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Courtsey of Craig Ballantyne ,the brilliantce behind TC of the Early to Rise.com.

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101 Ways to Transform Your Life Now- EarlyToRise.com

  2. 2. 2Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE1. Take Action Today“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time is now.” This ChineseProverb hits the nail on the head. Don’t wait another second to get started on whatever it is youwant to accomplish, today is the day to take action.2. Schedule Your HabitsBy scheduling your day, including your habits you will take control of them, rather than lettingthem control you. If you know what to expect each day, it will be much easier to handle obstaclesas they arise.3. Do You Really Want It?When you decide you are ready to change, make sure you really want to lose those pounds, orget out of debt, because unless you really want it you will not be able to overcome the pitfallsand obstacles. Motivation is the key to your success.4. Schedule Your DayWrite a to-do list each evening before you go to bed. While you’re sleeping your brain willprepare itself for the tasks the next morning and you will be ready to jump right into it first thing.5. Do Not Participate in NegativityEvery second you spend entertaining the negativity of others or participating in gossip is wastingthe precious time you could be using for positive activities. When you feel yourself being suckedinto the negative vibes, remove yourself and get back to work on your to-do list.6. Be YouRather than conforming to those around you, focus on the strengths and abilities you bring to thetable. You are a worthwhile human being, don’t mask that by acting like someone you are not.7. Treat YourselfLife can’t be all hard work. Make sure to take time to reward yourselfoccasionally along the way. Taking a moment for yourself will revive andrefresh you and ensure that you’re ready to continue the good fight.8. You Can’t Change Genetics but You Can Change Your AttitudeDon’t blame your parents for the hand you were dealt, instead change your attitude and conquerwhat it is you do not like about yourself. Each individual has the ability to change and the abilityto control the way you respond to obstacles that you approach.9. Fail ForwardIf you fear trying new things because you might fail, you have failed. Only by trying and “FailingForward” can you learn new things that will allow you to reach your goals. Failure isn’t final; youcan always overcome your mistakes and become a stronger, better you because of them.
  3. 3. 3Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE10. Identify Your Magic TimeMagic time is the hours in the day where you are the most productive. During this time period youcan accomplish double if not more than you can at any other time during the day. Flush out whenyour magic time is so you can use it to focus on the most important tasks you must tackle.11. Get Out of Your Comfort ZoneOnly when you make the moves that take you out of your comfortable place will you make stridesto accomplish what you wish.12. Become What You Want by DoingThe only way to become what you want to be is by doing that thing. If you want to be a writer,write. If you want to be a singer, sing. If you want to be in better shape, get yourself to the gym.The best way to become something is also the fastest and the easiest, just start doing it.13. Define Your FulfillmentYou must identify what need your habit fulfills. Maybe your mid-day cigarette gives you an excuseto take a break, maybe happy hour with your friends helps you let go of the tensions of the day.Once you determine what need you are satisfying, you can find more constructive ways to fulfill it.14. Switch It Up and Try Something NewDon’t fall into a rut. When you find yourself getting bored by the monotony of life, try somethingnew. This could be a new activity, a new habit or even just a new route to work. By changing thingsup every now and then you will allow for new influences.15. Get All Aspects of Your Brain on the Same PageSometimes the logical and emotional parts of our brain butt heads, so to speak. In order to makesure they work together you must placate them both. Turn “I should not smoke this cigarette” into“It will feel so nice to be able to spend a day with my child without smoking.” If you embrace all theaspects of your subconscious you will be setting yourself up for success.16. Kick Bad Habits to the CurbTake a moment to evaluate the vices you hold on to. No doubt you have at least a few that areholding you back from what you want to be or accomplish. Rather than letting these vices controlyou for one more day, take the reins and expel them from your life.17. Get Ahead by Getting StartedIf you get started today on achieving your goals you will automatically be ahead of any competitionthat waits until tomorrow.
