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The final writing trait of good writers (6+1 Writing Traits)

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  • the sound of word patterns,
    the way in which the writing plays to the ear -
    not just the eye.
    How does it sound when read aloud? That’s the test.
    Share the “fluency phone” (created using PVC plumbing pipe sections.
    “Can you hear me now?”
    “Can you hear me now?”
    rhythm and flow of the language,
  • Presentation

    1. 1. R P N IO T TA N E S E The Final Trait of Effective Writing
    2. 2. COMPONENTS OF EFFECTIVE WRITING Ideas ➢ Organization ➢ Voice ➢ Word Choice Sentence Fluency and Variety ➢ Conventions ➢ Presentation ➢ ➢
    3. 3. Presentation is the finished look of the writing when it is ready to share.
    4. 4. Elements of Presentation ✓ Uniform spacing ✓ Legible and consistent handwriting, or appropriate use of fonts and sizes if it is word processed ✓ Appealing use of white space ✓ Where necessary, use of bullets, numbers, side headings, and other markers that help readers access content ✓ Effective integration of text and illustrations, photos, charts, graphs, maps, and tables ✓ Skillful and tasteful use of colors
    5. 5. The importance of presentation…
    6. 6. The importance of presentation… Even if our words are precise, our ideas are unique, and our sentences are correct, the piece will not be inviting to read unless the elements of presentation are exhibited.
    7. 7. Presentation in Environmental Print ❖Which signs and billboards attract your attention? ❖Which packages catch your eye at the grocery store? ❖How do businesses get your attention when they advertise in the phone book? ❖Why do you reach for one CD over another? ❖What makes one advertisement on the internet more appealing than another? Think about examples of text and presentation in your environment.
    8. 8. Presentation ⬜Presentation combines both verbal and visual elements. It is the way we illustrate our message on paper. ⬜Presentation is often called the “plus one” Trait as it is not always included as one of the traits or qualities of effective writing.
    9. 9. Presentation In informal writing, presentation is not imperative. However, all published writers are aware of the importance of presentation, particularly technical writers who must include graphs, maps, symbols, and visual instructions along with their text.
    10. 10. Ways to practice the trait of Presentation: ⬜Write in ways that mirror real life. (newspapers, pamphlets, websites, books of their own, brochures, newsletters, and flyers) ⬜Create works for a variety of audiences. Be prepared to explain how the presentation changes depending on the audience. ⬜Present your work, especially research projects. Include PowerPoint and other presentation tools to share your ideas with others. ⬜These suggestions use higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy; they are also meaningful and engaging.
    11. 11. Presentation in Literature Train of States -By: Peter Sis
    12. 12. Presentation in Literature My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken and Me -By: Maya Angelou
    13. 13. Presentation in Literature The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups and The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups: The Second File -By: David Wisniewski
    14. 14. Presentation in Literature And Then It Rained--; And Then the Sun Came Out-By: Crescent Dragonwagon
    15. 15. What You Can Do Now ⬜Verbalize the effectiveness of advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Point out specific elements that make the ad “work”. ⬜Bring in examples of good presentation. Create a wall of honor for presentation.
    16. 16. Presentation When presentation is done well, all of the traits are pulled together.