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Research/Strategy Portfolio

  1. 1. 1 Malin Dang Portfolio
  2. 2. 3 There’s always something to explore Hi, I’m Malin. Growing up in Germany, I always wanted to travel and explore the world. After my High School, I decided to go to Seattle to work as an Aupair. I loved every day of it. I couldn’t get enough and decided to study in the Netherlands, Chile, and Mexico. I married into an Indian family, traveled to India and experienced a whole different world of customs and culture. In 2011, I moved to San Francisco. I still can’t get enough. I believe there’s so much out there to explore and discover. Having settled happily in San Francisco, I continue my journey through exciting research projects. My hobby is my job. I couldn’t be happier.
  3. 3. 54 About me..........................................................................................................................................................p. 8 Projects UX Research — Eventbrite....................................................................................................p. 18 User Profiles — PayPal Here.................................................................................................p. 34 Creative Thinking — Digitizing a non-digital product.................p. 55 Ethnography — ATS Belly Dance...............................................................................p. 66 Contact..............................................................................................................................................................p. 72 Table of contents
  4. 4. 76 It’s the process of going from ignorance to knowledge that I find exciting. I’m a learner Learner
  5. 5. 98 I’m a believer I believe that we are all connected. We all want to be good and happy. That’s how I see and treat people. Believer
  6. 6. 1110 I’m a team player I am fascinated by the uniqueness in each person. We all have our own personalities and qualities. I like to bring out the best in everybody. with my handball team in Germany, 2007. That’s me Team player
  7. 7. 1312 I’m a dog lover I love all the dogs in the world. So much that I walk and play with them at the shelter every week. Dog lover
  8. 8. 1514 My resume I traveled the world to explore the unknown. Meeting people, learning about habits, discovering culture. Now, I do the same through research. Sep 2013 – Dec 2013 Fly Garage Jul 2013 – Jul 2013 Van Liere Media Feb 2011 – Jun 2011 Fresenius Medical Care Aug 2010 – Jan 2011 Research Internship Working for a freelance brand strategist and helping with desk research for his client work. Creative Strategy Internship Worked for eight days in the innovation lab Fly Garage to ideate and create for brand Oreo. Marketing/Communication Internship Created independently an international marketing report to launch yearbooks for students. Marketing/Communication Internship Responsible for analytical data overviews and a recipe collection concept for patients. Master of Arts — Advertising, focus Creative Strategy Academy of Arts — San Francisco, CA Bachelor of Commerce — International Business & Languages Stenden University — Emmen, Netherlands Sep 2011 – May 2014 Sep 2007 – Jun 2011 Education Work Extra Curricular Social Media volunteer at SF SPCA Square One Responsible for collecting and posting content on their Facebook page Young Glory, creativity competition Participating in a competition with a team of four, writing briefs and guiding team Dog volunteer at SF SPCA Taking care of dogs by walking, feeding, and training them Since Jan 2014 Sep 2013 – Feb 2014 Since Nov 2012
  9. 9. 1716 I believe that User Centered Design is essential in creating products that add value to people’s lives. We are irrational human beings that are hard to predict, thus involving people in the design process is critical. IMHO
  10. 10. 1918 Eventbrite Testing its discovery flow SIDE PROJECT
  11. 11. 2120 Background Eventbrite is a widely used ticketing platform that lets people buy and manage tickets to various events. Given where it’s positioned, it has a great potential in helping people discover relevant and interesting events, but is not very effective at it yet. Research Objective Uncover user experience issues in the event discovery flow and suggest improvements. Methodology Usability testing is the chosen methodology for this project. It allows me, the researcher, to guide and observe user behavior in the context of a scoped task. In this process, I identify usability issues and user frustrations that can be improved upon. Test details Time-frame: March 11th - April 2nd Respondents: Six people, age 24 - 30 years, all current users of Eventbrite Process I started by defining some key questions for the discussion guide to help iden- tify design problems. Then, I recruited six people who use the Eventbrite app. After having gathered data, I sorted the quotes into themes to draw insights. Background 1. What do you usually do on Eventbrite? 2. Before we open up the app, what do you expect to see? 3. Let’s open up the app, what do you see and what do you feel like doing? a. You can think out loud about what you see and think and feel. b. What are you looking for? 4. You can stop when you find something suitable. a. What made you stop? b. What do you think happens when you click the event? 5. Let’s click on the event, what do you see and feel like doing? a. You can think out loud about what you see and think and feel. b. What are you looking for? 6. What do you think will happen when you click “learn more” a. What do you see and feel like doing? Discussion guide
