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Issue 17

  1. 1. Issue : 17 Volume : 32 20-10-2012 Pages -4Q 1 Review of VISHWA & TEAMT he Rotary year of “Peace Through Service” has Vishwa always seeks opportunity to turn not been so calm and peaceful at Midtown with so business into pleasure. The first Board Meeting at Ooty much happening under the leadership of Captain was one hell of an excuse to holiday in the name of Vishwa. Right from the Installation Ceremony to business. If Ooty was the first stop, Ammathi became thethis Vocational Visit to Infosys, the team has been on its second stop with Secretary Manoj playing the host.toes to bring about innovation and variety in all its Board Meetings were never Bored Meetings withactivities.Innovative Installation sightseeing and relaxations at holiday spots. A Board Meeting at Board member’s house: What an idea Sir-ji! No wonder Board Meetings saw 100% plus attendance. A unique and apt chief guest, though not a New Mega ProjectsRotarian but a follower of Rotary principles, Mr.Narayan Krishnan was invited to grace the occasion.Who better than a man who feeds the poor can inspire ourRotarians. The Rajasthani theme, aptly set up stagedepicting the theme and the turbaned members, allprovided a preamble to the beginning of a novel yearahead. Though a formal installation ceremony, the wholeevent was innovative, neat and crisp. CARDIAC CAMPUnusual Board Meetings This first quarter, two new mega projects have seen the light. “Samartha” being a noble gesture from Midtown in mainstreaming the differently abled. The first step towards this cause has been very successful and has laid the foundation for further programmes. The second one is the “Y.Bhagawan Memorial English Debate Competition”, which gave a platform to the cream of young speakers of Mysore. This again is just the beginning of a State Level Competition to be conducted Continued on page 2...
  2. 2. ...Continued from page 1 Gift of Life project worth Rs. 75,000/- , saved one year old Omkaraiah who was suffering from a heart problem. The child has fully recovered and the parents have no words to thank our Rotarians for the help and blessings rendered. Thousands have benefitted from the “Eye checkup camps, “Dental checkup camps” and “Cardiac camps” conducted by Midtown along with the help of our doctors and their colleagues. A number ofby Midtown in the years ahead.Record breaking Attendance Good attendance and member participation has Orientation Programmes were conducted by our senioralways been a challenging task for the board. The steps Rotarians to guide the young generation onto the righttaken by the board members in personally inviting all track.members to the meetings, giving them smallresponsibilities to perform and even going a step further in Hosting Zonal Eventsluring them by messaging the food items on the days teamenu, has borne the fruit. Even speaker meets, whereusually the attendance is low, have seen large number oflisteners. The attendance has not been less than 80%, arecord in the history of Midtown. Great effort by the board,keep it up.Great Speakers have Graced Midtown Midtown hosted the Zonal Seminar on TRF which was well attended by Chairpersons of various committees of Zone VII and Zone VIII. Learned and experienced Rotarians of Midtown gave an insight into Rotarys “Future Vision” which was well received by the participating delegates. Midtown is one of the elite clubs to host a Zonal event. Family Funtoosh Some great speakers like C.V.Gopinath, whotook us on a virtual tour of Kailash Parvath, and Mr.Prakash, a humble teacher who made a difference haveawed and inspired our Rotarians. Hats off to our membersfor identifying such people who set an example for others.Speaker meets have become an event to look forward togain some knowledge.Noteworthy Projects Family members of Rotarians did not get a chance to take the back seat because there was so much happening involving them. Family visit to “The Village”, a theme restaurant was one such event. There seemed to be no end for fun, frolic and food. How can anyone forget our “Mens Cooking Day”. An innovative idea, where men and Continued on page 3...
