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Hero Project

  1. 1. Kachina The Hero By: Kaitlyn B
  2. 2. Name • Kachina Karma Karmen
  3. 3. Appearance • Height : 4 feet • Weight : 95 pounds • Build: she is very weak • Hair: wavy and black • Eye: her eyes are light blue • she always wears white pale color clothes • Skin: pale white
  4. 4. Background information • January 13, 1998 a early Friday morning in Alaska , a snow storm was blowing outside a strong gust shook the house letting a candle light blow out it was dark and scary that night but a little girl was born which made it more enjoying. • It is said that once she was born her mother and father disapeared into snow leaving her alone in a snow storm
  5. 5. Skills, weapons and powers • One of her weapons was her ice crystal dagger • Her ice wand • Her creativity power • Her flexibility • And her power to freeze people and to turn into snow
  6. 6. Divine Intervention • She is watched over by her mother Icechna Goddess of snow. • Her father is a mortal named Acheno
  7. 7. Lesson Learned • At the beginning she thinks she never had parents or siblings but at the end she learns that she is a demigod and that her mom is the Goddess of snow and finds her father working at a technology software shop who tells her where she is from and tells her to go to camp halfblood where she meets Imea who is apparently her sister.
  8. 8. Trials • Kachina faces trials during her quest. One trial is how she meets her enemy. During the quest she is climbing a mountain with Imea and a rock falls from above and hits her and Imea. They both fall downward and Kachina breaks her arm.
  9. 9. Motivation • Kachina wants to know her past, where she came from, who she is, and who her parents are.
  10. 10. The enemy
  11. 11. appearance, name lavena • • height : 5 feet • weight : 98 pounds • build : she is very strong • hair : red and blonde • eye color : red and black • she has a scar from her forehead to her mouth
  12. 12. Skills, weapons and powers and powers • Lavena can shoot lava from her hands • power to turn into lava • a sword made out of lava rocks • power to put objects on fire
  13. 13. • History of the enemy andAugust 2003 a Hero On a windy morning in school day was starting. Kachina and Lavena were starting 3rd grade. Lavena was part of the mean group of kids and she always picked on Kachina. Kachina was tired of being picked on by Lavena and wanted to start the year out good so when lavena came over to her she froze lavena and then started laughing at her even lavenas friends laughed at her lavena was getting humiliated so then lavena said to Kacina “ I will get my
  14. 14. I hopped you liked my presentation are there any questions????