  12. 12. 2322 Synthesis
  13. 13. 2524 Scanning for things they know or recognize “Ah, this event I recognize, it’s by Designers and Geeks” “I saw vintners market, I didn’t think it’s wine but thought it’s clothing. So I got excited.” “I follow Huffington on Twitter so I recognize her name. I want to know more what they are talking about.“ Problems with the search interface “I don’t know how to search for a specific event. I’d try here [pointing at search bar]. I didn’t know that it existed. This is very new to me actually, I thought you’d just scroll.” “Ok, I’ll go back to search, and type networking. Oh, there’s actually a key that says networking, so I’ll press that. There are lots of options here..” “I’m going to the search area. They are giving me categories. I’m not sure, it could be in travel and outdoor events. I click that. I’m just going down the list.” Pictures/Visual aids “Some have nice pictures, like a baby or women. The photos talk to people. But a bit more professional. Even the logo, I don’t know what’s the relation. It’s often confusing. There’s no consistency.” “Stock photo doesn’t stand out, it should have something here. I see a big logo, looks like science, I’ll pass that. Nothing that really stands out.” “Their logo is not very appealing. No photos, more would be nice.” Themes Back and forth “I’m clicking on get ticket, just to see how it works even though I don’t want to get a ticket. It’s only 25$, but the tickets I see are 300$. So I won’t be going to that. So I’m going to the main page.” “Where’s this happening? In Richmond, oh I can’t do. it I’m going back to the discover tab. I just keep scrolling and going back and forth.” “I’d just scroll. Some events are far away from my purpose. It’s more like for businesses.”
  14. 14. 2726 Insight Users are spending more time rejecting events rather than finding relevant ones. Searching for the right event is like finding the right piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Strategy GET people TO quickly find relevant events BY improving signal to noise ratio Let’s make it easier to find relevant events by 1. Showing recommended events in discover tab based on user’s information 2. Giving more information about events in discover tab 3. Using bigger pictures of events in discover tab
  15. 15. 2928 Every event feels the same ­— people have to do work to get a sense of each event by reading through the details. Insight GET people TO get a feel for an event BY reducing the cognitive load Let’s make it easier to get a feel for an event by: 1. Reducing screens by combining ‘about’ screen with ‘learn more’ screen to flatten content hierarchy 2. Incorporating more visuals for event from previous occasions 3. Adding a comments section from previous attendees Strategy
  16. 16. 3130 Clearer summary cards Events stand out more due to bigger image and brief description in discover tab click more switch tabs Bringing out the details General event information is reduced to one screen Mock- ups Adding subsections Two sections are added to the current ‘get tickets’ tab; photos and comments from previous attendees help the user get a feel for the event. Mock-ups
  17. 17. 3332 I believe design should be practical. These days good design is confused with sexiness. A sexy iPhone is of no use with a broken screen — a glass screen is just not practical. Design is not only how something looks, but how a product functions in its true practicality. IMHO
  19. 19. 3736 There are 3,970 reviews for PayPal Here on Google Play, while iOS App Store has 832. The rating for PayPal Here is better on Google Play with 4 stars, compared to iOS App Store with 3 stars. Data by “Apple Square”, “Galaxy Square” “Android Square” “Apple PayPal Here” “Galaxy PayPal Here” “Android PayPal Here” Social listening Which search term is most used on Twitter? Where do people download PayPal Here? More Android users use PayPal than iPhone users People connect PayPal Here to Android phones and Square to iPhones.
  20. 20. 3938 Data analysis Experian Simmons is a database that contains datasets of consumers from the National Consumer Study. Data analysis Users strongly agree: ‘‘I use my cell phone in many different ways to get the information I need 50% Apple users 15% Samsung users
  21. 21. 4140 Users strongly agree: 6% Samsung users 14% Apple users ‘‘I like to do things that are unconventional” Data analysis Users strongly agree: 2% Samsung users 17% Apple users ‘‘I’m always the first among my friends to have the latest in electronic equipment” Data analysis
  22. 22. 4342 Insight PayPal Here is primarily used by Android users who like to stick to what they know. Strategy PayPal Here is a card reading device that feels like you’ve known for years.
