar has its own Development, QA, Support Model etc.
      AAA Search and Nav DACT Eikon News RTD TimeSeries
    • AAA Pillar
      • AAA Has to do with user accounts, their password, profile, their permissions etc.
      • It is a monster to manger!
      • It pulls together many databases: pre-existing and new
    • Search and Navigation Pillar
      • First of all Search and “Navigation” hardly has anything to do with each other. But they are under the same umbrella.
      • Search of course supports Eikon users doing searches (like Google)
      • Navigation refers to menu items, right click options etc.
    • RTD Pillar
      • Real Time Data Pillars delivers market data (stocks quotes and related info for example) to Eikon users’ desktops in fractions of a second.
      • Very mature product based in Unix platforms.
      • Grabs data from another infrastructure called “IDN”.
    • DACT Pillar
      • DACT Pillar, amongst other things, builds “Views” of web pages within Eikon
      • Just about every page in Eikon is build by the DACT Pillar
      • Relies heavily (30+) feeds from internal and external data sources
      • You can think of DACT as Cable TV Screen
    • Eikon Pillar
      • Very confusing!
      • There is Eikon Pillar within Eikon
      • Essentially, it is pillar that provides Eikon users the code that installs our product.
      • It also supports some applications like “Calculators”
      • Split into two: “Desktop” and “Server” sides
    • News Pillar
      • This pillar provides Top News, Streaming Headline News and News Stories
      • Has multiple feeds
      • Difficult to support because you have to know a lot of which “clicks” on Eikon is fed by what mechanism and what source.
      • Streaming Headline News comes via RTD Pillar
    • Timeseries Pillar
      • This pillar should be called “Charts” pillar
      • There are two types: “Inter-day” and “Intra-day”
      • Supported by the heaviest and most expensive equipments we have.
      • This too is monster because it keeps lots of data and delievers instantly on demand
      • Timeseries and News has been the two most problematic pillars thus far.
    • What about Eikon Mobile?
      • This is Eikon on mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry etc.
      • Supported by RTD Pillar because real-time data is the biggest item delivered on this platform
    • Environments and Data Centers
      • We have 4 Production Data Centers (London, Singapore, New York, and St. Louis)
      • We have 1 Staging Environment called PPE
      • We also have a bug testing environment called MPPE (80% virtualized)
    • Release Cycles
      • Monthly (4 weeks)
      • Week 1: PPE
      • Week 2: Testing
      • Week 3: Docklands (DTC) (London)
      • Week 4: NTC + HDC + STC ( 3 Datacenters)
      • Week 1: MPPE (MPPE follows Production unlike PPE)
    • Change Path from Dev to Production
    • ICC Process Conference Calls
      • IRT Call Opens Immediately and stays open
      • IMG Call happens about ever 90 minutes
      • 3 Key Roles in these calls
      • Incident Manager runs the IMG Calls
      • Recovery Manager runs the IRT, but reports to IMG call participants
      • Recovery Lead investigates and executes receovery steps but does not join the IMG call
      • DEVCON4 is normal operations. We can have proactive IRT calls
      • DEVCON3 is when open IMG calls
      • DEVCON2 is when impact to customers is more severe and prolonged
      • DEVCON1 is way up there like a natural disaster
    • Any Questions or Comments?