  4. 4. 4Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE18. It’s Normal to Be UncertainIt’s inevitable that when attempting to change you will feel ambivalent. There’s no way to knowfor sure what it will feel like when you achieve your goals, so uncertainty is completely normal. Asyou continue through your transformation you will discover the costs of staying the same and willembrace change more readily.19. Make Every Minute CountCherish every single minute of your day. Whether you add an extra minute to your workout, takeone more minute for yourself in the shower or read to your kids for another minute, make everyminute count. Every minute you use to enjoy life will take a minute away from your bad habits.20. Don’t Discount Your Own ExperienceRather than devaluing your own experience and overvaluing others’ realize that you are uniquelygifted and bring many valuable things to the table.21. Visualize Your “Rock Bottom”This term was coined to symbolize when you hit your lowest point. Some people need to get therebefore they will actively make changes to their lives. But knowing the price of not making thechanges you desire can have the same outcome. Be honest with yourself about where you will bein five years, five months or even five days if you do not make a change? Once you establish yourlow point then you can comfortably stray from the habits that will take you there.22. Earn What You GetBeing handed wealth seems like a sweet deal from the outside, but not one lesson is learned inthat process. You add no value to the world. When you earn every cent or accolade you receiveyour self-worth is easily identified and you can enjoy the acquired experience.23. You Will Make Mistakes, But Don’t Let That Discourage YouIn the process of change, you will make mistakes. You will fall into old routines and “fall off thewagon.” If you realize that this is part of the process you won’t use one mistake as an excuse toquit. Pick up and start again.24. Every Action is Under Your ControlThe moment you realize that you are responsible for your own actions is the moment you will realizehow empowered you are. Every action you take brings you closer or further from your goals.25. Acknowledge Your SuccessRather than beating yourself up every time you stumble or make amistake, instead appreciate the strides you have made. By acknowledgingyour successes today you will have the willpower to try again tomorrow.
  5. 5. 5Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE26. Be Proud of YourselfBeing proud of your accomplishments is not egotistical, it is logical. When you accomplishsomething that you have always wanted to, pat yourself on the back just as you would any other,you deserve it.27. Don’t Be So SeriousRather than looking at your transformation as a tedious and unpleasant task, try to have some funwith it. Whether you pick up a new sport as exercise or find a new hobby to quell your idle handstry to make it enjoyable.28. Develop Self ConfidenceYou must believe you can accomplish your goals first and foremost. Developing the selfconfidence to know you can achieve anything is the first step in realizing your dreams.29. Seek Opportunity Not SecurityRather than slipping into complacency, you must resist your comfort zone and instead focus onyour goals. It’s easy to settle on perceived security, but it won’t make you happy. Only the pursuitof your dreams will satisfy you in the long run.30. You Decide Who You Are or Want to BeOnly one person can determine what kind of human being you will become, and that is you. Everyexperience you encounter and every move you make is cultivating who you are, so choose wisely.31. You Design Your Life Plan, Not OthersThe only person who truly has to live with your choices is you, so why would you let the influenceof others shape your character? You are the architect, engineer and builder when it comes to yourlife, so there’s no need to outsource.32. Don’t Let Yesterday Derail TodayYou’re going to have bad days, but you must not let them infiltrate your good ones. Instead offocusing on the mistakes from yesterday concentrate on what’s going right today so that you willsucceed tomorrow.33. Take a Habit InventoryTake a few minutes to write out all the habits you participate in daily, both good and bad. Onceyou have an understanding of these then you can decide which to keep and which to purge.34. There’s No Need to UnderstandSpending time trying to understand why you are a certain way only serves as a method ofprocrastination. Instead ignore the whys and take action.
  6. 6. 6Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE35. Set DeadlinesYou work hard daily to get closer to accomplishing your goals, but some items onyour agenda always seem to fall to the wayside. Give yourself deadlines to get thatextra push you need to follow through. Procrastination has its own end point whenyou force yourself to follow through.36. You’ve Tried and FailedMaybe you’ve attempted to make this change in the past and didn’t succeed. Don’t let your pastfailures dictate any hesitation this time around. What you’ve learned in the past will not hinder you,it will help you avoid making the same mistakes again.37. How to Handle Set-BacksMany things will occur in daily that can make you end up right back where you started. Rather thanaccepting defeat and convincing yourself that you’ll never change, brush yourself off and startagain. Remember, failure isn’t final.38. Teach OthersYou have skills and gifts that can enrich the lives of others. Don’t keep them to yourself, share them with the world.39. Establish Cause and EffectEvery action and decision you make leads to an outcome of some sort. If you reflect on the rewardsand repercussions that resulted from an action you will be more aware for future moves.40. Embrace the Pain, It’s TemporaryThough pain and struggle can seem infinite when you’re in the midst of it, it’s fleeting. If you can grityour teeth and bear the hard times, what you learn from persevering will be that much more rewarding.41. Set Specific and Measurable GoalsWhen you are setting your goals, don’t be vague and make sure you can measure your strides.Setting specific goals will make it easy to measure your success and will ultimately give you aroadmap so you can stay on course.42. Make the TimeIt’s easy to say and even believe that you don’t have the time to accomplish something. The truthof the matter is that time is relative. It just takes some rearranging and prioritizing to make morehours to achieve success. That may mean that some tasks will get put off, but when you truly wantsomething you will make the time.43. Ride Out the CravingsYou will have moments when you will want to fall back into old habits. When these cravings hit, ratherthan running or giving in, ride it out. This sensation has been compared to a wave, where the cravingbuilds, peaks then disperses. Understand this and ride it out rather than hiding from your feelings.
  7. 7. 7Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE44. Stop Lying to YourselfThe most common lie that holds people back from accomplishing their goals is “I can’t.” Truth isyou can do pretty much anything you want to do, once you break through this mental block.45. Measure Progress, Not PerfectionWhen you are in the process of change, don’t dwell on every mistake or misstep. Instead recordthe progress you make, that’s all that matters.46. Share Your Goals With Positive PeopleWhen you’re ready to get started on achieving your goals, share them withpositive people that surround you. They will be the motivational voice youneed to hear while also holding you accountable for your progress.47. List Your Obstacles and Avoid ThemThe easiest way to ensure that obstacles don’t interrupt your progress is toanticipate them. Take the time to list any potential hurdles that you may facethen figure out how you will overcome them, then you will be ready whenthey inevitably pop up.48. Visualize Your SuccessTake a moment to imagine yourself leading the life you strive for. Whether it’s financial freedom,being smoke free, or wearing a bathing suit on the beach, visualize yourself as the ideal you andit will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.49. Eliminate DistractionsDistractions are only a temporary remedy for boredom or stress. In the long run, distractions willnot only serve as a method to escape boredom, but success as well.50. Recruit HelpMost times it’s not possible to accomplish your goals all on your own. There is no shame inasking for help. Anyone who is successful can attribute it to a long line of individuals that lent ahand along the way.51. Review Your Goals and Progress RegularlyWhen you start your transition make sure to document your goals and keep track of yourprogress. As you are in the process you can review these daily to make sure you don’t getknocked off course.52. Never Stop LearningJust because you are done with school doesn’t mean that the learning has halted. Treat each day as a teachable moment and grow from each misstep and mistake.
  8. 8. 8Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE53. Reflect On Your SuccessTake a moment to sit and think of a few occasions when you succeeded. What did you do, howdid you feel and what was the process? By reflecting on the most accomplished moments of yourlife you will motivate yourself to recreate them.54. Fix Your MindsetIt’s impossible to control the world around you, but it is possible to control how you think andrespond to the things that come your way. Get your mind to a positive place and see how itaffects you. You still won’t be able to control others, but the simple act of fixing your mind statewill allow you to control you.55. Focus On Your Strengths, Not WeaknessesEvery person has varied strengths and just as many weaknesses. Rather than putting stock intowhere you will fall short, highlight what it is you excel at.56. Don’t Sell Yourself ShortTake the time to hype up your accomplishments rather than dwelling on your failures. In order tobe successful you must believe that you are worth it, so inflate your ego every now and then.57. Set Up a Safety NetCreate backup plans for when things don’t work out the way you anticipated. By creating a safety netyou eliminate the need to come up with excuses when the universe throws you a curve ball.58. Be Honest With YourselfYou may think you truly want to accomplish your goals, but you constantly let things derail yourprogress. This is when you need to figure out what you really want. It is possible to have anothergoal that is outranking and contradicting your new commitment. Let’s say you want to quitsmoking, but subconsciously you feel like smoking is an inherent part of your personality.59. What Motivates You?Understanding what motivates you is vital for your success. Whether it’s a monetary reward,personal integrity, or competition. Every person is different, find out what motivates you.60. New Habits are PermanentOnce you do something enough times to consider it a habit it becomes automatic and stays withyou for life.61. Create Good HabitsHabits get a negative reputation because the bad ones get so much shine. Add a good habit toyour life. Whether exercising routinely or getting up on a schedule many habits can enrich yourlife rather than detract from it. Start today by picking up a new habit.
