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  • Skylar s Story

    1. 1. Skylar’s Story By: Adina & Ellie
    2. 2. Our Hero
    3. 3. The Story of the Name Skylar has relations to to the word “Sky”. Her father is Zeus, god of the sky. Her mother is Athena, goddess of wisdom and the name Skylar is very witty and proper.
    4. 4. Appearance Skylar is about 5 feet 7 inches. She's slim and muscled. She weighs 103 pounds. She has blonde hair with bleach blonde highlights that flows to the middle of her back, paired with striking blue eyes. Her skin is very tan, like someone who spends most of the time in the outdoors. Her 15th birthday is on the Day of the Dead. She has a long, thin scar on the front of her leg. Starting from her hip all the way to the middle of her thigh. She was born with a black tattoo wrapping around her neck in a spiral fashion.
    5. 5. Character Exposition She was born a descendant of Zeus and Athena who was given to a mortal family as their own child, died. So she has the brains of Athena and the power of Zeus. After she died at the age of two from a severe car accident that cut her leg open hip to mid-thigh, Gea saw this as an opportunity to use her skills and powers to an advantage. Gea sided with Tatarus to raise Skylar from the under world of Hades. They rose her with fake memories of being Geas child, there for being always evil. She was sent to Camp Half Blood as a spy for Gea.
    6. 6. Motivation As seen in Character Exposition she believed she was Geas child and would do anything for her mother. An evil girl used for the evil purpose.
    7. 7. Trials Skylar faces keeping her secret from the rest of camp half-blood. She has to fight Gea which must be pretty hard considering Gea raised her. She also fights with her feelings. She has lots of inner turmoil about how she feels towards Jason being her half-brother.
    8. 8. Skills, Weapons, & Powers. Skills: She’s very clever and can work out problems without much difficulty. She’s light on her making her hard to catch. She’s also, very strong. Powers: She can summon lightning. Her stamina is greater than most, thanks to her father, Zeus. Physical injuries have little to no effect on her, unless they are fatal injuries like internal organ damage. With the exception of blood loss and brain damage thus she only has fatigue for a bit. Last but not least, she has telekinesis, thanks to her mother, Athena.
    9. 9. Divine Intervention Skylar was watched over by Gea and gets the attention of Hera who watches over Camp Half Blood yet Hera is out raged that Zeus had a child with Athena an turns a blind eye and did not look deeper into why she was there or if she was evil.
    10. 10. Lesson Learned Skylar learns she has to trust people yet be more skeptical to what they ask of her and not just believe what she is told especially if she has other memories of not always being what she is told to be, such as evil.
    11. 11. Comparison My hero is a lot like Leo, Piper, Jason, and Hazel. Leo because he sees himself as a bad person and that he will ruin everything. Like Leo, Skylar sees herself as the evil daughter of Gea. She is sent to infiltrate camp half-blood and soil their plans. Her qualities are similar to Leo's: She has self doubt, she is a problem solver, and is loyal. Even if its for the wrong side, she is begin loyal and doing as she is told. She is a problem solver because when she is almost caught she quickly comes up with a logical excuse for why or what she was doing. She has self doubt because along the way she wonders why she is doing evil things. Jason because he lost his memories and was pronounced dead. Skylar is similar. She lost her memories when she was killed, and was pronounced dead. When she was risen back from the dead by Gea and Tatarus, her husband, she was given fake memories and thought she was never born before and was always evil. She is strong, confused, and fierce. She has strength in body and soul, she has the willpower to keep going when things get tough. She is confused because she had a memory of sitting in the fields of punishment with Tatarus looming over her. She is fierce because when someone wrongs her she brings a fight worth remembering. Hazel because Hazel died at very young age, and was risen from the dead for a purpose such as Skylar was because Gea saw her a powerful weapon to defeat the Gods and was risen for that purpose only. Piper because Piper was the enemy at first to save her dad but, towards the end she became good and still saved her dad. Skylar eventually trusted her friends, realized she was good, and still won the battle against Gea in the end.
    12. 12. The Antagonist
    13. 13. Appearance The antagonist is Gea and she does not exactly have an appearance but Rick Riordan describes her as a Pale woman made of Earth. She has shifting robes of black dirt for cloths and a vail of dust over her face, hiding a soft pale smile on her sleeping face as though she was half conches. She also takes the shape of the earth and land at any time she is not in her humane form.
    14. 14. Exposition As referred to in the heros exposition Gea is related to Skylar because she has made her believe they are family. They are opposed because Skylar realizes is not Geas child and she plays along as though she still believes Gea. Then she uses her knowledge of Gea’s moves and turns on her in the last battle and helps the Children of Olympus a.k.a. Jason, Piper, Leo,etc. and tells them the moves as she dies at the last second of life.
    15. 15. Thanks for Watching and watch for Skylar’s first adventure coming Summer of 2014!