Virtual Tour Of Canada


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This is the presentation of Nicole's class last week

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Virtual Tour Of Canada

  1. 1. Virtual Tour of Canada Nicole Chidiac
  2. 2. How you will get to Canada: • You will travel to Canada in June 2009 from Madrid Airport. • Your vacation will be 2 weeks long. • You can travel with: – Delta Airlines – Air Canada
  3. 3. To reach your lodgings from the airport you can: • Take a taxi for $45. • Rent a car for $ 25 a day. • Or take the bus, which will cost $45. This bus go from the airport to Halifax.
  4. 4. In Halifax, your lodgings are going to be: • The Marriot, a 5 star hotel for $100 a night. • The Holiday Inn, a 3 star hotel for $60 a night. • International Hostel, a 4 star hostel for $25 a night.
  5. 5. In Halifax you can: • Rest, recuperate and do what you like. • Go for a walk around the Historic Properties on the waterfront. You can go shopping there and try the delicious fish and chips for example. • Meet with your group in the hotel lobby and go on the Harbour Hopper, a guided tour of the city on a boat/bus. • Tour Citadel Hill. This is a very famous fort in Halifax. Your tour guides will even be dressed in clothing from 1869. • Some great restaurants to go to: – Your Father’s Moustache – The Fireside – Saege
  6. 6. Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia Clock Tower on Citadel Hill
  7. 7. Next, Prince Edward Island • You can: – Rent a car and drive there. This means you will cross the Confederation Bridge. – Or take the bus to Caribou, Nova Scotia and then take the Ferry. – Take the shuttle which is a bus system going from Halifax to the island.
  8. 8. Your lodgings? • Cavendish Wild Rose Country Home, a 4 and ½ star bed and breakfast for $79 a night. • Sundance Cottages Hotel, a 4 star hotel for $75 a night. • Anne Shirley Motel and Cottages, a 3 star motel for $65 a night.
  9. 9. You can: • Relax, stay in or do what you like. • Go to Cavendish beach and bask in the sun. • Rent a car and discover the island by yourself. • Take golf lessons at the Forest Hills Golf Course. • You can watch a play at the church Lucy Maude Montgomery attended. She was the author of Anne of Green Gables. • Some great restaurants to go to: – The Galley Restaurant – Butter Churn Café at Green Gables – The Friendly Fisherman
  10. 10. Anne of Green Gables Lobster Dinner Cavendish beach
  11. 11. Next Stop, Toronto! • You can get to Toronto the easiest by plane. It is a 3 hour flight. • You can get there by renting a car. It will take about a day and half. • You can also take the bus, this will take 2 days.
  12. 12. Lodgings in Toronto: • Cambridge Suites Hotel, a 5 star hotel for $125 a night. • Canadiana Backpacker’s Inn, a 4 ½ star hostel for $16 a night. • Bay Street Motel, a 3 and ½ star motel for $ 50 a night.
  13. 13. What to do? • You can: – Tour the CN Tower. It is the tallest free-standing structure in the Americas. – Visit the Rogers Center: Toronto’s SkyDome. A Stadium with a retractable roof. – Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. – Walk around the city and shop. – Some great restaurants to go to: • Canoe Restaurant and Bar • Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar • Perigee
  14. 14. Rogers Center Toronto
  15. 15. CN Tower, Toronto
  16. 16. Next Stop: Lake Huron, of The Great Lakes • You can rent a car and drive to your lodgings, or take the bus. • You can stay at: – A cabin or cottage for $85 a night. – Camp out on Huron Shore for $35 a day. **You can rent canoes and kayaks at these locations.
  17. 17. A campground A cabin
  18. 18. You can: • Go fishing. • Go canoeing or kayaking just outside your lodgings. • Go for a swim in the lake and enjoy the scenery. • Relax, stay in or do as you please. Discover!!
  19. 19. Next Stop: Banff National Park, part of the Canadian Rockies • You can fly to Banff from Ontario. This will take approximately 3 hours. • You can also rent a car. The trip will take a day and a half.
  20. 20. Your lodgings: • Fox Hotel and Suites, a 5 star hotel for $179 a night. • Rent a cabin for $120 a night. • Buffaloberry Bed and Breakfast, a 4 star bed and breakfast for $100 a night.
  21. 21. Things to do: • You can: – Go horseback riding through Banff National Park. – Going swimming in the Banff Upper Hot Springs. – Enjoy the park for yourself and do as you want. Go for a walk! – Go canoeing. – Visit Johnston Canyon, a canyon with a number or waterfalls. – Eat at: • Storm Mountain Lodge • Eden • The Maple Leaf
  22. 22. Johnston Canyon
  23. 23. Thank you! Hope you enjoy Canada!