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Eng universities final Eng universities final Document Transcript

  • Samman sammi0333-6006036ISLAMABADAir University Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Electronic or Telecommunication) Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineeringwww.au.edu.pk 051-9262557 Ext: 209Bahria University Bachelor of Computer Engineering Bachelor of Software Engineeringwww.bahria.edu.pk 051-9260002 Ext: 203CASE (UET Taxila Campus) B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (with specializations in Computer or Telecom)www.case.edu.pk 051- 8432273 Ext: 326COMSATS Institute of Information Technology B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Telecom) B.Sc. Computer Engineeringwww.ciit.edu.pk 051-9258481
  • Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Electronics) B.Sc. Electronic Engineeringwww.fuuastisb.edu.pk 051-9252861 Ext: 201Hamdard institute of information Technology B.E. Electronic Engineering B.E. (Telecommunication Engineering) BS (Telecommunications & Networking)www.hamdard.edu.pk 051-2287312 051-2287313Institute of Space Technology (IST) Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Communication Systems Engineering Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Aerospace Engineering Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Material Science and Engineeringwww.ist.edu.pk 051-9075406International Islamic University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Electronic Engineering Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Telecom Engineering Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Software Engineeringwww.iiu.edu.pk 051-9257926 051- 9257988Riphah International University B.Sc Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Communication)www.riphah.edu.pk 051-2541863Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) B.Sc. Electronic Engineeringwww.jinnah.edu.pk 051-2822446 Ext: 0FAST-National University
  •  B.Sc Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Telecom)www.nu.edu.pk 051- 8314100NUST Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) Bachelor of Information & Communication Systems Engineering Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering)www.nust.edu.pk 051-90851041 051-90851049Foundation University B.S. in Telecommunication Engineering B.S. in Software Engineeringwww.fui.edu.pk 051-5790361Iqra University B.S. in computer Science B.S. in Telecommunication and networkingwww.iqra.edu.pk 051-111264264PUNJABCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Campus B.Sc. Chemical Engineering B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Telecom) B.Sc. Textile Engineeringwww.ciit.edu.pk 042-111001COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Wah Cantt Campus B.S. Computer Engineering B.S Mechanical Engineering
  • www.ciit.edu.pk 051-9314382COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abotabad Campus B.S. Computer Engineering B.S Electrical Engineering B.S Electronic Engineeringwww.ciit.edu.pk 0992-383591National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi (NUST) B.E. (Electrical and Mechanical) B.E. Computer B.E. Mechatronics B.E. Electrical (Communication) B.E. Computer Softwarewww.nust.edu.pk 051-90851041 051-90851049Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi B.Sc. Software Engineering B.S. Computer Sciencewww.fjwu.edu.pk 051-9270050 051-9271162Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rawalpindi (Affiliatedwith Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad) B.E. Telecommunicationwww.aiou.edu.pk 051-9057152 051-5461145Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Campus B.E. Telecommunicationwww.aiou.edu.pk 051-9250046 051-9057152The University Of Punjab Lahore
  •  B.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management B.Sc. Chemical Engineering B.Sc. Metallurgy & Materials Science B.Sc Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Electronics)www.pu.edu.pk 042-9231102 042-9231104Lahore College for Women University, Lahore (Main Campus) B.E Electronicwww.lcwu.edu.pk 042-9203801 042-9203809 Ext: 252,255National Textile University, Faisalabad B.Sc. Textile Engineering. B.Sc Polymer Engineeringwww.ntu.edu.pk 041-9230081FAST-NU Lahore Campus B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Telecom)www.nu.edu.pk 042 -5165680NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research, Faisalabad B.Sc Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Chemical Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineeringwww.iefr.edu.pk 041-9220355 Ext: 111NFC Institute of Engineering and Technological Training, Multan B.Sc. Computer System Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineering B.Sc. Chemical Engineeringwww.nfciet.edu.pk 061-9220012Rachna College, Gujranwala (UET Lahore Campus)
  •  B.Sc. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc Electrical Engineering.www.rcet.edu.pk 055-6770168University of Management & Technology, Lahore B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. textile Engineering B.S. industrial Engineeringwww.umt.edu.pk 042- 5212801 Ext: 327The University of Central Punjab, Lahore B.Sc. Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronic Engineering Telecommunication Engineering Computer Engineering Power Engineeringwww.ucp.edu.pk 042-5857791 Ext: 201The University of Lahore B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electronics and communication Engineeringwww.uol.edu.pk 042-7515460Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Textile Engineering B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  •  B.Sc Architecture Engineering B.Sc Metallurgical Engineeringwww.bzu.edu.pk 061-9210071 061-9210074The Islamia University of Bahawalpur B.Sc. Electronic Engineering B.Sc Electrical Engineering B.Sc Telecom Engineering B.Sc Computer Engineeringwww.iub.edu.pk 062-9255474 062- 9250235University of Agriculture, Faisalabad B.Sc. Agricultural Engineeringwww.uaf.edu.pk 041-9200161 041-9200170University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila B.Sc. Engineering (Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical) B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc. Software Engineering B.Sc Telecom Engineeringwww.uettaxila.edu.pk 051-9047412UET Taxila (Chakwal Campus) B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineeringwww.uettaxila.edu.pk 0543-602003University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore B.Sc. Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mining, and Metallurgical &Materials). B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc. Building & Architectural Engineering B.Sc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering B.Sc. Geological Engineering B. Sc. Architectural Engineering
  •  B.Sc. Polymer Engineering B.Sc Environmental Engineering B.Sc. Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering B.Sc. Mechatronics & Control Engineering B.Sc. Transportation Engineering B.Sc. Chemical Engineering.www.uet.edu.pk 042-9250212 042-9029228UET Lahore (Faisalabad Campus) B.Sc. Electronic & Communication Engineering B.Sc. Mechatronics & Control Engineering B.Sc Chemical & Process Engineering.www.uet.edu.pk 041-8524901 042-9029238University of Faisalabad B.E. Electrical (Specialization in Telecommunication or Electronic) B.E. Textile Engineering with specialization in Spinning Weaving Wet Processing Garmentwww.tuf.edu.pk 041-8868326 041-8868330 Ext: 121,122Wah Engineering College, Wah Cantt B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineering B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineeringwww.wecuw.edu.pk/ 051-9314101 Ext: 22255, 22256The University of Gujrat B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Chemical Engineeringwww.uog.edu.pk 053-3643334Heavy Industries Taxila Engineering College (HITEC)
  •  B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics Telecommunication Powerwww.hitec.edu.pk 051-2515407The Government College University Lahore (GC) B.S. Electronics B.S. Telecommunication B.S. Computer Sciencewww.gcu.edu.pk 042-9213340 0300-4011487
  • NWFPCECOS University of Information Technology and EmergingSciences, Peshawar B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Specialization in comp & communication)www.cecos.edu.pk 091-5860291 091-5860293College of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur Campus (NUSTCampus) B.E. (Aerospace and Avionics)www.nust.edu.pk 0923-631498COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbott AbadCampus B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineeringwww.ciit.edu.pk 0992-383591 0992-383596Gandhara Institute of Science & Technology (Affiliated withUET Peshawar) B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineeringwww.gist.edu.pk 091-5854018Ghulam Ishaque Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences andTechnology, Topi - Swabi B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineering
  •  B.Sc. Engineering (Metallurgy & Materials, and Computer Systems) B.Sc. Computer Software Engineering B.Sc. Engineering Sciences (with majors in Modelling & Simulation, or laser& Opto Electronics or Semi Conductors and Super Conducting Devices)www.giki.edu.pk 0938-271858Military College of Engineering, Risalpur Campus (NUST Campus) B.E. Civil.www.mce.edu.pk 0923-681235556 0923-631127FAST-NU (Peshawar Campus) B.S in Telecommunication Engineering B.S in Computer Engineeringwww.nu.edu.pk 091-5891390NWFP UET (UET Peshawar) B.Sc. Chemical Engineering B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering. B.Sc. Computer System Engineering B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering B.Sc. Mining Engineering B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Computer Science and information technologywww.nwfpuet.edu.pk 091-9216495 091-9216496UET Peshawar (Mardan Campus) B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering B.Sc. Computer Software Engineeringwww.nwfpuet.edu.pk 0931-9230295UET Peshawar (Bannu Campus) B.Sc. Civil Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
  • www.nwfpuet.edu.pk 0928-610804UET Peshawar (Abbot Abad Campus) B.Sc. Electronic Engineeringwww.nwfpuet.edu.pk 0992-381700Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology,Peshawar B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. Civil Engineeringwww.suit.edu.pk 091-5846508 091-5705222
  • SINDHBahria Institute of Management & Computer Sciences Karachi Campus Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Electronic or Telecom) B.Sc. Computer Engineering B.Sc. Software Engineeringwww.bahria.edu.pk 021-9240002 Ext: 221Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi (Affiliatedwith Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro) B.E. Industrial & Management B.E. Electronic B.E. Chemical B.E. Metallurgicalwww.dcet.edu.pk 021-9231195 021-9231198 Ext: 251Hamdard University Karachi B.E. Polymer (Plastic technology center, 021- 5068151) B.E. Computer System engineering B.E. Electronic Engineering B.E. Telecom Engineering B.E. Bio medical Engineering B.E. Energy Engineering B.S. Multimedia Technologywww.hamdard.edu.pk 021-6440042 021-6440020Iqra University, Karachi Campus B.E Telecommunication B.E. Electronics B.E. Computer
