How Indian health insurance companies can delight their customers !


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The Indian health insurance market is growing by leaps and bounds, but the services which Indian health insurance companies provide is still very primitive.

They are not customer patient centric at all. When patients fall ill, they want information, but these companies provide very little information which patients want and need - for example, information about symptoms or accurate , easy to read information about diseases.

This is a wasted opportunity ! Online marketing is a great way to attract patients - but providing patient-friendly content which patients can trust is the first step in this journey - Content is King !

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  • Insurance companies need to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. Fraud is causing loss to occur Consumers see little value or benefit Health insurance has focused on the illness, not on the health of their customers.
  • How Indian health insurance companies can delight their customers !

    1. 1. Dr Aniruddha Malpani,
    2. 2. Pain points todayIntense competition - health insurance has become acommodityLosing money per customer because of fraudCustomers do not see any benefits - feel it is a wasteof their moneyIllness insurance – not health insurance !
    3. 3. Our solution allows you toReduce your claims loss ratioAcquire new customersRetain your old ones
    4. 4. TodayMost subscribers hear from their insurance companiesonly when:The premium is due to be paidThe claim they present is rejected
    5. 5. Using the internetYou need to proactively establish a more positiverelationship with your customers. When people fall ill, they use the internet extensivelyto research their treatment optionsCan you help them in their time of need withInformation Therapy ?
    6. 6. Poor content on your website When websites focus on the company and not the customer, the opportunity for trust building is lost. Providing the patient with what he wants to know –  information about his symptoms and his treatment options can build that trust. Why not embrace that opportunity ?
    7. 7. Not an easy task !Writing high quality medical content specifically for patients is difficult and time consuming You can now instantly license the information your subscribers need to manage their health concerns from the world leader in patient education, Healthwise Knowledgebase !  !
    8. 8. Makes business sense !Informed patients make better and less costly health care decisions—and that will help your bottom line even more.
    9. 9. Health insurance portabilityNeed to create customer loyalty !Can attract customers from competing health insurance companies  by providing a unique differentiator! Better than wasting money on generic advertising
    10. 10. Healthy customers = healthierbottom lines !Promote SelfCare . Help them to do as much for themselves as they can Provide Evidence-Based Guidelines , so that they can ask for the right medical treatment that they need - no more and no less Provide Veto Power, so they can say No to medical care they don’t need, thus preventing overtesting and unnecessary surgery .
    11. 11. Healthwise Knowledgebase
    12. 12. Ask a Health ExpertHealth Information at a click
    13. 13. BenefitsYou will be promoting health – not just selling illnessbenefits !Proactively helping your customers to remain healthyMajor differentiator – stand out from yourcompetitors
    14. 14. Learning from the USAAll the Top 10 health insurance plans in the US usethe Heathwise Knowledgebase on their website
    15. 15. Value addEngage with your customersEncourage them to call you as point of first contactBuild trust and loyaltySend regular ezines to help them remain wellReduce unnecessary surgery ( such as hysterectomiesand caesarean sections)
    16. 16. Very cost effective investmentAnnual license costs only a few rupees per customerGreat way to create customer delight !The knowledgebase is a starting point to engagecustomersYou need to build upon it further using a call centre
    17. 17. White labelled
    18. 18. Engage with Health Guardian
    19. 19. Rich actionable content
    20. 20. Try it out yourself