Moody Epr052707   Part 2
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Moody Epr052707   Part 2 Moody Epr052707 Part 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Monday, May 28 th
  • 5/28/07 Sainte Chapelle…the only French King to reach Saint-hood
  • 5/28/07 One panel of many with over 40,000 scenes from the Bible View slide
  • 5/28/07 Notre Dame Cathedral Gargoyles Kings of Judah View slide
  • 5/28/07 Deportation Memorial
  • 5/28/07 At the end of the hallway is the flame of hope, which should never be extinguished. The inside of the Memorial contains this solumn hallway, with one "candle" for every French citizen deported during WWII.
  • 5/28/07 Notre Dame Cathedral – the famous flying buttresses…
  • 5/28/07 The original Kings on Notre Dame Cathedral Replacements…
  • 5/28/07 Original King statues were beheaded and lost during the French Revolution. They are now displayed with the bodies in the Cluny Museum
  • 5/28/07 Michael in front of Saint Michel (Saint Michael, the Archangel)
  • 5/28/07 The famous Louvre Museum where Mona Lisa lives… Enter Here
  • 5/28/07 No pictures allowed in the gallery…so this is as close as you can get to a picture of the real thing!
  • 5/28/07 Calamari salad
  • 5/28/07 Our French Greek buddy!
  • Tuesday, May 29 th The tradition continues as we say Au revoir Paris!
  • 5/29/07 The Orsay Museum; home of the impressionists
  • 5/29/07 Can you guess who painted this?
  • 5/29/07 Did you guess right?
  • 5/29/07 Can you see the sweat?
  • 5/29/07
  • 5/29/07 Do you recognize this building?
  • 5/29/07 Beef Bourgogne anyone?
  • 5/29/07 Cute hotel #3 and counting… Beaune, France
  • 5/29/07 Is that one bed or two?
  • 5/29/07 Award winning center square in Beaune
  • 5/29/07 VERY old wine cellar. It began with monks making their own wine downstairs
  • 5/29/07 My first wine tasting ever…and it just happened to be in Burgundy, France
  • 5/29/07 So many choices…should we buy some?
  • 5/29/07 Can we eat here?
  • 5/29/07 I just asked for some water…and this is what I got!
  • 5/29/07 Escargot!!
  • 5/29/07 Beef Bourgogne anyone?
  • Wednesday, May 30 th Time to leave Beaune behind…
  • 5/30/07 Courtyard of the Hotel Dieu
  • 5/30/07 This is the main hall where the poorest sick people were kept in this medieval hospital
  • 5/30/07 Chapel was bed side in this room. Everyone here died within days.
  • 5/30/07 Medieval pharmacy (Apotheke). Some of these have been preserved since the 14 th century.
  • 5/30/07 One of many versions of the Final Judgment - this one is in the main chapel of the Hotel Dieu in Beuane
  • 5/30/07 Swiss Alps!
  • 5/30/07 Thuner See - Switzerland
  • 5/30/07 Our hotel in Lauterbrunnen
  • 5/30/07 The youngens sent across the street…
  • 5/30/07 Beautiful room in Lauterbrunnen; where did I put the camera?
  • 5/30/07 The view from our Lauterbrunnen room (with private porch)
  • 5/30/07 What a view from our room!
  • 5/30/07 YAY, bring on the cheese fondue!
  • 5/30/07 Finally, bratwurst and potatoes!