  9. 9. 9Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE62. Past Failure Doesn’t Guarantee Future FailureJust because you failed in the past doesn’t mean the outcome will be the same the second timearound. If anything, past failure can assist with future success, because of the lessons you learnwhen you fall and pick yourself up. Keep trying, failure is not final.63. Old Habits are Permanent TooEven though you have successfully built a new healthy habit, your old ones are still there. Beaware that it will always lay there behind the scenes so you won’t accidentally let it become acurrent habit again.64. Differentiate Between Lasting and Fleeting HappinessGiving in to old habits gives momentary pleasure, but will eventually lead to disappointment.When you are about to settle into an old vice, instead ask yourself whether giving in will causelasting or fleeting happiness.65. Call on the Strengths of OthersYou probably know someone who already is the perfect example of what you aspire to be. So,when you are confused on how to handle a certain situation do what that person would do. Whenyou emulate the characteristics of people that embody your goals you will find that you alreadyhad those skills, and learn how to tap them.66. Get StartedUntil you actually get started, your goals are just dreams. Don’t put it off any longer,take action today.67. Forgive YourselfInstead of giving up when you make a mistake, realize that you have complete control over whatmoves you take next. Forgive yourself for making a mistake, learn from it and move on.68. Live the Life You DesireRather than letting other people determine what kind of life you will lead, figure out what it isyou want to do, and do it. Outside influences will always interfere, but you are the one who hasto live with yourself, so be who you want to be.69. Picture the OutcomeInstead of simply envisioning your success, imagine every aspect using all of your senses. Bycreating the scenario in your head as vividly as possible it makes getting there that much easier.70. Reflect on Your ProgressBy reviewing the progress you are making you will learn what to do the same or differently thenext day. Reflection will aid you in learning and accelerate your progress.
  10. 10. 10Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE71. No one is PerfectSuccess is not defined by perfection or not failing, but instead by how you respond to yourfailures. By picking yourself up when you stumble you are aligning yourself with every successfulperson that has made a change before you.72. Ask For HelpWhether you are spiritual or not, sometimes the simple act of asking for help, out loud can bringthe assistance you need. Whether in prayer, meditation or just simply asking, sometimes that’s allit takes. Just be willing to take the help should it come.73. The Perfect time to Start is NowIf you wait until the timing is ideal to begin your change, you will never get started. Rather thanusing excuses of why now isn’t the perfect time to begin your transformation, instead realize thatthere will never be a perfect time. Start now, and deal with the obstacles as they come.74. Accentuate the Positive and Minimize the NegativeRather than simply running away from the negative things in your life, turn it into running towardsthe positive things. Instead of escaping “being fat” try heading towards “being healthy.” Byputting a positive spin on your goals, you will make getting there that much more rewarding.75. Ceremoniously State Your ObjectivePublicly or ceremoniously stating your intention will let it serve as your guide during your journey.Once you’ve set your objective, ask yourself daily if the choices you make will help you get there.76. Create Challenging GoalsPeople generally have more success accomplishing large goals rather than small ones. Dreambig and your accomplishments will be that much greater.77. Visualize Your SuccessImagine that you succeed at your transformation. Visualize yourself in 90 days, how do you look?Are you identical to now, or are you a new you? If you imagine yourself as the positive image youdesire, you will be motivated to get there.78. Create “Outlandish” GoalsPeople often make goals that are small so they seem more attainable. It is actually a good thingfor your goals to be far away from where you are that way the progress is measurable.79. You Can Only Succeed by DoingOnly by doing the work can you see the results. Learning and listening can help if you’re alreadyputting in work, but alone they will not change your life.
