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How doctors can use MDConsult to remain uptodate and provide better medical care to their patients !

Indian doctors can subscribe to MDConsult for only Rs 9995 per year !


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  • Hello, for the next few minutes I would like to take you on a brief tour of MD Consult, in which you have free access through the medical library. MD Consult brings the leading medical resources together into one integrated online service to help you find answers to your pressing clinical questions.
  • This is the MD Consult homepage. From the homepage you can jump to any of the specific content sections by clicking on that section’s tab. You can perform a search of the entire site or narrow your search to any of the specific content sections. Let’s start by running a search of the entire site for “MI”. One of the nice features of MD Consult is the fact that the system understands abbreviations and acronyms such as “MI” and will search for the intended term, Myocardial Infarction, as well.
  • This particular search term will take you to what is called the “Recommended Resources” page. These pages include the most current, relevant, and clinically useful content for the most common searches on MD Consult. Our editors and physician consultants have looked at these terms and then chosen the information that they found is the most commonly desired for that particular topic. The goal is to get you to the information that you are looking for, that much faster, and you will notice that the results on this page are organized in a consistent manner that emulates a typical physician’s workflow. You can see the content relating to an Overview of the topic, Signs & Symptoms, Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management, Prognosis, Images and Drugs.
  • You can also review the most relevant content from each section by clicking on “Top Results from All Sections”. Notice that each search term and any related terms will be highlighted in the search results.
  • There are over 50 leading medical reference “Books” available. Once you are at the Books’ homepage you will notice that they are listed by specialty, and can also be listed alphabetically. New editions and new titles will be noted in the list.
  • There are over 80 “Journals” and “Clinics of North America” available in MD Consult. The full-text of these leading medical journals and Clinics are available online, along with abstracts and citations for all journals in MEDLINE®. Journals and Clinics have been separated into two tabbed sections for your convenience, and you can perform an advanced search on either section. The search options provide simple but flexible ways to refine your search.
  • “ Patient Education”, contains more than 10,000 patient handouts available within MD Consult. You can conduct a search or browse by Condition & Treatment, Medication, Specialty or by handouts available in Spanish. Patient handouts can be customized to include specific contact information as well as special instructions, specific to a patient.
  • “ Drug” information includes generic and brand name drugs, investigational medications, nutraceuticals and nutritional products. Your search can be narrowed by drug names, indications or contraindications. We also include safety notices and FDA approvals when announced by the FDA or a specific drug manufacturer. Within the monograph, the drug is listed by generic name and possible brand names including full color images. Under the image you will see links that allow you to quickly access additional information available for that specific drug.
  • The next section is “Guidelines” which includes links to full-text clinical practice guideline articles published in the journals on MD Consult, plus links to additional full-text guidelines from professional and government agencies available via the Web. You can browse by Topic, Specialty, or Authoring Organization.
  • “ Images”, lets you search from over 50,000 high-quality images from the textbooks available on MD Consult. You can simply view the image, take a look at it in the book to see where the image occurs within the original text or compare up to 4 images at a time.
  • MD Consult “News” is updated daily and provides concise clinical summaries on new developments from all major journals, government agencies, and medical conferences. The news is provided by “Elsevier Global Medical News” and MD Consult Editorial staff.
  • Physicians can quickly and easily access CME, free of charge, just by using MD Consult. CME is offered from two fully accredited providers, Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education provides one-click Point-of-Care CME credit with self-directed, structured, online learning, that promotes a learning experience that is tailored to physicians’ individual needs. Physicians can obtain FREE 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM with each search conducted through MD Consult, simply by clicking on the “request CME” link when they access content relevant to their practice. Albert Einstein College of Medicine provides CME credit through Cyberounds® conferences. Unlimited participation in Cyberounds® modules is included with your subscription.  In addition, MD Consult users are entitled to 5 FREE AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM .
  • MD Consult is a convenient resource that allows you to work more efficiently, be more productive, provide a higher quality of care and allows you to be confident that you are receiving the best information from the most trusted online clinical resource available. To get to MD Consult go to Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact _________________. Thank you.
  • MDConsult training tutorial

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