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Pervasive Learning: Doctoral Study
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Pervasive Learning: Doctoral Study


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Overview:
  • 2. Impulse: "There is a need to re-conceptualize learning for the mobile age , to recognize the essential role of mobility and communication in the process of learning." -- Mike Sharples: University of Nottingham
  • 3. Doctoral Progress: Pervasive Learning: Forecasting the Future of Individual and Collaborative Learning within an Age of Ubiquitous Communication Mark A.M. Kramer
  • 4.  
  • 5. Abstract: Mobile information and communication technologies are increasingly impacting the lives of individuals and are a major factor in helping re-shape our cultures and societies...
  • 6. Abstract: ...Ubiquitous computing and mixed-reality computing scenarios are becoming commonplace and have a huge influence in the way in which individuals relate with others and their surroundings...
  • 7. Abstract: This research will explore the impact of existing and emerging information & communications technologies and services on formal and informal learning scenarios to help shape and determine the future of learning
  • 8. Doctoral Completion Time-line:
  • 9. Doctoral Completion Time-line:
  • 10. Activities:
  • 11. Interviews: 15 / 32 Experts
  • 12. Interviews:
  • 13. Interviews:
  • 14. Interviews:
  • 15. Perspectives Emerging
  • 16.
          • T he current development of Mobile learning practices are a direct result of dominant social forces shaping the way we learn and acquire knowledge
    Research Statements :
  • 17.
          • M obile learning is a logical progression within the evolution of education and educational practices
    Research Statements :
  • 18.
          • L esser developed regions are more likely to adopt and adapt to current and emerging mobile learning cultures
    Research Statements :
  • 19. Research Statements :
          • M obile learning is an evolutionary stage of progression within the development of education and educational practices?
  • 20. Mobile Learning is a evolutionary process shaped by the societal need to adapt to the current phase of societal development Developing a Working Thesis:
  • 21. The mobility of the individual increases the capabilities of individuals to adapt to their environment and social circumstances. Developing a Working Thesis:
  • 22. The future of mobile learning is not dependent on access to technology and related infrastructure, but rather developing the awareness, skills and capabilities within individuals to decide if mobile-learning brings them personal benefit. Working Thesis:
  • 23. Lesser developed regions are more likely to adopt mobile learning scenarios in order to achieve (or maintain) a more equal social standing with other more developed regions. Working Thesis:
  • 24. Technology enhanced mobile learning is a result of current societal developments (Globalization)and will become the dominant method of knowledge acquisition within non-formal and informal learning scenarios Developing a Working Thesis:
  • 25. Conclusion: Research Reflections
  • 26. Contact: