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Career Course Catalogue

  1. 1. The most common- and logical-advice to high schoolstudents deciding what course to take up is “take whatyou’re interested in and what you’re good at”.Unfortunately, a number of people don’t know whatwould interest them or what they could be good at.Without realizing it, some might actually have thepassion and aptitude for something they dismissed asboring simply because they didn’t check it out first.
  2. 2. Aeronautical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical EngineeringECE Geodetic Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Architecture
  3. 3. Description: Provides a solidtraining in the fundamentals ofengineering and to familiarize thestudents with the science of AERONAUTICALaeronautics and principles of ENGINEERINGflight.Yrs. Of completion: 4 yearsQualifications: High degree ofintelligence, interest and aptitudefor Math and Science, ability fordetailed work, patience andperseveration.Employment: Civic AeronauticsAdministration, Philippine AirForce, airlines, college aviationagencies, private corporations
  4. 4. CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGDescription: Teach the fundamentals ofMath, Physics, Organic and InorganicChemistry.Yrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: Physical fitness,considerable aptitude for math andscience, patience, concentration,perseverance and creativity..Employment: Chemical manufacturingindustries, government agencies, collegeand universities and research institutions.Others go to private practice asconsultants in pollution control
  5. 5. CIVIL ENGINEERINGDescription: Design and maintenance of public works; techniques ofexplanatory investigation and land surveys.Yrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: high degree of intelligence, high aptitude in math andphysics, physically strong and fit to perform strenuous jobs, possesscreative ability and must also be cost-conscious.Employment: construction and structural firms, teaching, supervision,acts a s foremen, project engineers.
  6. 6. Description: studies the sources ofelectrical energy, the control distributionand proper use of electrical power, and theknowledge of wire and wireless communicationradio.Yrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: Good in math and fluent inEnglish, physically fit.Employment: manufacturing firms that dealwith electrical and electronic equipment,power companies and utilities, aircraft andparts business machines and professional andELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGscientific equipment, telephone, telegraph,electric light and power agencies, governmentagencies
  7. 7. Description: generation, control and use ofelectrons; covers the field of communicationsprocessing, transmitting and receiving information;deals with electronic components, devices andequipments; familiarize the students withengineering fundamentals to promote professional ECEcompetence in electronics
  8. 8. Yrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: must excel in math and science, patient andresourcefulEmployment: technician, sales engineer, computer systemanalyst, field service engineer, production supervisor,maintenance and operations engineer, teacher or researcher,broadcasting and communications stations, governmentagencies, airlines, manufacturing agencies, computercompanies, schools, universities and hospitals
  9. 9. Description: develop the student’sability to perform surveying andmapping work; intensive training onthe use, care and maintenance of allsurveying equipmentsYrs. Of completion: 3 yearsQualifications: aptitude for mathand the physical sciences, must be akeen observer an have a goodspatial aptitude, neat worker andhave patience to perform detailedwork.Employment: private engineeringfirms, various departments of the
