Affordable website design - Importance of Website Designing in Website Development


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Develop your website with our expertise. We provide services to develop affordable website design, and help you to make best web design or web development

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Affordable website design - Importance of Website Designing in Website Development

  1. 1. Importance of Website Designing in Website Development
  2. 2.  Web Design can be define as the whole thing you see on a website like its look, working way or content of the web page all is determined in website design.
  3. 3.  There are some different types of web designing like  static or dynamic web design  flash web design  E-commerce web design  custom site design.
  4. 4.  Website designing is an interesting part of a website development.  You have to learn some languages for designing a site.  You must have the knowledge of HTML.  HyperText Markup Language  This is a compulsory and required skill for a web page design.
  5. 5.  HTML language is a most important language for website designing.  But there are some other languages which are also important and required languages like Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, php and etc.
  6. 6.  HTML is a markup language.  Markup language means it use markup tags.  There are two types of markup tags.  Pair tags and unpair tags.  web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera read HTML code file and show them as web pages.
  7. 7.  Layout of web pages is a main part at the time of web designing.  Poor layout can create problems like -  Hard and difficult navigation  Hard to set information on web page  Looking unattractive
  8. 8.  For making an attractive site we have to think as a user like -  How users access Web sites.  What they think at the time of accessing website.  Internet Users don’t read, they just look.  Generally internet users impatient.  Generally internet users follow their feeling.
  9. 9.  Layout of your whole website should be the same. The Home or Display Page can be different but internal pages should be the same.  Use good color scheme.  Same font should be use in entire site.  Use consistent and good graphics in website.
  10. 10.  Why are you making a website or what is the principle of it?  Who is the main viewers of your site?  What type of information you want to present?
  11. 11.  How many pages of your site linked together?  How many links will you use for your site accurately?  What type of page navigation strategy you will use for your site?  What type of hierarchy you plan for your website?
  12. 12.  There are various tools and frameworks which can helpful for you in designing of a site.  There are various tools in the market like Adobe Kuler, Pictaculous , Font Squirrel, moqups, Google Drawing, skeleton, joomla, WordPress, Durpal, Adobe Edge Reflow.  Adobe PhotoShop and Dreamweaver these two are most usable tools for designing at present time
  13. 13.  There are several different type of areas such as user experience, interface, marketing and web graphic design which are important for creating an attractive and best website.
  14. 14.  First select a design tool.  Decide page layout for your site.  Re-read project sheet and your plan for the website.  Represent your website to the world.
  15. 15. Contact us : Address: A 4/3 Patel Nagar Bikaner(Raj.) Phone: +91151-2242430 Mobile No: +919829117669 Email: