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Evinta DCS

  1. 1. Next GenerationAirport Solutions Enterprise Airports or Manual airports Evinta Dcs will drive down costs through IP based infrastructure and messaging
  2. 2. Intuitive GUIEvinta Departure Control SystemDesigned to cater to the needs of a cost conscious aviation industry, Evinta.dcs is a fully web based solution that eliminatesthe need for cumbersome legacy platforms and expensive communication infrastructure. You don’t need dedicated check inand boarding desks – all you need is a computer with an internet connection. As a new generation product in this marketEvinta.dcs provides advanced functionality and real potential for reducing costs while improving customer service.It can manage airport check in and boarding operations for airlines, handling agents and airports looking to deploy a “futureproof” solution. Passenger processing is made easy with a GUI based interface that is designed to reduce thekeystrokes-to-operations ratio.Evinta.dcs offers a wide range of facilities related to check in and boarding: such as flight selection, passenger search, checkin, baggage handling, issuing of boarding passes and baggage tags, flight management and seat management to name a few.Functionalities Check In Boarding Weight & Balance Check In passenger(s) Boarding / De-boarding passengers Load planning Issue boarding pass(es) Re issue Boarding Pass(es) Load instruction report Issue baggage tag(s) Offload passengers Load sheet finalization Add / Edit miscellaneous Add/ Edit baggage details Load & Trim sheet charge order (MCO) details Re issue Boarding Pass(es)Benefits 100% web based - all you need is a secure internet connection to deploy the entire solution Major savings on communication costs GUI based interface - intuitive and easy to use Minimum training required Certified SITA/CUTE Best of breed business processes to airports passenger processing.
  3. 3. Our Product Portfolio Web based DCS solution Mobility (Suitcase) Departure Control Mobile and web check in System Local DCS Self Service Kiosk DCS Lite Evinta BRS significantly improves passenger services through a sophisticated Baggage Reconciliation baggage tracking and reconciliation module. Evinta BRS takes the responsibility of System (BRS) ensuring that baggage travels in the same flight as the passenger, baggage is unloaded if passenger is off-loaded, transfer baggage are transferred to the right container of the right flight. Evinta BRS also provides the security you require for both your customer and end user The Evinta Weight & Balance module is intended for load controllers to plan the Weight and Balance loading formalities of a flight. The W&B module gets it initial data from the Module aircrafts master file, which is managed by the W&B module. This module will include Load Planning, Load Sheet Finalization, Load and Trim Sheet Display An Automated load planning function through a well illustrated graphical user interface will drive an efficient process, including a comprehensive error handling and notification. A “Meet, Greet & Assist” system is the best way an Airport can relive the stress and reduce the hassle of passengers arriving, transiting and departing from a Airport Service Order country. The "Service Order System" has been built with functional activity System (SOS) management which will help staff who serve passengers, to be able to effectively and smoothly execute the required services for passengers thereby reliving passengers of the stress and anxiety caused by air travel.
  4. 4. John Keells Computer Services (Pvt) Ltd (JKCS) is Sri Lanka’s only specialist aviation software Company which has earned itswings by engineering core systems for a number of airlines and airports. JKCS is a fully owned subsidiary of John KeellsHoldings which is the Sri Lanka’s largest listed conglomerate.JKCS the creators of Evinta have used emerging technologies combined with industry best practices to create the idealpassenger services application suite, bringing to bare the benefits of cloud computing, web deployment and intuitive GUI’s,Evinta delivers a set of applications that meets tomorrow’s demands. John Keells Computer Services, No 148, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka, Office: +94-11-2300770, Email: info@jkcsworld.com