  10. 10. Description: equip the student with a balanced knowledge ofscience, engineering and management:: to contribute effectivelyto the functions of engineering in the areas of production,operation, plant engineering and marketingYrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: good aptitude in math and the social sciences, bephysically fit, creative, have the ability to communicate well,pleasing personalityEmployment: big establishments with various departments:product development and marketing, data processing, systemsdesign, personnel administrations, corporate planning, projectevaluation and plan lay-out; also in banks, government agenciesand in schools
  11. 11. Description: train the students todeal with power and the machinesused to generate power and apply itfor useful purposes; knowledge inbasic sciences and math to design,manufacture, improve, maintain andoperate machineryYrs. Of completion: 5 yearsQualifications: good in math, scienceand English; physically fit andindustrious; aptitude for mechanicsas well as good eye-handcoordination.Employment: government programsof expansion of industry to meet afast growing population;automotive, refrigeration and powerindustries; manufacturing;government agencies, schools andengineering firms
  12. 12. Description: trains the student to be aware of theinfrastructure needs of a man and to find a solution thatis architecturally, structurally and aesthetically sound;therefore covers architectural and landscapearrangements connected with residential, commercialand utility buildings, public recreation areas, schools andchurchesYrs. Of completion: 4-5 yearsQualifications: creativity, artistic inclination, drawingability, skill in mathEmployment: private and public agencies, in bigarchitectural firms and schools; abroad
  13. 13. AccountancyBanking & FinanceManagement Marketing
  14. 14. Dscrip n aim to p p e tio : s re are th stu n fo th e de t r eb sin ss wrld an train h to b a skillfu u e o d im e lacco n g p u tin ractitio e nrY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eQalificatio s: go d h d in m , mst b u n o an ath u ekn w dge le in b sin ss law an tax n an o le ab u e s d atio db sin ss an e n m u e d co o ics, p sse th ab o ss e ility toco mn mu icate wll, h an an tical m d, dilige ce e ave aly in n ,dedicatio , ke n in re in b sin ss adm istratio , n e te st u e in nco mn se se mo nE p y e t: e p y d in b sin ss an in strial firm mlo mn mlo e u e d du s,sch o o ls, b ks an fin cial in tio s, m in an d an stitu n in gin strie go e mn age cie C A care r o p b du s, v rn e t n s P- e f u licacco n g p u tin ractice s
  15. 15. Description: provide the students with a broad,solid cultural foundation and the fundamentalknowledge of the skills and attitudes that go into acareer in business administration; trains thestudents to think analytically about the financialrequirements of business firmsYrs. Of completion: 4 yearsQualifications: knowledgeable in money mattersand in business administration; good in math,imaginative mentally alert, able to make andevaluate objectively financial plansEmployment: banks and financial institutions; workin business firms, government agencies,manufacturing firms, hospitals, schools, stockbrokerage firms and insurance BANKING & FINANCE
  16. 16. Dscrip n te e th stu n th d lin n e d fo th e tio : ach s e de ts e iscip e e de r em age e t o e e p b o p te e te rise train th mto b an mn f ith r u lic r riva n rp s; s e eskillfu an e l d fficie t b sin ss mn ge an p n u e a a rs d ractitio e n rsY O co p tio : 4 y a rs. f mle n e rsQalifica n go d co mn se se ap ro u tio s: o mo n p ach to p b m b ro le s, ein re d in th d ve p e t an e ctive u o p y te ste e e lo mn d ffe se f h sical an h m d u anre u s, b o se n an p rsp ctive o p o le actio s an so rce e b rva t d e e f e p ’s n dsh u b ab to co mn o ld e le mu icate e ctive ffe lyE p y e t: e e tive p d ctio mn rs, p cu mn o rs, mlo mn x cu s, ro u n a age ro re e t fficesu e iso p rso n l m age b ch m a rs, sa s m age in p rv rs, e n e an rs, ran an ge le an rsb ks, co o n m age e t co su t co p ie co mrcial an rp ratio s, an mn n ltan man s, mee lish e ts, go rn e t o s, sch o h sp stab mn ve mn ffice o ls, o itals an b sin ss d u efirms
