Hero Project: Colten James


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Hero Project: Colten James

  1. 1. BY: Andrew and Ryan
  2. 2.  Colten James is a fifteen year old boy with short brown hair, muscles, light blue eyes and a lion tattoo on his left arm that lights up when he uses his power.
  3. 3. “So dude you never knew your parents.” “Not exactly I know I was born in Detroit where my mother was killed.” “So was that it?” “No when she was killed lions took me away to a safe place as a baby and since then I’ve been raised by foster parents.” “So you think this dude Bane killed your parents.”
  4. 4.  Colten wants to know who his parents were. He think that if he finds out more about his parents he’ll know why he has his powers. Also he’ll know why bane wants to kill him. He also thinks the lions have something to do with his parents.
  5. 5. On Colten’s quest to find Bane he overcomes many obstacles sent by Bane. In the beginning he is stopped by many mind tricks and then the obstacles started to elevate until Colten was battling bloodthirsty dragons and fearless ghouls and near the end Colten has to fight his brother Derek to convince him to help him destroy Bane.
  6. 6.  Colten has a golden sword with a lion on the handle, can summon the the powers of a lion such as speed and power and can communicate with animals. Colten also as a iron dagger that he uses for bad situations.
  7. 7. Colten is a demigod that is the son of Leon the god of the lions. His mother is a mortal named Jessica James. Colten also as a brother named Derek James, they were seperated at birth but Colten doesn’t know.
  8. 8. He finds out his brother is still alive and is under the control of Bane. In the end Colten kills Bane and finds out who his parents were because his father helped him destroy Bane. Colten becomes the hero known as the protector to help any demigods from bad beings out there to destroy them.
  9. 9. Bane is a African American man who is imortal though he is not a god. He has black spiked hair, black eyes. He is very muscular, he weighs about 200 pounds and has a high-tech laser rifle on his back at all times and as his argonite battle axe.
  10. 10. Bane was told before Colten was born that Colten would be the one destin to kill him in the future. So he wanted to change that by killing his mom but he got there to late, he killed his mother took his brother. Bane has been searching all this time to kill Colten.
  11. 11. Just like Jason Colten has some of his fathers powers like having the powers of a lion and being able to communicate with animals. Both of them have godly fathers. Both of them have strong magical weapons and they are both teenagers.