Ethnic observances


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This is a presentation I created and gave a few years back at DEOMI. It represents the ethnic observances identified and supported by the military/DoD.

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Ethnic observances

  1. 1. Ethnic Observances Hello CAPTAIN MICHAEL ALLDAFFER 184 IW/ME MCCONNELL AFB, WICHITA, KS. 67221
  2. 2. Objectives• Identify the purposes for ethnic observances• 8 ethnic observances recognized by the DoD• Review relevant facts related to each observance• Provide some on-line resources
  3. 3. What are the purposes?• …to enhance cross-cultural awareness among military members, their families, and the civilian work force.• …extensions of the EO education and training.• …recognize the achievements and contributions of specific groups in the military and our society.• …focus is directed towards encouraging interaction and NOT just recognition.
  4. 4. January Martin Luther King jr HolidayFebruary African American History MonthMarch Women’s History MonthApril Days of RemembranceMay Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage MonthJuneJulyAugust Women’s Equality DaySeptember National Hispanic Heritage MonthOctoberNovember National Native American Heritage MonthDecember
  5. 5. Martin Luther King, Jr. – January The 3rd MondayJanFeb …to honor the struggle of MLK jr for Civil Rights in America.MarApr 1964 Won the Nobel Peace Prize **In 1964, King became the first black American to beMay honored as Time magazines Man of the Year.JunJulAugSep Did you know? There are over 730 US cities with streetsOct named after MLK…to date!Nov MLK is memorialized in a statue in Westminster Abby, London.Dec
  6. 6. Quiz reflection1. What year was Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated? 4. Where did King deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech?a. 1960 b. 1963 c. 1968 d. 1973 a. At Ebenezer Baptist Church b. In front of the Atlanta City Hall2. Which president signed the first major civil rights act of this c. At the Lincoln Memorial (1963) century? d. At the Nobel Prize ceremonya. John F. Kennedyb. Lyndon B. Johnson 5. What foreign figure has King been compared to?c. Richard M. Nixon a. Charles de Gaulled. Ronald Reagan b. Mohandas Gandhi c. Albert Nobel3. Which president signed the law creating the Martin Luther d. Nelson Mandela King holiday?a. John F. Kennedy 6. What year was the Martin Luther King Jr. national holidayb. Lyndon B. Johnson first observed?c. Richard M. Nixon a. 1969 b. 1973 c. 1980 d. 1986d. Ronald Reagan (1983)
  7. 7. African American History Month - FebruaryJan …is dedicated to honor African Americans who contributed to AmericaFeb through their intelligence, sacrifice, and pioneering developments.MarAprMayJunJulAugSep Did you know? Some names are easily recognized. George Washington Carver—Harriet Tubman—Oct Thurgood Marshall—W. E. B. Du Bois—Jackie Robinson—Shirley Chisholm…Nov …but who was Benjamin Banneker (1792)? (Almanac) Who was Ida B. Wells (1880)? (Ohio and SW R.R.) 1885 she won her caseDec Who was Daniel Hale Williams (1893)? (Surgery)
  8. 8. Womens History Month - MarchJan …to honor American women who haveFeb made historic contributions to the growth and strength of our nation politically,Mar culturally, and socially.AprMayJun What do the following products have in common?Jul Kevlar the elevator post it notes scotch-guardAug windshield wiper safety flare liquid paper Submarine telescope an encryption code (used in WWII) sewing machine disposable diapersSepOct Did you know? There are almost two million women veterans.Nov 33K women served in WWI and almost 500K in WWII. 1 won the CMH (during the Civil War).Dec 41 have won the Nobel Prize.
  9. 9. Days of Remembrance – April/MayJan Last Sunday in April to First Sunday in MayFeb …our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust and it isMar honored as a memorial to the victims.AprMay The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund BurkeJun It is estimated that…Jul -11 million people were killed during the Holocaust. -6 million of these were Jews.Aug -2/3 Europe 1/2 world -1.1 million were childrenSepOct Did you know? 1933-1945Nov 1-4K died daily!Dec For almost 13 years!
  10. 10. Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month - MayJan …to celebrate the cultures of Asia, Pacifica, and the Pacific Rim and allFeb the people who make up Asian/Pacific Islander Americans.Mar 12 million …29 different countries. Majority are fromApr Japan, China, the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines.MayJunJulAugSep Did you know? --Hawaii became the 50th state in August 1959, 7 months after Alaska.OctNov --Chinese workers built the transcontinental railroad from Sacramento to Council Bluffs, Iowa (further, faster, and they crossed TWO mountain chains).Dec --The famous 442nd I.R. made up of Japanese volunteers was the most decorated unit in WWII.
  11. 11. Womens Equality Day - August 26Jan To commemorate the passage of the 19th amendment to the U.S.Feb Constitution, and recognizing the continuing efforts toward full equalityMar for women.AprMayJun Did you know?Jul New Zealand was the first country to giveAug women suffrage (1893). The most recent is the Bhutan (2008)Sep Brunei, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican CityOct are among a handful who still do not allowNov women the right to vote!Dec What was the first US state to give Women the right to vote?
  12. 12. National Hispanic Heritage Month -JanFeb September 15 to October 15Mar …to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans and to celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture. Began in 1968.AprMayJunJul Did you know?Aug --most Hispanics come to America from Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto RicoSep --Currently there are 48 million Hispanic AmericansOct --Just under half live in either California or Texas.Nov --HISPANIC represents, essentially, those countries conquered by Spaniards (remember that Brazil was Portuguese). Spain and Spaniards are considered Caucasian.Dec
  13. 13. National Native American Heritage Month -Jan NovemberFeb …to honor and recognize the original peoples of this land.Mar There are 504 recognized tribes, About 100 of these tribes have become extinct since the arrival of Europeans on American soil.AprMay Of the 300 reservations, the largest is the Navajo Reservation, which is 16 million acres in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.JunJulAugSepOct Did you know?Nov --The only surviving American at the battle of Little Big Horn was a horse named ‘Comanche’. Currently located at in the history museumDec --Will Rogers was a Cherokee Indian
  14. 14. Martin Luther King jr Holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. http://www.thekingcenter.comAfrican American History Month NAACP National Urban League Blacks in Government (BiG)’s History Month Federally Employed Women Womens Hall of Fame National Womens History Project US Army Womens Museum of Remembrance United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Federal Asian Pacific America Council (FAPAC) Asian Pacific American Heritage Council’s Equality Day Diversity Management and EEO, US Department of Veterans Affairs Hispanic Heritage Month National IMAGE, Inc League of United Latin American Citizens Native American Heritage Month Bureau of Indian Affairs Gathering of Nations
  15. 15. Summary• discussed the purposes…• Identify the 8• Review relevant facts• On-line resources*It is our job to help recognize the diverse make-up of our military. As more learn and share…the barriers come down and we become a stronger fighting force!
  16. 16. This concludes my Briefing…