  17. 17. Dscrip n aim to p vide th stu n w skills o re arch e tio : s ro e de ts ith f se ,an sis, de n akin co mn aly cisio -m g, mu icatio an imle e ta n in th n d p mn tio efu ctio al are s o m tin an sa s mn mn h lp th m n n a f arke g d le a age e t; e s eu de n th p ce o p d cin an m tin go d an se s n rsta d e ro ss f ro u g d arke g o s d rvicein th co n e u tryY O co p tio : 4 y a rs. f mle n e rsQalifica n mst h th d e de u tio s: u ave e riv , cisive e cre n ss, ativity th , eability to so e p b m in re in p o le an th ir activitie lv ro le s, te st ep d e s,p ficie cy in o l an w n E glish a d th ap d fo file ro n ra d ritte n n e titu e r dwrk oE p y e t: sy m an sts, m age e e tive assistan a u t mlo mn ste aly an rs x cu ts, cco ne e tiv s, sale e , p d ctio assista ts, re a e x cu e smn ro u n n se rch rs, p bu licre n mn fie re re n e jo an ly te e mdia latio s e , ld p se tativ s, b a sts, ach rs, ed cto in ad rtisin a n s an sale de artmn e gage in ire rs ve g ge cie d s p e ts n ddistrib tio a d m u re u n n an factu
  18. 18. Description: aims to help the student deal with people from allwalks of life to develop his own emotional, psychological andintellectual capabilitiesYrs. Of completion: 4 yearsQualifications: must be genuinely interested in people, have asense of commitment, have the intelligence to cope withproblems, have emotional maturity, have good human relationsand possess good healthEmployment: social workers, analysts, community workers,counselors, teachers, supervisors, medical social workers andindustrial social workers
  19. 19. Dscrip n aim to te th stu n to th k-critically to e tio : s ach e e t ine ab h to gain a de p r in t in th n re o m , n le im e e sigh to e atu f ano th gs an o valu s f in d f eY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eQalificatio s: ab u n ility to th k ab in stractly in re in th , te st eh m itie an so u an s d cial scie ce a lo o co mn se se an n s, t f mo n dfacility o e p ssio f x re nE p y e t: gradu s u ally p rsu law b sin ss, th o gy mlo mn ate su u e , u e e loo o e h m scie ce te in r th r u an n s; ach g
  20. 20. Dscrip n p p s th stu n fo care rs in p b e tio : re are e de t r e u licad in tio ; ke p o e in rmd ab u th so ty th go rn e t m istra n e s n fo e o t e cie , e ve mnan th wrld to fe l re o sib fo th m an to active d e o , e sp n le r e , d lyparticip in th se affa ate e irsY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eQalifica n in re in go rn e t p litics, b p p d fo a life u tio s: te st ve mn o e re are ro stu y re g an re arch h th ab f d , adin d se , ave e ility to an ze p litical aly op b m an so e th min p n e tly e p ss h se wll ro le s d lv e de e d n , x re im lf eE p y e t: re arch rs, co su ts, le mlo mn se e n ltan gislativ aid to co gre e , e s n ssmnsta mme o co gre n co m e b d t an sts, to rist ff e b rs f n ssio al mitte s, u ge aly ugu e ste ard p rso n l assistan o in stigato in go rn e t id s, w , e n e ts r ve rs ve mno in u r d stry
  21. 21. Description: trains the student to understand and appreciate thecomplexities of human behavior and teaches him the tools by which tounderstand such complexitiesYrs. Of completion: 4 yearsQualifications: emotionally stable, socially mature, able to dealeffectively with people, genuinely interested in mankind, able to dodetailed and independent work, and able to communicate well, mustbe patient, sensitive, and with a high degree of intelligence, diligenceand good healthEmployment: guidance counselors, researcher, social worker, teacher,placement bureau officer, psychometrician, analyst, group dynamicsleader an supervisor; he may find work in industrial firms, mentalhospitals, correctional institutions, community health centers anddevelopment organizations, schools, government agencies, researchclinics and hospitals