  11. 11. 11Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE80. Put it in WritingWrite out your goals as a contract and include your strategies for success. The simple act of writingit down will make you hold yourself accountable.81. One Thing at a TimePick one thing to change starting today, then once you accomplish that goal you can move onto thenext. Many people get bogged down by wanting to change too many things at one time. Focus onthe most important thing first.82. Figure Out Your Success PatternLook back at other examples when you have succeeded. If you can determine a patternthat has worked for you in the past, apply it to your current transformation. This formulaworked for you before and it will again.83. Take Small StepsTaking monumental strides to accomplish your goals can seem daunting. Instead take asmall step everyday and soon you will be right where you want to be.84. Track Your ProgressSometimes the changes you make will be subtle. By tracking the progress you make, nomatter how small, you will see what is working and what isn’t.85. Learn From Your MistakesIf you are conscious of the missteps and mistakes you make along your journey, it will bemuch easier to recognize before you make them next time.86. Increase AwarenessIt will be easy to fall into old habits. Sometimes it’s as simple as calling on someone closeto you to remind you when you stumble. When you are aware that you are backsliding, itwill be easier for you to regain your footing.87. Lean on OthersHaving a solid support system is important when you are making a transition. Whetheryou call upon someone who has made the same journey, or simply on a loved one to hold youaccountable, asking for help is important.88. Realize That It’s HardAcknowledge the fact that changing is hard. By recognizing the fact that what you’re doing is achallenge, you are giving yourself credit for persevering.
  12. 12. 12Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE89. You Won’t Succeed InstantlyAnytime you try something new, it’s safe to say you probably won’t be amazing at it. The same goesfor your transformation. As you begin it will feel awkward and unnatural, because it’s not what you’reused to, but that’s the whole point, to change.90. Take it Day by DayIt’s easy to resist change when it seems too drastic. The policy of “one day at a time” makes anychange seem that much more doable. You must exercise every day seems too permanent, however,you must exercise today seems possible. If you keep this up daily, you will eventually get to whereyou want to be.91. Silence Your Negative ThoughtsSometimes our own brain can be the biggest naysayer. When your thoughts start leaning to thenegative, challenge them. Simply using positivity to counteract your subconscious negativity can behighly effective.92. Brush Off the SaboteursThere will always be people that will try to knock you off course. Whether they insist you have adrink with them or continually offer you the dessert you declined, you must be prepared. Rather thangiving in or getting upset, instead restate your goals and ask politely if they will support your decision.Most people will respect your choice, and those that won’t do not deserve your time.93. An Additional IncentiveRealize that during your process to achieve your goals you are also gaining another important reward.The skills and character that you develop during your transformation can be almost as incentivizing asthe transformation itself.94. Identify Your Best AssetsAll of us are good at something, find that special something that you excel at and focus on it.95. Remember, Failure Isn’t FinalFailing only represents the end of a journey if it makes you give up.Every time you fall, get up and start again, because then and onlythen do you ensure that you will never fail.96. Dream Big to Achieve BigMake sure you have lofty goals and ambitions, that way you havesomething to work for. When you dream small, you will achievesmall, so keep reaching for the stars.
  13. 13. 13Compiled by Early to Rise Editor, Craig Ballantyne101WAYSTOCHANGEYOURLIFE97. Have a Clear VisionWhen you are documenting your goals, make sure your vision of success is clear. Sometimessuperficial needs and temporary pleasures will mar your vision, so make sure you are workingtowards something you truly want.98. Motivation Comes From WithinUnless you are ready to make changes, all the motivational messages in the world won’t resonate.Once you have made the decision to move onward and upward with your life then and only thenwill you be ready to succeed.99. Focus on Accomplishments, Not ActivityWhen you are measuring your progress focus on the accomplishments you have made rather thanthe busy work that is getting you there. If you focus on the everyday tasks that are positioningyou to succeed, you may get frustrated. However, if you highlight your accomplishments you willfeel more successful and be prepared to keep up the hard work.100. Live and Lead by ExampleBy living and leading by example you will not only inspire others to live better, but you will alsoattract people to you that will push you to be better.101. Mastery Takes TimeTo excel at anything takes time, practice and perseverance. If you are passionate about gettingreally good at something, stick with it because mastery is worth the effort.