  • www.iqra.edu.pk 021-111264264Institute of Business Management, Karachi B.S. Industrial Engineering & Management B.E. Electronicswww.iobm.edu.pk 021-5090961Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro B.E. Civil B.E. Electrical B.E. Mechanical B.E. Electronic B.E. Industrial B.E. Pet-gas B.E. Computer System B.E. Chemical B.E. Metallurgical B.E. Mining B.E. Textile B.E. Telecommunication B.E. Software B.E. Bio-Medicalwww.muet.edu.pk 022-2772273 022-2772250 Ext: 73NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi B.E. Electronic B.E. Electrical B.E. Petroleum B.E. Telecommunication B.E. Civil B.E. Computer Systems B.E. Computer & Information Systems B.E. Textile (From Intake of Batch B.E. Industrial & Manufacturing B.E. Mechanical
  •  B.E. polymer and petrochemical B.E. Automotive and marine engineering B.E. Urban and infrastructure engineering B.E. Environmental engineering B.E. (Chemical, Metallurgical, Electronics and Industrial)www.neduet.edu.pk 021-99261261 021-99261268Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi Campus (Affiliated withNUST) B.E. (Mechanical, Electrical) B.E. Electronics www.pnec.edu.pk or www.nust.edu.pk 021-9240152 021-48503027Pakistan Air Force-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology(PAF-KIET), Karachi B.E. Electronic with specialization in Telecom Industrial Electronics Avionics Mechatronicswww.pafkiet.edu.pk 021-35091114 021-34543280Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology,Nawabshah B.E Electronic B.E Energy & Environment B.E. Computer Systems B.E. Civil B.E. Electrical B.E. Mechanicalwww.quest.edu.pk 0244-9370381 0244-9370357Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi B.S. Computer Engineering B.S. Civil Engineering B.S. Electronic Engineering B.S. Bio-Medical Engineering
  • www.ssuet.edu.pk 021-4988000 021-4980072Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam B.E. Agriculturalwww.sau.edu.pk 022-2765870Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi (Affiliated with HamdardUniversity, Karachi) B.E. Computer Systems B.E. Electronic B.E. Electronic B.E. Telecommunicationwww.uit.edu 021-4978274 021-4976560FAST-NU (Karachi Campus) B.S in Electrical Engineering (Specialization in Telecom) B.S in Computer Engineeringwww.nu.edu.pk 021-4390941
  • BALOCHISTANBalochistan University of Enginering & Technology, Khuzdar(BUETK) B.E. Civil B.E. Electrical B.E. Mechanical B.E. Computer Systemwww.buetk.edu.pk 084-8412524 084-8412843Balochistan University of Information Technology and ManagementSciences, Quetta (BUITMS) B.Sc. Chemical Engineering B.Sc. Textile Engineering B.Sc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering B.Sc. Electronic Engineering B.Sc. Computer Engineeringwww.buitms.edu.pk 081-2880410 081-2881036
  • Azad KashmirCollege of Engineering & Technology, Mirpur campus (AJKU) B.Sc. Computer System Engineering B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc. Mechanical Engineeringwww.ajku.edu.pk 058610-42612 058610-44156
  •  We have provided you with all possible informative guidelines foradmission in every engineering university in Pakistan. Now it is up toyou how much benefit you take from these. Mostly the admissions in engineering universities take place fromMay-August .So it is advised you to consult newspapers particularlyduring this period. Mostly the ads are given in “DAILY JUNG”. Some universities are of Government sector, some private sector andother are of Semi-Government sector. So there Fee Schedule varies inincreasing order from government to private sector. If you want to know whether will start the admissions of a particularuniversity or what is the Fee schedule , Simply call at the givennumber and ask them to provide you with the desired information ORlog on to the website and collect all the information. In the universities situated in provinces other than PUNJAB, A quotaor Reserved seats are available for PUNJAB; you should take fulladvantage from those seats because merit is too low there. Remember, every place other than your district is new place, so don’thesitate in applying and seeking admission in universities other thanPUNJAB Province. There are many universities which give admissions only on thebasis of their entry test, so the students having low marks in Fsc have ahuge chance to take admission there like comsats, international Islamicuniversity etc. Pak-Army, Pak-Navy and Pak-Air force take tests, ISSB and giveadmission on full bright scholarship basis and take a bound. Youshould apply there. The ads for these will be given in newspapersduring May-July. Female students should apply in National College of ArtsLahore(www.nca.edu.pk 042-9212702) And Pakistan institute ofFashion and design Lahore(www.pifd.edu.pk 042-5315401Ext:105,106) You must apply in ICT Scholarship Program. Be careful while writingpreference in their form and take their test with as same attention asyou take in U.E.T’, Test. We End with an advice “Try to make preparation of Entry Test atyour home or at the same academy in which you are preparing forFsc.”Sammi ullahElectrical EngineeringU.E.T. Taxila