  22. 22. Dscrip n p vid s th stu e t w train g in co mn e tio : ro e e d n ith in mu icatio as a nscie ce an art an a se ; aim to te ch th mth e ical an n , d rvice s a e e th dso sign cial ifican a wll as th re o sib ce s e e sp n ility in th u o vario s e se f uco mn mu icatio md th P ss, rad , Tle n an F n e ia: e re io e visio d ilmY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eQalifica n mst h a go d grasp o th lan age sh u h u tio s: u ave o f e gu s, o ld aveth ab e ility an in re in fie wrk, b ab to p t u w o d te st ld o e le u p ith dh u mst b p o rs, u e ractical, im a an cre ; mst b ale an agin tive d ative u e rt dp n a ab to co mn atie t, n le mu icate wll eE p y e t: jo rn mlo mn u alists, ad rtisin m r, re arch r, p b ve g ajo se e u licre n o r o b ad m r latio s ffice r ro cast ajo
  23. 23. Dscrip n aim to p p an tra fu re h sch o te e e tio : s re are d in tu igh o l ach rs,su e iso an sch o ad in to stu e ts u d rgo p p rv rs d o l m istra rs; dn ne racticalte in e p rie ce ach g x e n sY O co p tio : 4 y a rs. f mle n e rsQalifica n ave u tio s: rage in llige ce h a ke n u de din an te n , ave e n rstan g din re in th ad le n mst b e o n te st e o sce t, u e mtio ally m re to gu e th atu id ey u g, mst h th d sire to te o e h a go d co mn o o n u ave e e ach th rs, ave o ma d fth lan a , n t to mn y co scio s, b t h mre co ce fo th e gu ge o o o e n u u ave o n rn r ed ve p e t o th y u g e lo mn f e o nE p y e t: te e mlo mn ach rs, su e rs, adm istrato p rviso in rs, p fe n ro ssio alle e o h sch o lib ad rs f igh o ls, rarian re a e cle re p n s, se rch rs, rk ce tio istsan fie su e iso d ld p rv rs
  24. 24. Description: aims to produce teachers for the elementary gradelevel; it gives cultural and professional training to perspectiveelementary school teachers who will guide future citizensYrs. Of completion: 4 yearsQualifications: average intelligence, high degree of initiative, goodcommand of language of instruction, dedication and love forstudentsEmployment: teachers
  25. 25. Culinary Arts andHotel & Restaurant Management
  26. 26. Dscrip n de w th de lo mn o n ce e tio : als ith e ve p e t f e ssary an dade u te n an m age q ate ch ical d an rial skills an kn w dge as d o lewll as fo atio o de le attitu fo th se wo e rm n f sirab de r o hwu like to e gage in th o e n o co mrcial an o ld n e p ratio f me din tio al fo d an lo g facilitie stitu n o d dgin sY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eE p y e t: m age e e tive h u ke p rs, fo d an mlo mn an rs, x cu o se e e o db ve e rage dire rs, re ran o n rs, le re an cto stau t we isu dre atio co su ts, h sp cre n n ltan o itality e cato airlin cre , du rs, e wfo d sty o list, e e tive ch fs, fast fo d o n rs, in p n n x cu e o we de e de tcate rs, lu u lin r cre re x ry e w
  27. 27. Dscrip n de w p du an se s o re to th e tio : als ith ro cts d rvice ffe d eactivitie o p rso s trave g to an stay g in p s s f e n lin d in laceo tside th ir u al e viro mn an ze p cip s o u e su n n e t; aly s rin le fan ro o gy so lo , e n m m tin h ry an th p lo , cio gy co o ics, arke g, isto de viro mn scie ce n n e tal nY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eE p y e t: re rvatio age ts, fligh cre , gro n cre , mlo mn se n n t w ud wfro t de staff, to r o n sk u ffice staff, co ve tio se n n n rvicem age in n co su ts, adve an rs, ce tive n ltan rtisin p b re n g, u lic latio sage ts, m t an sale re arch rs, b k p rso n l n arke d s se e an e n e
  28. 28. Description: aims to equip the student with dental knowledge and basic medical science, and with the skill and experience in a specialized field such as in the case of children’s teeth Yrs. Of completion: 6 yearsDENTISTRY Qualifications: keen interest in dental health, good visual memory, excellent judgment of space and shape, delicacy of touch, manual dexterity, confidence and patience Employment: usually works in the hospital or private practice
