Powerful speakers & public speaking techniques

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Made this presentation with fellow MBA students Bruce, Jessica, Chloe, Gerris at the University of San Francisco.

Made this presentation with fellow MBA students Bruce, Jessica, Chloe, Gerris at the University of San Francisco.

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  • 1. Powerful Speakers & their communication strategies Bruce, Chloe, Gerris, Jessica & Malvika
  • 2. Powerful & inspiring speakers... Relate to audience Have passion & energy Call to action
  • 3. Adolf  Hitler  –  Energy  that  steered  a  na4on…  to  collec4ve  madness.  
  • 4. Hitler for our use Conviction & Energy Believe in what you are saying Unity, rich & poor united in post-war depression USF Students Unite! Crowd Psychology We are not satisfied! Practiced Poses Deliberate Tension Use your pauses
  • 5. Barack Obama I have 4 tips to share with you.
  • 6. Body Language Textbook perfect posture •  Stands tall and straight •  Perceives self-confidence but not arrogant •  Arms move, body orientation does not •  First point - right with a rise •  Closing - left with a fall 1
  • 7. Voice Powerful speaking voice •  Each word clearly •  Loud, strong, assertive, clear •  Distance from microphone •  Limited pitch range: convey passion 2
  • 8. Content, content, content •  Anticipate what the audience is thinking o  Understand both sides of the argument o  Anticipate opposing questions and concerns •  Talk about audience concerns o  Define a situation audience face o  Get acknowledgement/attention o  Lead them to key points Message3
  • 9. Play with Words •  Master of repetition o  Repeats Key phrases o  i.e. Dr. King’s “I have a dream” •  Parallel construction o  Link and relate key points o  i.e. It’s not because of this, it’s not because of that Delivery4
  • 10. Cory Booker Background + Accomplishments: -Stanford grad, Rhodes Scholar, Yale Law… -Mayor of Newark, NJ -First Black senator from New Jersey
  • 11. Speaking Style •Passionate •Strong hand gestures •Pitch, Power, Pace •Crowd awareness
  • 12. Oprah Winfrey •American television host, actress, and producer •Best known for her self-titled, multi-award winning talk show, first black female to host her own show •The highest rated program of its kind in history, received more than 40 daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Host
  • 13. Speech Analysis •Harvard University Commencement Speech in 2003 •Delivery techniques Voice Body language Facial expression •Rhetorical techniques Repetition and Exemplification Humor The end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwS6ye5Pn0Y
  • 14. Questions & thoughts?