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  • Hero Project

    1. 1. Hero Project By: Ruairi Leavy
    2. 2. Name • Lightning Palm
    3. 3. Appearance • Lightning Palm is young “trash.” He has 1 pair of clothes. His t-shirt is wrinkly, ripped, and old. His pants are ripped, and he lives under a palm tree. He has a long beard, and short black hair. • height: 6 ft 3in • weight: 170 Lb
    4. 4. Exposition • He was born when Lightning hit a lady. Legend has it that Zeus summoned the lightning strike. The lightning strike made the lady have a child, but she was so curios that she did not get to name him so he named himself. His mom didn’t know what to do so she placed him under a palm tree. he then learned how to hunt and to make fire. He went to the streets every once and a while to get money.
    5. 5. Motivation • His motivation is that his mother was killed by the evil sprits. Ever since that day he has wanted to destroy all the sprits from the universe.
    6. 6. Trails • There are many obstacles that we have to face. One, and maybe the most challenging, was the the evil sprits now rule the world. They are at every corner you turn. Also they have built a shield around the earth that nobody can get through. Lightning Palm will have to destroy the sprits on earth. Then open he gate with the button in the evils lab.
    7. 7. Skills and Weapons • Lightning Palm has his main skill which is to shoot lightning out of the palm of his hand. He also has a yellow watch that made him super fast like lightning! OH OH !! NO!!!!! NO !
    8. 8. Divine Intervention • Zeus, the god of gods, watches over him as he does everything in his life. If he does wrong Zeus will tell him not to do it again. If he does right he will get told that it is right.
    9. 9. Lesson learned • Lightning Palm changes his personality when a man brings him in off the side of the road. Lightning Palm lesson is that he cannot hate on the random people that are down the street, He learns if you are nice people will be nice back.
    10. 10. Hero’s Antagonist • Dr. Ficken, Lightning enemy, is a green skin monster that has warts on his hands, and his power is that he has super strength. • Height: 7ft 4in • weight: 200 Lb
    11. 11. Antagonist’s Exposition • Dr. Ficken was a test tube baby in the evil sprits lab, but what the scientist didn’t know was that some acid got in the tube. The acid went into his body and now he has running acid as blood. The acid makes him grow at a fast rate making him giant. The acid also burns off most of the fat on his body. The acid got in to his brain and it now makes him super smart and strong.
    12. 12. The end