  29. 29. Description: aims to equip the student with the intellectual competence, attitudes and skills necessary for future positions of leadership in nursing education, public heath nursing and nursing administration Yrs. Of completion: 4 years Qualifications: patience, simplicity, alertness, a high degree of intelligence, a lot of common sense, a desire to serve humanity, able to follow orders properly,Nursing mental health and physical stamina Employment: nurses in government hospitals, clinics here and abroad
  30. 30. Dscrip n aim to te th stu n th lab rato e tio : s ach e de ts e o ryp ce re u d in th diagn sis, stu an tre e t, as ro du s se e o dy d atmnwll as p ve tio o d ase e re n n f iseY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eQalificatio s: dilige t, p n p y u n n atie t, h sically fit, re le liab ,co p rative an accu ; mst h a ke n in re an oe d rate u ave e te st dap de in th n ral scie ce ste n rve an a stro g titu e atu n s; ady e s d nde to m tain th h alth o m kin sire ain e e f an dE p y e t: mdical re arch rs, an sts, md re s, mlo mn e se e aly e pse tarie to p y cre s h sician te e lab rato assistan s, ach rs, o ry ts
  31. 31. Description: provides thePHARMACY student with the knowledge of the legal requirements, associations and scientific techniques necessary for the profession; covers the study of drugs and other chemical substances used in the practice of medicine Yrs. Of completion: 4 years Qualifications: must be scientifically inclined, diligent and intelligent; must have the ability to communicate effectively to compound and dispense medicine Employment: researchers, writers, retail men, med reps, members of medical team
  32. 32. Dscrip n in lve in re ab e tio : vo d h ilitatin gindividu w h dicap o disab ; u s als ith an r ility sep rp se l activitie th are man gfu u o fu s at e in lo th h p te tial b n fits in ach vin r at ave o n ee ie gfu ctio al o tco e n n u mY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n eE p y e t: wrk at h sp mlo mn o o itals, clin ics,h m h alth age cie sch o an sp cial oe e n s, ol d ee catio , day tre e t, wrksh p du n atmn o o,in tio s, co mn stitu n mu ity mn e tal h alth ece te su e d livin n rs, p rvise g
  33. 33. Description: aims to achieve independence and restoration of function through the use of physical agents, exercises, and other physicalPHYSICAL modes of treatment; the art ofTHERAPY restoring a maximal level of function to individuals with physical disorders Yrs. Of completion: 4 years Employment: work at hospitals, outpatient clinics or offices, skilled nursing facilities, homes, education or research centers, schools and playgrounds, hospices, corporate and industrial health centers, athletic facilities, fitness centers and sports training facilities
  34. 34. Dscrip n p vide train g e tio : ro s info so are an sy m r ftw d stede lo mn e p se th stu n ve p e t; x o e de tsin diffe n ap ro e an to re t p ach s dsty in de lo in p gram le ve p g roY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n -5 eE p y e t: p je le r, mlo mn ro ct adesy man st/de e datab ste aly sign r, aseadm istrato datab de e in r, ase sign r,p grame wb de e ro mr, e sign r COMPUTER SCIENCE
  35. 35. Dscrip n fo m age e tio : r an rial side o co p te late f mu r-re dactivitie fo se o th e ctive m age e t o s; cu d n e ffe an mn fre u s- p o le m e an co p te facilitie h n so rce e p , on y d mu r s, e cem y o th su je an f e b cts are e gage o acco n g, n d n u tinp je n stim s/fe ility stu s an th like ro ctio /e ate asib die d eY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n -5 eE p y e t: p je le r, datab adm ., datab mlo mn ro ct ade ase in asede e fin cial an st/au r, p grame sign r, an aly dito ro mrs INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
  36. 36. INFORMATION MANAGEMENTDscrip n stu n are train d to b wll ve d in th e tio : de ts e e e rse epractical an te n kn w o o in d ch ical o -h e n stallatio / se p o n t-u fco p te an co p te n twrks; sp cial skills in de mu rs d mu r e o e clutro b sh o g an re airs o h are co p n n u le o tin d p f ardw mo e tsY O co p tio : 4 y ars rs. f mle n -5 eE p y e t: p je le r, n twrk adm ., LA adm ., mlo mn ro ct ade e o in N inco p te e gin e p grame mu r n e r, ro mr