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Hero Project

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  • 1. Eleanor Roosevelt By olivia goonis Period 6 Hero project
  • 2. In my words, a hero is a couragous , caring person with many abilities. Some types of abilites are being able to care for others,{ like how piper cared for her father in the novel The Lost Hero.} and being brave and able to conquer all fears, and setting your mind to something and sticking to doing it. Most importantly, being able to see right from wrong. Also, a hero can
  • 3. Name – Eleanor Roosevelt Background- Born in New York, New York on Febuary 28 th 1860 Motivation-Eleanor wanted her cousin, husband, and president, FDR To run for president because wanted change Trials- Eleanor’s obstacles were one of her sons, Franklin Jr. dying of influenza in 1909, and FDR getting polio in 1921,and dying in 1945
  • 4. Help- Eleanor gets help by having another child named Franklin Jr. and she helped FDR with his polio by staying strong and when her husband died she made the Universal Declaration of Human rights Lesson Learned-Eleanor learned that in life you can do anything you put your mind to
  • 5. How are they different? Piper : Piper is different from Eleanor because she is made up and is a goddess’ [ Aphorite] . Eleanor : Eleanor is different from Piper because she is was a real, living , breathing person when she was alive and she was married to a president, FDR How are they alike? They are alike because they both are strong, brave female role models to people evreywhere