Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen’s Favourite Indie Perfume Brands


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In this presentation, Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen give a rundown of some other brands that might be of interest to the discerning consumer. While talk of luxury and mid-range brands is what most people expect from a perfume blog, there is a whole host of independent retailers and manufacturers that have emerged on the back of people’s desire to own unique scents.

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Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen’s Favourite Indie Perfume Brands

  1. 1. Abdulmalik Abdul Mohsen’s favourite Indie perfume brands Today is time for something a little different than the usual Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen fare. One of my missions as a blogger is to prove that luxury is expensive but quality doesn’t have to be. A limited edition perfume bottle adorned with crystals that holds the rarest of base notes is, of course, one of Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen’s joys in life but I understand that people have different priorities. A perfume simply has to be balanced and provided moderate silage and longevity to be considered worthwhile so if you’re looking for a good fragrance that doesn’t break the bank look no further than Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen’s top indie brands.
  2. 2. Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab • Hands down one of the most creative brands on this list. They describe themselves in terms more reminiscent of a fantasy apothecary than a modern brand but that’s part of the charm and no one can deny their skill. • Like most indies, they have so-called collections, comprising of scents with a common theme from pop culture. Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen finds that their expertise is the gothic and macabre and collections bear names such as Ars Moriendi (the art of dying, inspired by works from the likes of Poe and Baudelaire). • The best thing about them, though, is the way they incorporate highly unusual perfume oils. A blend from the Rapunzel collection uses wild lettuce to depict the meal that jumpstart the story. • One thing to keep in mind is that their blends tend towards the higher end of essential oil concentration and they might easily overwhelm someone more sensitive.
  3. 3. Alkemia • Alkemia is part of that particularly charming brand of perfumers that have been popping up all across Etsy. While the actual smells are the most important part of this, the fact that the owner takes inspiration from art, literature and history adds that extra little bit of appeal to the products. Ever wanted to smell like a pre-Raphaelite painting? Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen didn’t know that was possible but is quite happy to have experienced these scents! • One thing I’ve noticed with these particular scents is that they have a tendency to become more complex and gain more dimension the longer they stay on the skin. And, thankfully, the longevity on most of them ranges from decent (a normal 4-5 hours you’d get from a run of the mill EDT although with less obnoxious alcohol altering the scent) to really good, in the vicinity of 8 hours and upwards. All depending on your skin chemistry, of course, so I’d recommend getting some samples beforehand.
  4. 4. Common Brimstone • UK-based seller similarly operating from an Etsy account. Mythical themes and eerie scents for those looking for a little bit of drama although I am particularly fond of their gourmand selection. • One thing that is incredibly appealing about this shop is that they pick a theme and just run with it. You won’t find things named after water creatures smelling like forest fruit or dark and dangerous stories being too sweet. Abdulmalik Abdul Moshen isn’t one too interested in fresh scents but even I have to appreciate that Salmon of Knowledge smells like salt water and spring rain, the way it’s supposed to. • Wolfmoon is one of my favourite scents from the brand which, again, came as a surprise to me. It has a particularly strong scent of pine that permeates the whole composition and smells a lot like a crisp winter night in a forest. Very evocative!
  5. 5. Contact Feel free to drop by my main site: https://malikabdulmohsenreviews.wordpress.com/ Thanks for reading!