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Healthcare careers
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Healthcare careers


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  • 1. Healthcare Careers
  • 2. What do you know abouthealthcare careers?
  • 3. DentistryDentistDental assistantDental Hygienist
  • 4. Complete dental history
  • 5. Medical supportShare your experiences with emergencies? Doyou remember the medical staff that helped?
  • 6. Medical assistants
  • 7. Perfusionist
  • 8. Surgical Tech
  • 9. Athletic Trainer
  • 10. EMT/Paramedic
  • 11. Health Information
  • 12. Health InformationManager/Technician• Maintain pt. records• Billing• Coding• Manager is supervisor
  • 13. Medical transcriptionist
  • 14. Health Science Librarian
  • 15. Medical coder
  • 16. Medical Illustrator
  • 17. Medical secretary
  • 18. Fact or Fiction: HealthInformation Systems (HIS)Complete worksheet
  • 19. Diagnostic ServicesLet’s play telephone
  • 20. Audiologist
  • 21. Cardiovascular Tech
  • 22. Sonographer
  • 23. Nuclear Medicine Tech
  • 24. Radiographer
  • 25. Can you diagnose the problem?Complete workseehts
  • 26. Laboratory SciencesWhat do they do?
  • 27. Blood bank: works with blood transfusions anddonation of bloodCytotechnologist: prep slides & observe undermicroscopeHistology/Pathology: Observe slides & diagnosediseases
  • 28. • Medical Laboratory Technician: preps bloodfor observation & assists in lab• Phlebotomist: draws blood & assists withother lab tests
  • 29. TherapyShare your experiences with therapy
  • 30. Creative arts/Recreational therapist
  • 31. Physical therapyPhysical therapist• Assesses & writes plan ofcarePhysical therapy assistant (PTA)• Follows plan of care
  • 32. Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapist• Assesses & writes plan ofcareOccupational therapy assistant(OTA)• Follows plan of care
  • 33. Medical Dosimetrist• Calculates radiation doseRadiation therapy assistant• Provides radiation &positions pt.
  • 34. Respiratory TherapyRespiratory therapist• Analyzes data to determinebreathing problems• Adjusts oxygen, ordersbreathing treatmentRespiratory therapy assistant• Monitors treatments to seeif effective
  • 35. Speech therapist
  • 36. Prosthetist/orthotist
  • 37. NursingNursing Add-on: What procedures do nurses do?
  • 38. Types of Nurses:• Nursing Assistant (NA)• (LPN)- Licensed Practical Nurse• (RN) Registered Nurse
  • 39. Types of Nurses• Nurse Aid- 75 hours training• LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)- 1 year• RN (Registered Nurse)- 2-4 year• Nurse practitioner- 6+ years• Clinical nurse specialist- 5-6 years• Nurse anesthetist- 7-8 years• Nurse Midwife- 6-7 years
  • 40. Associate vs. BachelorsAssociate- 2 year degree Bachelors- 4 year degreeGet additional courses.
  • 41. Roles of nursesNurse aid-- Vital signs- Personal care- Feeding- -answer call lights- Change linensLPN-- Oral medications- Injections- Assessments- Treatments: drsg.changes, catheters- Supervise NA’s
  • 42. RN• Interpret s/sx & respond to them• Pt. education• Medications• IV’s• Treatments• Assess• Care plans• Supervise
  • 43. Expanded Roles (Master’s degree)• Clinical nurse specialist• Pt. care• Pt. education• Consultant• Nurse Anesthetist• Prep for anesthesia• Manage airway,breathing, monitor vitalsigns (vs)• Give anesthesia
  • 44. Expanded roles con’tNurse Midwife:-Provide care before,during & after childbirth-Assist with labor &delivery-Educate mother re: infantcareNurse practitioner:- dx. & assess pt.conditions- Work under Dr.- Conduct healthscreening & physicalexams- Prescribe tests- Educate pt.
  • 45. PharmacyPharmicistDispense medicationsRun businessEducate pt.Pharmacy technicianAssist pharmacistRun cash registerStock shelvesBilling
  • 46. Reading a Rx1. Dr. ID #?2. Medication prescribed3. What is strength of med?4. How many tablets do you take at a time?5. How many tablets have been dispensed?6. How many refills?7. What is the brand name/generic name?8. Special instructions?
  • 47. Biomedical engineer• Fix medical equipment• Design new medical equipment
  • 48. Mental HealthCounselor:-Works with families through communication- Assists pt. to be more self- sufficient- Works with addictions, maritalproblems, family issues
  • 49. Human Services worker-Assist pt. to function independently-Assist with utilities, finding jobs & housing- Link with agencies
  • 50. Psychologist-Work one on one- Test to dx. problems & find treatment- Evaluate pt. feelings
  • 51. Social worker-Plan discharges-Assist with finding resources- Organize support groups
  • 52. DieteticsDietetic Technician-Screen pt. for nutritionproblems-Follow sanitary & safetystandards-Purchase foodDietitian-Plan nutritious meals-Provide special diets-Supervise dietary staff-Educate pt. re: diet
  • 53. Vision CareOptician:- Fit for glasses- order glasses, contacts- Manage office, sales- Repair glassesOptometrist:- Diagnose visionproblems- Test for diseases- Prescribeglasses/contacts- Prescribe meds for eyes- Run business
  • 54. OphthalmologistPerform eye surgery