  23. 23. 4544 Carl is a funny guy who is full of positive energy. He is the first amongst his friends to try out new tech trends. However, he likes it safe and waits till products have been on the market for a while. From Austin, a web developer in the business for last 20 years. Current PayPal Here behavior • Splitting bills with friends • Selling stuff on Craigslist Carl and Tech • Loves his Android, heavy app user • Believes in no-frill, functional technology • Knows what’s going on in the tech world • Belongs to early adopter / early majority CASUAL CARL Encounter posting pictures of his latest achievements (29.8% : 127) avid user, few friends enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge shares content rarely wants to know what’s going on Social Mobile • I have my phone with me all the time • I use it to check into places, play games, and read news; I use it for anything Wannabe geek Dear PayPal Here, Please have fewer steps to complete the transaction. Keep it simple.
  24. 24. 4746 MONTANA MAX Max is ambitious and hard working. He takes his metal art seriously, and is a pro when it comes to metal. Lives in Montana, 1.5 hrs away from the next Walmart. Max and Tech • He uses the phone only for calls (92.8%) • Prefers his land-line (25.4%: 94) • Has a Walmart family contract • Belongs to late majority To stay in touch with customers (27.5%: 118) His website to promote his artwork (10.5%: 125) Social Current PayPal Here behavior • Medium user • For transactions with customer face-to-face • Needs to get the hang of it Mobile • This phone is explicitly just for PayPal Here, I use it only for phone calls if I have to • I searched for the lowest plan I could find, that’s why we have the Walmart Family plan Encounter Technology adversed Dear PayPal Here, Please make it easy to work. I don’t want to spend hours figuring things out.
  25. 25. 4948 SECURITY SALLY Sally is a pro when it comes to reselling items. She knows what, when, and where to buy, and resells these items on Craigslist and Amazon. She knows what sells good and less good. She also has a huge collection of coupons. From Ohio, waits tables, and owns a reselling business. Current PayPal Here behavior • To sell items on Craigslist • To sell items on flea markets • Likes that it is branded, thus reliable Sally and Tech • She is knowledgeable of what’s going on • Belongs to the early majority Mobile • I have my phone with me all the time • I use the social apps most, then camera, and occasionally some games Encounter Social Uses it for her reselling business (26.5%: 113) Uploads regularly, has over 100 videos (18.8%: 103) Has her own website for reselling business Shares content regularly, 3 times/ week Connected so that people can find her Clever salesman Dear PayPal Here, Please make the process safe and trustworthy. Show me it’s verified and secure.
  26. 26. 5150 WITTY WENDY Wendy and her two business partners make their own organic cosmetics. She invests all her energy into the business and recognizes opportunities knocking on the door. She’s always up to date about the industry. From New York, owns a cosmetic business Current PayPal Here behavior • To sell items on fairs, exhibits, shows, farmers markets. Her main business is outside her office, and that’s when she needs PayPal Here. Wendy and Tech • She is knowledgeable of what’s going on • Belongs to early adopters Social Mobile • I have my Galaxy S2 with me all the time • My phone helps me get things done • Light user of apps Encounter uses it for her business (26.5%: 113) to share product photos has her own website rare user of Twitter to show her cosmetic products Independent spirit Dear PayPal Here, Please show me how to increase sales and keep it a no-nonsense, easy to use tool!