  3. 3. ...Continued from page 2women exchanged roles for a day. For a change, the menfolkcooked and the women enjoyed watching and criticizing them.What a day it was! Thank you Vishwa, for bringing Masthalli likefever, in different forms into the club. So far its all pluses for Captain Vishwa and team this firstquarter. Not only the board members, but all Midtowners can pat CARDIAC CAMPthemselves on their shoulders and lift up their collars feelingproud of the achievements. It is just the first mile stone of reachingthe goal of repeating history, by winning the “Best Club Award”for the second time in a row. Good job guys, keep it up and moveforward for we still have three quarters left. Cheers for RotaryMysore Midtown. Hip- Hip- Hurray!!! Dear Friends, October being the vocational month, visit to a vocational place is meaningful and visit to infosys is the best that we can ask for, whose ideals are very close to Rotarys four way test. On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank Prof.Dr.Subraya and Mr.Biligiri Ranga for making this dream come true. Today lets visit INFOSYS. Thank You Vishu he says, “I saw opportunity. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial ROTAR INFORMATION Y quality, and I saw how the issues of poverty related to lack of infrastructure.” After earning a bachelor’s degree in commerce and finance, Rowe pursued an international master’s Rotary Peace Fellow passionate about water in strategic management at York University in Toronto. He studiedA s a child growing up in Montreal, Ryan Rowe resented his in Brazil, taking a third of his parents’ requirement that he learn a second language. “I courses in Portuguese and hated having 
 to learn French,” says the 2010-12 Rotary conducting an independent-study Peace Fellow, who earned a master’s degree in public project on private-sectorhealth from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May, investment in water infrastructurealong with a certificate in peace and conflict resolution. “I never in Latin America.expected that I would come to love learning new languages.” Rowe recalls that during hisRowe, 34, now speaks Spanish and Portuguese in addition to childhood, he heard tales of worldEnglish and French, and he’s recently taken up Mandarin Chinese. travel and service projects from anLearning new languages is something Rowe does as a hobby. His aunt and uncle who are Rotariansofficial line of work – the stuff he’s really serious about – is 
 water in Ottawa. “But I wasn’t clued in toand sanitation. That was his specialty at UNC, where he studied at Rotary’s impact on the world,” hethe internationally acclaimed Water Institute. Today he is a part- says. That changed in 2009, whentime communications officer at the institute and quenches his thirst he was living in Abu Dhabi, Unitedfor volunteer opportunities on water projects in Africa, with Rotary Arab Emirates, and working in infrastructure development for theand other organizations. Australian investment bank Macquarie Group. While doing“A lot of people think the water crisis is just too daunting,” he says. volunteer work, Rowe learned about the Rotary Peace Centers“I believe if we work together and remain committed to investing program and saw an opportunity to help address water issues withour energy, our skills, and our money, we can have a positive some of the world’s best experts.impact.” “The public health program at UNC is fantastic. This is an amazingTo hear Rowe tell it, that blend of optimism and determination has partnership for Rotary,” he says. “Applying to the Rotary Peacebeen part of his outlook at least since college. While an Centers program was the best decision I ever made.”undergraduate at Concordia University in Montreal, Rowe took asemester off and travelled by bus through Mexico and Central He also expects that his career path will lead to collaborations withAmerica, immersing himself in the language and cultures to other peace fellows. “We’re all in the same army,” he says. “I’mprepare for an exchange program in Colombia, where he took following my passion, and I think that may be the most importantmost of his courses in Spanish. thing a human being can do to be successful. I thank Rotary forThat bus trip, he says, is what opened his eyes to the impoverished enabling me to do that.”conditions that many people face. “But instead of seeing poverty,”
  4. 4. t ar i a n s Ro BON VOYAGE BIRTHDAY Innerwheel President AnupamaCELEBRATIONS Ravindranath has departed to Melbourne, Australia, on 19th Oct to visit her son Ajay. She will be back on 12th Nov after having spent some Rtn.Gangesh quality time with her son before his marriage to Smitha. 24th OCT Congratulations Annet Gaurav Yadav, son of Rtn. Ashok and Roopa has made a mark for Rtn. himself in State level swimming Balakrishnan champions. He won silver, both in 50 HAPPY mts and 4 X 100 medley. He has also qualified for National swimming 27th OCT BIRTHDAY competition which will be held in Pune in November. Midtown wishes all success to him. 9 September Rtn.Mohan God Bless You 31st OCT Happy Occasion Inner wheel sister Uma Vivek’s daughter Chytra’s wedding reception with Ajay Kharbanda is going to be held on 20th Oct Saturday at Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel. Best Wishes from Rtn.Vishwa Rotary and Inner wheel Midtown Q uiz 31st OCT Q.: Which of the following is not a themed Rotary Month? a) Literacy Month (b) Foundation MonthWEDDING rasimhaANNIVERSARY NAgamani 26th Oct c) Eradicate Polio Month (d) Magazine Month (Last week’s answer : San Francisco) 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? THANK YOU JUST FOR LAUGHSMidtown thanks the donors for theirgenereous gesture in donating for school ofBlind Girls.1. Rtn. Alagappan 2 Tables2. Rtn. Vishwa 2 Tables3. Rtn. Manoj 1 Table4. Rtn. Ramki 1 Table5. Rtn. Gopal 1 Table6. Rtn. Milton 1 Table7. Rtn. Dr.Ravindranath 1 Table8. Rtn. Nandoo 1 Table9. Rtn. Aiyanna 1 TableOne table from the Club Courtesy: Kumar Medicals