Issue : 18             Volume : 32                    31-10-2012               Pages -4                                   ...
Our Rtn. Nandoo                                               Dasara Celebrations have come to an along with his          ...
RYLA 2012                                                       Our Club sponsored the trip for Mahajana Rotaractors      ...
INVITATION     Smt. Nirmala & Shri C.S.Gururajan                          Smt.& Sri.Rtn. D.K.Manjunath        request the ...
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Issue 18


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Issue 18

  1. 1. Issue : 18 Volume : 32 31-10-2012 Pages -4 bREACHING INFY ...the Midtown wayT his year Midtown families are being treated classroom was a well furnished hall which could to different experiences. One such unique accommodate more than 100 at one go. experience was on 20th October when the Midtowners settled in the plush seats as thoughfamilies were taken for a vocation visit to GEC-II at they were back to school. After president VishwaInfosys campus, Mysore. officially welcomed the gathering, the proceedings were handed over to Mr. Biligiri Ranga. HeThere was enough expectation for the visit, thanks explained to the keen Midtown families that theto the constant reminder SMSs & calls. Midtown place is spread over a sprawling 350 acres having“procession” of cars started at about the right time capacity to host more than 14,000 trainees at a(3pm). The event attracted more than 95 people time. The infrastructure details were mindconverging at GEC (Global Education Centre-2) boggling, the facilities had everything one wouldgate 1. Everyone were eager to enter the hyped want – pool, gym, aerobics, bowling, in doorworld of Mysores mammoth landmark, but the games, library, multiplex, cricket ground, athleticPresidents entourage arrived a little later making track, automatic laundry, et al. A short video aboutthe crowd get more curious to get in. Due to the phenomenal journey of Infosys was reasons there was a head count and only It is always good to hear the great achievements ofone gate-pass was issued, which Vishwa hung the visionaries of Infosys leadership who startedaround his neck with pride. Anns and annettes with a humble beginning of $500 to an enterprisewere in large numbers adding colour to the vibrant posting more than $3 million in revenues annually.crowd. Impressed Midtowners later quizzed Mr. Biligiri with some “bouncer” questions in the Q&A. AfterThe jovial midtown family started walking into the formal vote of thanks by Rtn.Bhanu, the entouragecampus, thrilled and awed at the beautiful continued on a guided tour by Mr. Biligiri and hisstructures of the campus. Beautifully appointed colleagues. Walking through the rainwaterlawns, speckless surroundings, well maintained harvested lake; the beeline reached thebuildings made one wonder whether all this was in entertainment arena. All thru, busy camerasMysore. Midtown families made a beeline and continued capturing the moments.enjoyed the walk to one of the “classroom”. The Continued on page 2...
  2. 2. Our Rtn. Nandoo Dasara Celebrations have come to an along with his end and hope you all had a great time. Our visit to family looks relaxed after a Infosys was an eye opener for most us. wonderful holiday The facilities created at a remote at Bali, Indonesia. corner of Mysore city is truly world class Nandoo shared his and we realize that where there is a will experience of the there is a way. Let us be inspired and take it trip with the editor as a role model for building a better India. and also said that I would like to thank our Muslim brothers Bali is a must visit for hosting todays party; what more can the with lot of Birthday Boys– Mohan and I, ask for ! Hinduism found in a Muslim country. The picture was taken at Denpasar Airport, Bali. Thank you friends. Vishu... Continued from page 1We were informed that all the new recruits are wanting to miss thecompulsorily lodged at GEC who undergo different surprises offeredtraining modules. All the recruits are paid salaries by the breathtakingeven during their training and hence they need to campus. We werepay for all the facilities which they need. A one then taken to themonth unlimited movie ticket at the high-tech state of the artmultiplex would cost a mere Rs.150/-, a one month library building.membership for all the playing facilities costs The “Roman”Rs.350/- only. Sounds like a dream?, thats exactly architecture waswhy few were enquiring whether jobs are open for p e r f e c t background for some excellent “wallpaper” photographs. After the looong walk the visitors were offered hot “samosa” and “kapi/chai”. Everyone was happy, the little ones were the most thrilled/inspired, it is they who will have to dream and build such enterprises which not only preach but also practice high ethics. An epic vocational visit was complete only after a mega group photo was captured. Thanks to all those who worked for making the visit happen,Rotarians!!! special thanks to Dr. Subraya, Mr. Biligiri Ranga and other staff for their hospitality. Infy conquered,Though the surroundings were serene and “out of thanks to the efforts of president Vishwa.this world”, few started to tire, but continued not ...Rakesh Babu wedding with Arun, at Rajendra Kalyana Mantapa ROTARY on 27th & 28th October. True to his heart and style, the wedding was a grand gala event with chosen FAMILY decoration, lighting and grandeur. Food was a WEDDING combination of delicacy, blended with variety. Immaculately dressed Babanna and family welcomed us with love and warmth which is aOur International service director Rtn. Narendra trademark of ‘Murugan Group’. Best wishes to theBabu celebrated his eldest daughter, Rekha’s newly married couple.
