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Malman law nursing home slide share


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  • 2.  Nursing homes are meant to be safe havens for the elderly, but a surprising number of abuse cases are filed every year. Neglect and mistreatment run rampant in certain homes and too often the victims don’t have a chance to speak up for themselves.
  • 3. The only way to fight for your loved ones andbring justice upon these distressing andoppressive parties is to hire a Chicago nursinghome lawyer.Please read the following slides for a clearexplanation of the most common casesrepresented by a nursing home attorney inChicago.
  • 4.  Also known as pressure ulcers, Bed Sores are caused by constant pressure on certain areas of the body. Bed ridden patients are prone to bed sores and your Chicago nursing home lawyer understands this. There are four stages of Bed Sores and if left untreated can cause serious health complications and even death. If you recognize any of the sores on the following page contact a lawyer in Chicago
  • 5. Stage 1: A tender, red area of the skin which remains once the pressure is relieved. Stage 2: A chunk of skin is lost and may resemble a blister or shallow hole. Stage 3: A significant portion of skin is missing and exposing the tissue beneath. Stage 4: A sizable portion of both skin and tissue is lost exposing muscle or
  • 6. Malnutrition is adifficult symptom topinpoint. A variety ofhealth issues such ascancer, Type 1Diabetes, and insulinresistance all preventpatients from properlyabsorbing nutrients andcan mirror the effects.Please reference thefollowing page for a listof malnutrition warningsigns.
  • 7.  Changes in the Skin or Hair Hair Loss Swelling Belly Cracking of lips Strange Food Cravings Weak Muscle Tone Bleeding/Swollen Gums Tooth Decay Inflamed Eyelids Glassy Eyes
  • 8. Although thephysical effects ofbed sores andmalnutrition maybe obvious toeye, thepsychologicaleffects of VerbalBelittling are not.Nursing homeattorneys inChicago areexperienced infighting this mentalabuse and givingyour loved a legalvoice.
  • 9. Persistent VerbalBelittling canlead to:• Depression• Anxiety• Agitation• Insomnia• StressIf you noticethese suddenmood changesyou must actnow.
  • 10. While some physicalrestraints are in place toaid post-surgery patientsand those vulnerable tofalls, they can be used tohumiliate and punishunwilling patients as well.Unreasonable restraint isagainst the law and yourChicago nursing homelawyer will fight to havethe staff membersbrought to justice.
  • 11. The use of chemicals canbe just as limiting asphysical restraints. Alteringa patient’s medication orfeeding them sleeping aidsand mood stabilizers canlead to a list of medicalcomplications and alsohave a severe effect ontheir mental wellbeing.Mixing medications isnever beneficial and canoften be fatal.
  • 12. Believe it ornot, unexpected fallsand fractures are aleading cause of injuriesand even death for ages65 and older. No matterif the patient is prone tofalling or it was anaccident, if the nursinghome is at fault theywill be held accountablewith help from yournursing home attorneyin Chicago. Here aresome Red Flags forfalling accidents.
  • 13.  Lack of Supervision Lack of Appropriate Lighting Loose Objects on the Ground Loose Hand/Guard Rails
  • 14. The reasons patients needbreathing tubes may vary, butone aspect of these breathingapparatuses is universal: theyall must be attached properlyand functioning correctly for thepatient to survive. Patientsneeding an Endotracheal Tubeor who have undergone aTracheotomy rely on thesetubes to provide them theoxygen their body needs. Thefollowing two slides explaineach of the aforementionedtubes and how they must beadministered.
  • 15. Tracheal tubes are a catheterinserted into the trachea toestablish an unblocked airpath. Endotracheal tubes arealmost always insertedthrough the mouth or nose.Modern Endotracheal tubesare made of polyvinylchloride but can also beconstructed of latex rubber,silicone rubber, or stainlesssteel.
  • 16. Tracheotomy is one ofthe oldest surgicalprocedures known toman and is basically thesame today. Surgeonsmake an incision on theanterior aspect of theneck and insert a stomaor a tracheal tube toallow the patient tobreathe freely. As withthe endotrachealtube, tracheal tubes mustbe kept free of debrisand food particles.
  • 17. The fact people actuallymanipulate seniors withdementia and Alzheimer’sdisease is despicable, butChicago nursing homelawyers truly enjoybringing the guilty partyto justice. Significantfines and jail time areapplicable, for they arecommitting a crime, andthe culprits will get whatthey deserve. Look out forthese common ways ofexploitation:
  • 18.  Money Has “Gone Missing” Property and Jewelry Disappear Suspicious Activity of Caregiver or Relative Unusual Financial Documents Begin to Appear Strange Transactions Appear in their Bank Account
  • 19. Improper dosing, misseddosing, and mixed medicationsare accountable for an alarmingnumber of unnecessary medicalcomplications and deaths everyyear. Chicago nursing homelawyers are able to use medicalrecords and prescriptions tofile a case prove these errorsare unjustified. Please refer tothe following slide for areference guide:
  • 20.  Administrative Disorder Nurse Error Failure to Monitor Side Effects Improper Use of Medications
  • 21.  Wrongful Care cases are dependent on the specific needs of the patient. Each patient will have a file that clearly states the need for bed repositioning, medications, dietary supplements, therapy, and other special service needs. Overlooking these mandatory actions, which have been assigned by a medical professional, can lead to a wide variety of complications and end in serious injury or death. Here are three common cases of Wrongful Care a nursing home attorney in Chicago will undertake:
  • 22. Seniors in a nursinghome need humaninteraction other thantheir caretaker. Socialprograms and exerciseclasses keep theseresidents in goodspirits and helps theirbodies and mindremain strong.
  • 23. One glaring form ofneglect is ignoring theconcerns andcomplaints of theelderly. Careless andinattentive staffmembers may portraytheir cries for help asannoying rather thanlegitimate concerns.
  • 24. A misdiagnosis, forwhatever reason, isabsolutely unacceptablein a professional facility.Your nursing homelawyer in Illinois canonce again use thepatient’s medical historyand signed prescriptionsto file a case in court.
  • 25.  Your loved ones may either be unaware of these travesties or too afraid to speak up in fear of retaliation. Are you ready to say “Enough is Enough” and fight for their rights?
  • 26.  Call Malman Law today at 312-629-0099 for a Free Consultation on your nursing home abuse case. Malman Law has represented over 10,000 cases since 1994 and has the legal power and experience to win your case in court. Call Malman Law today!
  • 27. 205 W. Randolph St., Suite 610 Chicago, IL 60606 Phone: 1-312-629-0099 Fax: 1-312-629-1188 Email: Call Now! 1-888-625-6265 Available 24/7 Serving Chicagoland & All of