  27. 27. 5352 I believe that technology should help us live a better life. It shouldn’t replace what’s already there (yes, wearable watches, I mean you). Henry Ford did not give people a faster horse, he gave them the car. That’s what I feel is the role of technology. IMHO
  29. 29. 5756 Idea Add a responsive system to yoga mat. Process Identify target group, define problem, and propose solution. Target Group There are three different kinds of yoga students that we identified. The students have in common that they practice yoga in a studio and at home. However, their home practice differs in frequency and intensity. Students like Rakhi, and not Jill or Josie (you’ll read more about them in the next section) are part of our target group. Description of yoga students Rakhi is a yoga student who does yoga at the studio and at home. For her, doing yoga at home is a way to practice what has been taught at the studio. She’d like to improve her poses and is missing a teacher who can give her feedback at home. Jill is a yoga teacher who practices yoga daily at home. She said she doesn’t need a mat with a responsive system because she believes that yogis like her should be able to figure out how to do the right poses on their own. Josie is a yoga student who practices yoga only in the studio. She doesn’t have the time and motivation to do yoga at home. That’s why, even with a responsive yoga mat, she wouldn’t practice yoga at home. Background User video
  30. 30. 59 Everybody, reach forward, straighten your arms, and lengthen your spine. YOGA STUDIO What a fun class! How did it go again? 2 days later at home 2 more minutes, oof What’s next? How do I do it? yoga is about tranquilizing your mind yoga Digital Yoga Mat you can skip this ad BUY Awesome When Rakhi practices yoga at home, she’s often frustrated and confused whether she’s doing the pose right or not. In those moments, she loses touch with the inner calmness that yoga usually creates. It’s counterproductive. Problem yoga Digital Yoga Mat you can skip this ad BUY lengthen your spine, straighten your arms Awesome Product Manual ultra thin band with sensors to capture movement of body. Easy to stick on mat or wrap around chest. connect to iPhone for lessons and immediate feedback on posture it’s easy to wear GROCERY GROCERY Good posture - ohh, but look at my knees The yoga strap can be placed on the mat or around the body, measuring the accuracy of the pose through sensors. Connected on her phone, Rakhi can immediately see how she’s doing. She doesn’t need to constantly worry about whether she’s doing it right anymore, and can stay connected to her inner calmness. Solution
  31. 31. 6160 Prototype App Program button: user can pick a program (yoga, tennis, running, etc.) Start button: hitting this button will start recording the posture. Display: the user is displayed in this section. Tapping on highlighted areas gives the user more information why this area has been highlighted. Progress bar: user collects points for being in a good posture. Share button: user can share updates, progress, and stats with friends via the connect button. Gamification The user receives points every time she finishes a session. Points are received in: • mental points • physical points • resilience points • excellence points These points are given depending on the length, precision, and challenge of the exercise.. Points are given between 1 and 3. These points are collected so that the user can reach the next level of perfection. The levels are designed to follow the colors of martial arts belts: program start 34share Specs 1 week 4 weeks 13 weeks 25 weeks 41 weeks 65 weeks 0 - 50 points 51 - 200 201 - 650 651 - 1250 1251 - 2050 2051 - 3250 What Rakhi feels “Finally, there is a product that helps me improve my skills. I am so happy that I can become better at yoga.” “I don’t have to worry about if I’m doing it right or injuring myself, and that makes my practice more fun.”
  32. 32. 6362 I believe that we all need to be less judgmental. Insights are hard to find. You can only find them if you’re open-minded. As a researcher, the first step is to become the most open-minded person. IMHO
  34. 34. 67 Background American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance is a form of belly dancing created by Carolena Nericcio, owner and director of Fat Chance Belly Dance, in San Francisco. Carolena is known as a celebrity in her community. Research Objective Discover what American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance is really about through qualitative research techniques. Methodology The chosen methodology for this undergoing is ethnographic research. Ethnographic research allows the researcher to fully understand the beliefs and behaviors of the dancers through observation and informal interviews. The respondents stay in their surroundings which enables data to be derived in its context. Project details Time-frame: October 3rd – 25th 2013 Respondent demographics: age 20 – 50, female dancers of FCBD studio Formal Interviews: Carolena (3x), Nancy (1x), group interview of 5 people (1x) Process Observing respondents for four weeks with the intent to uncover insight that helps answer the objective question (what ATS belly dance is really about). Interviews were held at the dance studio before and after classes. To fully engage with respondents I participated in dancing classes. I then gathered and synthesized my data into themes to derive the insight. Ethnographic research “The dance has taught me not to beat myself up and overthink the ego. Just walk past it and do it again, smile.” “Dancers are in the moment, not thinking about movement, but letting music guide them.” “Once Dance is accepted as a goddess, ATS transforms you.” “In ATS feminism encourages women to bring out all the beauty they have.” Quotes
  35. 35. 69 “ATS belly dancers not only come to the studio in order to learn how to dance, but also to learn to accept oneself despite self-perceived physical flaws” Insight Insight video Business Implication This insight can be helpful for Fat Chance Belly Dance to promote the benefits of taking belly dancing classes. The dance studio believes in the beauty of women no matter their looks. Increasing awareness of ATS dancing will benefit not only those that attend classes by making the women feel good about themselves but increased awareness may also increase class attendance.
  36. 36. 7170 I believe that we should be the person we want to be without much worrying about what others think. It makes us feel vulnerable, but it’s this vulnerability that makes us more amiable and interesting. IMHO
  37. 37. 7372 Wow, you made it all the way here? That’s great, why don’t you con- tact me and we can chat over a cup of coffee. 206 979 9183 malindang.comwww
  38. 38. 74