  3. 3. RYLA 2012 Our Club sponsored the trip for Mahajana Rotaractors to RYLA 2012, held at Mangalore. The group had a knowledgeable trip and they are sharing their experience with us. Reproduced below is a report by - A Report M. Balakrishna Kini and Darshan D.P.F irst of all Thanks to Rotary Midtown for talked about Family and about his experience with sponsoring us to go to the programme. The Rotary. At 1:00 pm it was lunch hour. 4th Session, a programme was very good and helped us a very interactive session was hosted by Kasargod lot. We learned many things and made new Chinna who taught about communicating withoutfriends. We also came to know about Rotary, how using words, MIME Acting and how to strengthenrotary works and its services in detail. We left the words while communicating. At 5 pm was theMysore on 12-10-2012 (Fri) and reached 5th Session by Sri Mahesh Nayak who talked aboutMangalore early morning on 13-10-2012. We along "Public Speaking". At 6 pm after High Tea, it was thewith delegates from Rotary Mysore East, went to 6th Session by Dr Ravishankar, who told us about"Sahodaya", Balmatta the venue of the programme. Rotary, His experience of Norway GSC Programme. His session was tiltled "Reaching Out". At 7:30 pm a camp fire was arranged but due to heavy rains, it had to be cancelled and instead an indoor party was arranged, followed by dinner. The next day again at 6 am we had Yoga Session. After Breakfast, at 9:30 am was the 7th Session, Where Dr. Arvind Shenoy showed a PPT presentation about mistakes made by Great Leaders. Later at 10:00 am we had a very interactive session hosted by Sri ShikaripuraThere we were given rooms. The Registration Krishnamurthy who made us analyse ourselves instarted at 2:30 PM and we got registered. We were several aspects and also organised a mockgiven our ID Cards and the programme kit and at parliament involving all the delegates and the topic7:00 pm the inaugural function started and we were of discussion was "Making India a Super Power inbriefed about the programme and we were given the next 10 years". We learnt a lot from this session.the agenda. After the inaugural session, there was Later Valedictory function was organised followedan entertainment programme followed by dinner. by lunch.The next day (14.10.2012) at 6:00 am, there was Overall the programme was very good. We found itYoga Session by Sri Narayan Shetty. Later at 8:00 very useful. We could learn many things from thisam we had our breakfast and first session of the programme and also came in contact with manyprogramme was hosted by Sri Prasad Guruji who other people.talked about Leadership and inner mind. At 10:30 We once again thank Rotary Mysore Midtown andam was the second session by Sri Kiran Vasanth. Rotary Club of Mangalore for giving us anThis was an interactive session with few games. opportunity to attend this wonderful programme.Later at 11:30, we were provided with tea. At 11:45am was the 3rd Session by Sri Manohar Prasad, He CUTIE PIE Vriddhi HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT The ‘Barbie Doll’ look alike daughter of Rtn. Elizar Milton and Ann Shama has made her parents and Midtown family proud by participating and winning at the Dasara Tricycling Competition - 2012 conducted by Dasara Cycling Committee. She was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2,000/- along with a certificate. Like parents- like daughter, good going. Midtown wishes all the very best to the junior Milton.
  4. 4. INVITATION Smt. Nirmala & Shri C.S.Gururajan Smt.& Sri.Rtn. D.K.Manjunath request the pleasure of your company with family on the occasion of the marriage of their second son invites you with family on the occasion of Chi. Shri. Dinesh Gururaj with ‘ Sathyanarayana Pooja ’ Chi. Sow. Bhavana Raghu on (D/o Smt. Shobha Raghu & Late Shri. N. Raghu Saturday the 3rd November 2012 On at Thursday the 1st November 2012 No. 121, ‘Apoorva’, 1st cross, at Temple road, Roopa Nagar, Abhimani Inn & Convention Center, Mysore - 570026 Bengaluru Time: 12.30pm Reception: Muhurtha: Lunch: 1.00pm 31 Oct 2012 1 Nov 2012 7:00 pm onwards 12:03 pm to 12:58 pm Abhijin Muhurtha Rani Satish With best compliments from Champa & Sridhar Gururaj SPONSOREDIW president Anupama Ravindranath andVijaya Srinath sponsored a cataract surgery.Rtn. Sulaiman Sait helped identify the case. WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 3rd November ROTARY INFORMATION NEXT WEEK IN MIDTOWN SPEAKER MEET Mr. G. R. Vishwanath will address on ‘Mankuthimmana Kaggha’ RCL Hall, JLB Road. Date : 07.11.2012, Time : 6.30 pm R otary clubs around the globe have many things in common, including a commitment to service. All year long, clubs are taking action to make a difference in their communities. Here’s a roundup of recent club activities worldwide: AustraliaToday’s Dinner Hosted by The Rotary Club of Hobart organized a 10-day voyage in April on the brigantine Windeward Bound for teenagers who had experienced war in their home countries. The eight students – one from Sudan and ‫ﻣﺴﻠﻢ اﻷﺧﻮﺓ‬ seven from Nepal – were paired with mentors their own age. The trip aimed to bring together teens from different backgrounds to promote tolerance and cultural understanding and to teach ways to build peace in their communities. The Rotary clubs of Huon Valley, Queenstown, Smithton, and Ulverstone West and the Rotaract Club of Central Coast provided funds.1. Is it the TRUTH ? Egypt2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? Rotarians in Egypt and the United States are helping3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? doctors at a pediatric hospital in Cairo to save4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? hundreds of premature babies each year. Through the $23,000 project, which received support from aQ uiz Q.: A missed meeting can be made up Rotary Foundation Matching Grant, the Rotary clubs of Heliopolis and Minneapolis purchased equipment how many days before or after the for the intensive care unit of the Abou El Reesh Children’s Hospital. The hospital treats one million missed meeting? patients annually, most of whom are from poor a) 21 days b) 7 days c) 14 days d) 28 days families. The Rotarians also advised hospital staff on using and maintaining the equipment, and plan to (Last week’s answer : Magazine month) conduct monthly sessions on sanitation and nutrition.