What I Can Find Out About You in 140 Characters


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140 Characters May Reveal More Than You Suspected. Check Out This Slideshow to See What I Can Find Out About You By Studying Your Twitter Feed.

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What I Can Find Out About You in 140 Characters

  1. 1. WHAT I CAN FIND OUT ABOUT YOU IN 140 CHARACTERS Tip of the Iceberg Social Analytics By Mallory McGuinness
  2. 2. I CAN CALCULATE HOW EFFECTIVE YOUR TWEETS ARE FOR YOUR SMM CAMPAIGN. • I can identify trends on Twitter in your industry, and determine if you are identifying these trends as well, and tweeting about them in a timely manner. • I can align your tweets with your marketing campaigns, and measure how effective your Twitter marketing was - did it increase reach? Were you tweets influencial? Did your campaign increase important, "power" users' engagment level with your Twitter account?
  3. 3. I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR FOLLOWERS • I can compare your followers with your competition's followers. I can tell you who is following your competition and not you, and can calculate common traits of these followers. • I can analyze your followers, and can tell you traits that your followers have in common. • I can look at the tweets that your followers are re-tweeting the most, and filter out the topic, so that you know which of your tweets are most popular.
  4. 4. MAP YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY WITH MY CALCULATIONS ABOUT YOUR TWEETS. • Running tests for Lexical Diversity on your most popular tweets allows me to identify: Unique words per tweet Average word per tweet I look at these tweets through your timeline and identify patterns and trends. • There are many ways to examine and classify your most popular tweets • With popular tweets grouped into meaningful categories, you can focus your efforts on these subjects
  5. 5. I CAN TELL YOU WHO TO FOLLOW • I develop a profile of who to follow by determining who is popular in your industry, as well as who is first to identify industry trends • Analyze industry trends over time - who is first to mention, #, link? • Trace trend retweets to original URL to find power users • Popularity is calculated by levaraging retweets and favorites
  6. 6. FORM A STRATEGY FROM POWER USERS • Analyze the people that power users follow - what do they have in common? • Analyze followers - what do followers have in comon? Do you and the power users share any mutual followers? Or share mutual follows? • Extract a list and small summary of all of the power user's links that have been shared in their tweets, to use for comparison for the links you have been tweeting.
  7. 7. EXAMINING PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR • Search a user's "favorite" lists, and pull out common entities. • Look at retweets and favorites in your industry, and determine what patterns of behavior are influencing these. • Find patterns in retweets - find the most popular retweets, the originator of the retweet, and the text of retweet • Compile a list of users that have retweeted a status
  8. 8. EXAMINE THE SCOPE OF A USER'S NETWORK • Crawl a friendship graph: harvest ID's of a user's followers, followers of follower's of their followers, and so on, creating a network representing this user's connections.
  9. 9. 140 CHARACTERS: ANATOMY OF A TWEET • RT @ UN: #Trend additional text • Entities of a Tweet: RT = retweet; @ = mention; UN = username; # = hashtag with trend; additional text = text, or URL A tweet can contain more information than it seems! Any entity of a tweet can be extracted and studied to find behaviors or patterns that can be used to supplement your SMM strategy
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING DATA ANALYSIS CONSULTING IS AVAILABLE BEFORE THE LAUNCH OF MY ONLINE MARKETING SITE • To kick off the website launch, Twitter consulting is available at a pre-lauch, competitive rate at $40.00 an hour, from 12/23/13 - 1/6/14. • Consulting comes with a comprehensive report along with raw data, as well as the data plotted into graphs, diagrams, charts and categories. • Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Blogs, Email and Link Building data analysis will be offered soon.